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David Cook Brings a very Chill Vibe To Halloween

David Cook Brings a very Chill Vibe To Halloween
Chicago City Winery, Chicago, IL, USA, October 31, 2018
by Coren McLeod
David Cook (credit: Coren McLeod)

Wednesday October 31st at Chicago City Winery was a night of soothing sounds, chill vibes and a graceful front man.
David Cook brought his phenomenal voice and stage presence to the city of Chicago with his acoustic style form of music. 
After winning American Idol over 10 years ago, I still listen to him as a fan.  I was one 8f the many who voted for him and was very happy he won it all on AI.
David is what embodies Midwest America along with a humble persona many people can relate to.  His voice range goes beyond a noticeable classic tone along with a sadness.
That night at City Winery, David wore a costume.   In fact, a unicorn costume which had the audience laughing and smiling ear to ear
As David explained how hot he was in the outfit, we were graced with stories of David's family, brother, his experience in the music industry and good guy humor.

I was so thrilled to hear some of his original songs along with a fantastic cover of the Van Halen song "Right Now..."

Even though David was injured and could not play his guitar, it was overall a great performance from a very talented musician.

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