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Pop Evil at The Forge

Pop Evil Proves they are still in the Game with a Great Performance 
Pop Evil by Coren McLeod
The Forge, Joliet, IL, November 21st, 2017

When Pop Evil was at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois on November 21st, 2017, my inner fan girl wanted to come out and just be in the moment.  That night, the astonishing venue was already packed with amazing bands such as the Rock Gobbler winner Jury of Fears and Arizona's own DED.  Yet, the night came to its final conclusion once Michigan's own Pop Evil came on stage to grace the audience with their presence.

With their recent release of their aww inspiring new song "Waking The Lion," the feel among the audience at The Forge was a positive vibe mixed in with a few bursts of laughter.  The fact Pop Evil has grown into a juggernaut of a nonstop touring band, the guys and new drummer Hayley Cramer has truly established themselves.

Pop Evil has been a staple in the alternative rock industry for quite some time.  

Personally, I find this band to be uplifting and very motivating with each one of their songs.  "Trenches" tends to hit a chord with me.  I literally go ear to ear happy hearing it and it just makes my day even better.

After my 3 song stint in the photo pit, I got to watch Pop Evil with the guys of Jury of Fears.  I really got into the performance by just letting my rock girl come out and really enjoy their music with no hesitation.  I may have shown a side of myself others are not use to.  I knew every song including "Ways To Get High," "Footsteps, " "Deal with the Devil" etc.....

Pop Evil by Coren McLeod
The lead singer Leigh Kakaty always captivates the crowd with his sultry looks and amazing charisma.   I happen to be a fan.  Plus Dave Grahs (rhythm guitar) Matt DiRito (Bass) and Nick Fueling (lead guitar) all bring an energy which is hard core and full of energy.  I love it!!!!!

In all, Pop Evil brings it through and through. No one should question their ability to entertain....  The proof is in their sold out shows and their strong fan base.

Their new self-title album will be released in February of 2018 and I  cannot wait!!!!!

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