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An Interivew with Larz Cothern of Dead Till Dark and his Endorsement with Ritcher

 Interview with Larz Cothern  and his Endorsement with Ritcher 

Interview by:  Coren E. McLeod

I have to admit, I talk to a lot of people everyday.  Between the big girl job and my gig at #UnRateMagazine, it can be nonstop.  Yet, I do not mind.  

If you don't know, Dead Till Dark is an Illinois base band I first got to witness down in Springfield, Illinois back in December of 2015.  I was there to do a concert review of the  #MekaNism and Dead Till Dark were the openers.

One thing I noticed about Dead Till Dark was their haunting vocals and spooky musical notes.  My favorite song on their self titled album is "Screaming From the Inside.."  (Check out their single and video for "Restless Heart...)

Somehow, the bass player, Larz Cothern, and I found each other on Facebook.  We did not meet each other at the show in Springfield.  Yet, I was honor to be receive a copy of his album to review.  Let me just say, if you haven't picked it up yet, you suck.  #Justsaying

  What I can say about Larz is he is an all around great person.  He is very loyal and supportive of others in the music industry.  After a few months of messaging on Facebook with what was happening in the world of music throughout Chicagoland, I finally got to interview the talented bass player about his endoresement with Ritcher.  

Here is what Mr. Larz "I Don't Look My Age" Cothern had to say about his influences and why he plays the bass now:

Unrated Coren:   Who are your influences? 

Larz:  I would have to say my influences are Gene Simmons, and Chris Kael with some Geezer Butler thrown in, Prince, Dimebag Darrell, Ace Frehley as well.

UnRated Coren:  Tell me about this newest project?

Larz:   Dead Till Dark was created by Tom Hart (vocals), Tommy Montgomery (Guitar), Danny Gun (Drums),and Mike Neal (Lead Guitar).  The songs were written by Tom Hart, and Tommy Montgomery. I was asked to join the band in October 2015.

Unrated Coren:  What was your process, how has it evolved? 

Larz:  I started playing drums at a very young age.  I started playing bass guitar around age 22, and with both instruments, I am self taught.  I learn music by ear, which may not be the most popular method, but I learn much faster that way.

UnRated Coren:  How did you get w/ ritcher, they don’t sponsor just anybody...

Larz:  That’s like every Bass guitarist’s dream. I was introduced to Ritcher Straps through my close friend Bobby Keller, the lead guitarist for Florida based metal group Meka Nism.  Bobby uses Ritcher Straps, and told me to get a hold of Lars Ritcher. I then emailed Ritcher Straps, and they were very interested in providing me with an amazing German made leather bass guitar strap. 

UnRated Coren:  What’s that relationship consist of? 

Larz:  Any idea that I may have for a bass strap, I email Lars and his amazing staff at Ritcher Straps took it from there! There is nothing they can't do!

UnRated Coren:  Outside  of your own group, side projects? Are you into any stuff that would surprise your fans? 

Larz:  Besides playing bass guitar for Dead Till Dark, I also play bass for a band called Love &Vengeance, which is a band created by Brad Hursh. He was the lead vocalist/song writer for the band V-Shaped Mind.  As far as something that I am into that would surprise fans, well I am a huge Louis Armstrong fan!  Listening to Big Band music is something I have really enjoyed for a while. 

UnRated Coren:  Among your contemporaries, who do you feel is really knocking it out of the park these day? 

Larz:  I had the pleasure recently with doing some shows with the San Antonio Texas based band Murder FM.  They really blew me away! I also really like Hell Yeah, and of course Five Finger Death Punch.

UnRated Coren:  What lead you to the bass? 

Larz:  I used to play drums, and I really got tired of sitting behind a drum kit.  I really felt that I wanted to be closer to the audience, and bass was the logical choice.  When I listen to any song, the first parts I figure out are bass, and drums. 

UnRated Coren:  Tell me about your amp rig. 

Larz:  I currently use a Hartke LH500 bass amp, a Behringer V-Pro Bass Amp (back-up), Hartke cabinets.  For bass guitars I exclusively uses Spector Bass guitars.  I have a custom left handed CK4 Chris Kael Signature bass (only 1 left handed made in the world) that bass is my pride in joy.  Chris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch had this bass made for me personally.  I also have a Spector Legend 4 classic.  I hope one day to have my own signature bass guitar!  (You will buddy!!!!)

UnRated Coren:  What do you find is the biggest misconception about bass players ?

Larz:   That bass players are not important.. Without a damn good rhythm section (drums, and bass guitar), the music doesn't happen.  

nRated Coren:  Any advice for young bass players? 

Larz:  Don't let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.. If you want it, make it happen.  I always dreamed about being on stage, playing music, and I am now doing it! It may take some time, but when you find the right situation, and band, the sky is the limit!!!

Thank you so much Larz!!!  Seriously, you are a great person and Dead Till Dark is a great band with #PavementEntertainment!!!

I will catch this band again when they play more shows till the end of the year...  Again, pick up their self titled album.  Your mom would be proud....  #Cheers 

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