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Elle Carpenter Interview with UnRated Magazine at the Purple Fiddle, VW 06/24/17

Elle Carpenter
By Dan Locke

Originally you are from Vermont.  What was the music like there as a child for you?  What types of music did you listen to?

I grew up amid many very talented folk musicians.  There is a huge acoustic community in Central Vermont where I grew up.  Live, I listened to folk, hymnals, gospel, a Capella music of all types, shape note music, traditional Irish music, old time music, and lots of styles in between.  I personally loved musical theatre and pop as a kid, but that differed greatly from what I was exposed to in person.

How were you discover by The Fiddleheads?  Do you know that name is still used by bands? The latest one was on the America Got Talent season six.

I was pretty young when me and my three sisters starting singing with The Fiddleheads.  I can't remember exactly how it happened but I believe the founder, Grant Ornstein knew my mother and had heard all of us sing as a family - a Capella folk music, mostly.  He put the band together with us included.  Grant played banjo and sang, he had an upright bass player and maybe one more set of strings (hard to remember as an eight or nine year old!) and four Carpenter girls singing.  We recorded an album and started performing.
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