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Emarosa Live Review at Norwich Waterfont

Emarosa @ Norwich Waterfront 18/1/2019

Emarosa with the support of; Sun Arcana + Chapter and Verse

Norwich Waterfront,
Norwich, Norfolk January 18, 2019

by   Andrew Mackenzie

I think it was about 2009 when I first heard Emarosa and their unique post-hardcore sound, with vocals that have so much passion too them. I must have listened to their music from then I would often go for forest walks jamming out to their 2009 self-titled album.

Since then I have watched them progress as a group and now they're bringing out their new album Peach Club with is due for release Feb 8th 2019 via Hopeless Records. The singles that they have released for this album so far sound cracking but as they have had a change in vocalists over the 11year stretch there music has changed.

I headed down to Norwich Waterfront, Studio to check the boys out and their new stuff and back

First, on the bill Chapter & Verse, these east London boys started things off in hardcore style with a range of their songs and some from their new EP. They had lots of enthusiasm to a small crowd, which shows they're dedicated to what they play, their set lively and great to watch. 

Sun Arcada (credit: Andrew Mackenzie)
Next Sun Arcada a four piece from Essex how have I not heard of these guys I don't know after a quick soundcheck they got straight into their set with some really upbeat tracks from their latest EP As I take a breath their sound quite mixed but their Alt-rock roots show through the music they play, reminds me of Inme and Alterbridge and Deaf Havana. They got the crowd going and dancing as the crowd still small.

The Headliners and the ones we had all been here to see came on next In great form lively and ready to show us all how much of a good time we would have, Emarosa. The band are a 4 piece at current but have a touring drummer Kyle Adams. They opened the set with a new track that I didn't recognize from their upcoming album Peaches Club, the band's energy in great form despite Bradley their lead singer having a throat infection but he did have help from backing vocalist Rob and they just kept surprising us. Now their sound has changed in a huge way since I first listened to them back in 2010 but they love the music that they produce and so do their fan base, I myself was very interested to hear their new stuff and their sound which has gone from a post-hardcore to a pop rock alternative sound. 
Emarosa (credit: Andrew Mackenzie)
They didn't disappoint the great selection of tracks they played from "cloud 9", from their album 131 and tracks from their 3rd album "versus" and a good sneak peek into a live sound of their new album Peach Club laying their two new singles "Giving Up" & "Don't Cry". Their energy was brilliant and although the crowd few in numbers they got a great response and laugh from the crowd present. Their new sound reminds me of You Me At Six, slightly Overall their performance and crowd interaction was great

I highly recommend heading out to your nearest Venue and checking Emarosa out and what they have to offer as Peach club Is out soon.

Emarosa photos from the night

Sun Arcada photos from the night

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