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Taylor Swift Rescues Photographer

    Taylor Swift (credit: Dan Locke)

    Taylor Swift To The Rescue For Grimey's Nashville

  • REPUBLIC RECORDS superstar TAYLOR SWIFT has joined the ever-growing list of recording artists who are offering support to those affected by the CORONAVIRUS pandemic. 
    In addition to giving $3,000 each to fans like HOLLY TURNER, a music photographer and graphic designer from NEW YORK CITY who was worried about being able to pay her rent, the GRAMMY-winner has decided to help out GRIMEY'S NEW & PRELOVED MUSIC, a beloved NASHVILLE record store which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.
    The store was worried about how to support its employees, who were out of work once the store closed due to COVID-19. According to ROLLING STONE, SWIFT will pay each employee their salary and cover three months of healthcare costs. 
    "We were very surprised, and I would have to say amazed, that TAYLOR SWIFT reached out to us through her publicist to offer some relief during the COVID pandemic," co-owner DOYLE DAVIS told the magazine. "It’s a huge deal to us, and now I have some peace of mind as we apply for [SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION] loans to pay rent, vendors, and other expenses. This assistance from Ms. SWIFT helps give us a real shot at coming back on the other side of this."
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