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Bon Jovi is a rock band formed in 1983 by Jon Bon Jovi, the lead singer. The other talented band members include David Bryan, Hugh McDonald, Tico Torres as well as Phil X, as the keyboardist, bassist, drummer, and guitarist respectively.

Before settling for the above members, Bon Jovi had its fair share of major group member replacements. Despite this, and a few hiatuses in their career, Bon Jovi produced hits after hits and are a musical sensation ever since their debut album in 1984. Their first two albums were moderately successful. However, it is the release of their third album, Slippery when wet, back in 1986 that gained them worldwide popularity. Having sold over 20 million copies, the album was named the best-selling album of 1987. Additionally, they bagged several awards including favorite rock/pop band at the American Music Awards. At the end of their Slippery When Wet tour, they had grossed over $28 million and headlined 130 shows.

To prove that the album’s success was not a fluke, the rock stars went ahead to produce their fourth album, New Jersey. The album was a success with 5 hits reaching top ten, two of which charted at number one. However, one of the songs on the album Living in Sin was banned from MTV since it contained sexually explicit content. The group did not want to leave anything to chance so, they redid the video, which MTV later approved it for airing.

So far, Bon Jovi has done 15 studio albums, which is very impressive. Additionally, they have 3 live albums, 5 compilation albums, a similar number of EPs, 66 singles, and 71 music videos. The power group has sold over 130 million records worldwide, easily making them one of the best-selling bands of all time.

 Reaching the world through tours

If there is one thing Bon Jovi is known for, is their electrifying, unforgettable tours. In total, the multi-award-winning musicians have blessed their fans with 16 tours.

Their first major tour was the Slippery When Wet tour, which was in support of their multi-platinum 3rd studio album. Next came the New Jersey Syndicate tour and Keeping the Faith tour. These tours were successful but not as their next three tours, promoting their albums. It is said that these yours were the best-grossing tours of their time.

It is no secret that Bon Jovi gives a performance of a lifetime. It is no wonder that their concerts are mostly always sold out.

Currently, the legends had their 2020 tour planned out, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is only a distant reality. From the look of things and to the disappointment of Bon Jovi fans, no concerts will be happening anytime soon.

Little known facts about Bon Jovi

·         Initially, the band was to be named Johnny Electric

·         Their most popular album Slippery When Wet got its title after a visit to the strip club

·         They have toured in more than 50 countries around the world

All in all, considering that they have been in the music scene for the last 3 decades, Bon Jovi will indeed go down in history as one of the longest-serving successful bands.

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