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Chicago's own Jury of Fears Awakens the Metal Scene with single #Deadbeat

By: Coren McLeod of Unrated Magazine and Unrated Metal
With the lackluster of truth happening especially with the "Cash Me Outside" girl getting signed to a major record deal, one might question what is happening with music these days.
Chicago Metal band Jury of Fears solidifies true musicianship and craft skills behind their debut show, "Deadbeat."

Recorded at Bricktop Recording on August5th, 2017 in the Windy City, I was able to witness how a group of four men coming together as one to record an epic, hardcore melody which has balls to back up the aggressive 1st single.
With Machinehead influences peaking through along with a lethal dose of DevilDriver, Jury of Fears came together and conquered.

Justin (singer) Shea ( guitar) Mike (bass) and Stefan (drums) said "fuck it" to society standards and just hit hard.
Justin with his rough and terrorizing voice slams with precise notes. He makes you feel every word, pain and his heartache on "Deadbeat." You maybe scares. Yet, at the same time, the feels come up.

Shea is a prime example of a great guitar player. I swear the beginning of "Deadbeat " with the eerie guitar riffs sends shivers down my spine. With riffs like that, Shea seems like he has been in the industry fora very long. You can expect more from this guy.
Mike is cool, calm and collective. A solid bass 
player with a little bit of an intimidating persona while playing. Mike will strike with some heavy hitting notes and it's on full display in #Deadbeat.

Than there is Stefan. Oh how I hear "Animal plays drums " when I watch Stefan play. He is a mad man. He plays as if the world is going to end. It's crazy. It's phenomenal and all metal. Stefan's beats is the backbone to "Deadbeat" and is the final piece to an astounding song.
Each member of Jury of Fears makes you feel #deathmetal. Their song "Deadbeat" makes you want to thrash and makes it mark in Chicago...
Go check out Jury of Fears on Facebook and Instagram.

Go download #Deadbeat on Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify.... etc....


"We wanted to make uncompromising metal. We're four guys that live for metal and so we wanted to make driving, brutal, yet melodic music. We chose to record and release the song, "Deadbeat" because we believe it shows best who we are and gives a taste of what everyone can expect from us in the future." Shea Keating-Jury of Fears

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