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Slowburn Takes a Chance at a Show at Back Bar on May 20, 2016 By: Coren E. McLeod

Slowburn Takes a Chance at a Show at Back Bar on May 20, 2016

By:  Coren E. McLeod

“Slowburn is a post-grunge hard rock band hailing from "Brew City" Milwaukee, WI featuring heavy, punchy guitar riffs, atmospheric tones, topped with melodic vocals with powerful, catchy chorus hooks and lyrics anyone can relate to.”

“Slowburn's latest album, 'The Fuse Inside' was released on September 8th, 2015, including the rock anthem "Tidal Wave", a 95/1 WILLROCK Hit of the Day. 'The Fuse Inside' is the epic mainstream hard rock album you'd come to expect from Slowburn with other stand out tracks like "I'm the Horizon," "Roll Out," and more.”

Christian Corchado - Vocals
Nick Corrao - Lead Guitar
Seth Dougherty - Drums
Luke Vitkus - Rhythm Guitar
Jared James - Bass Guitar

I love going out.  Well, that happens to be pretty obvious if anyone happens to catch my Facebook status on a daily basis.  I especially love going out and discovering new music and this job allows me to do that as much as I want.  I heard through the grapevine that a Milwaukee based band called Slowburn is one I should check out.  Slowburn just so happens to be good friends with a band I love ever so much:  Left with Tomorrow.

So, when the opportunity came along for me to check out SlowBurn at Back Bar in Janesville, WI on May 20, 2016, I got my ass in my 2010 Black Cobalt and made the trip from Chicago to Janesville.  (That is about an hour and a half drive…)
Considering I filled up my Google Play Music with both of Slowburn’s albums (2013’s 'Blind' and the most recent one:  'The Fuse Inside'.)  I knew I was in for a fucking great ass time seeing them live.  However, I was informed by their lead guitar player, Nick Corrao, that this show was going to take a different turn.  Slowburn was going to play an acoustic set for their fans.  To me, this was going to be pretty damn exciting.  Considering the rest of the line up for that was Another Lost Year and Romantic Rebel, it was good to have Slowburn have a different tone than the other bands of the night.

While listening to both albums, I was particularly driven to a few songs:  “I’m the Horizon”, “Tidal Wave” and “Home” from the album Blind.  When Slowburn plays these songs, I feel literally attached to what they are saying.  Like I have pointed out in my articles before, music has to speak to me on some sort of level that I can to relate to.  And Slowburn did just that for me.  Specifically with the song “Home.”  Every single one of us had times where we have lost hope in everything we have done.  “Home” takes a step in a different direction and makes a person realize there is truly a light that will you back “home.”  I freaking love it!  (And when the guys gave me a shout out during their set saying I loved this song, it gave me all sorts of butterflies in my tummy.)
Before Slowburn got on stage to put on their stellar acoustic set at Back Bar, I got to sit down with them with a few Miller Lites and talk about what success they have already experienced this year.  (On May 17th, 2016, Slowburn got to open up for the one and only:  SIX AMM!!!!!)
Check out my interview here and why Christian has ginger in his pocket:

Well, all I can is Slowburn put on an #amazeballs show.  With me only seeing an ascoutic set, I cannot wait to see Slowburn in full force.  I wanted to take this time to thank the wonderful guys in SlowBurn for their time.  I see another Left with Tomorrow, Slowburn and Emperors and Elephants show happening very soon.  I know I will be there with bells and whistles on while throwing the goat in the air.  #Cheers!!!


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