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City of Weak:: Debut Video for "Not This Time"

by Coren McLeod

For those who don't know, I have a special place in my heart for a few bands.  I have seen a lot in this industry.  Some bands are up to take on the challenges of what can happen when you put yourself out their with your own music.  Other bands fall to the pressure and do not know how to handle it.

City Of The Weak from Minnesota, has a take no prisoners attitude with a slight "I don't give a fuck" what you think.

This is why I respect this group so much.  Stef with an F  ( lead singer) Cody (bass) and Brent (guitar) are relentless in the most positive way possible. Their talent as a whole is so clearly displayed in their 1st full-length album called #Pullingteeth.

City Of The Weak has always written lyrics which are true to life and many of their fans relate to what the band is saying.  For example,  the lead of single, "Not This Time" gets to the heart of what it is like to finally open up to someone and feel hurt.   Stef shows a slightly softer side.  I always tell Stef she is a badass and I love that about her.  It is very cumbersome to see her in a different light and I love her for that.

"Censor This" is just an all-out anthem for all generations to enjoy!!!  The guitar riffs will be stuck in your head along with catchy lyrics.  "CUT ME OFF.  CUT ME OFF!"  If you ever feel like you're having a bad day, go and listen to #Censorthis.   You'll be starting a circle pit with your friends!

The title track #Pullingteeth is slightly hunting and kind of a departure from what the band is known for.  I would put COTW in the pop punk category.  "Pulling Teeth" music is astounding and you hear Cody's bass lines just be played so smooth....  I love how spooky and eerie it is especially having it at the end of the album.

Congratulations to City Of The Weak!!!!  I am proud to say #Pullingteeth shows an aggressive approach to wanting to grow as an artist!!!  Make sure you pick up the album and see them soon at Rochaus in July!

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