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An Interview with Meka Nism's New Bass Player: Jarret Robinson By: Coren E. McLeod

An Interview with Meka Nism's New Bass Player:

Jarret Robinson

By:  Coren E. McLeod

Photos By:  Barry Nadler 

Well, unless you have been living under a rock.....  I am a true supporter of a great art metal band that hails out of Orlando.  You may have heard of the band Meka Nism.....  As of recent, Meka Nism has recruited a new bass player that just so happens to be from the Chicagoland area....

The new bass player is Jarret Robinson.  And I find him to be quite a great fit for Meka Nism.  Here is something funny I have to share with my readers:  I took a recent trip to Orlando to see Bobby Keller in Rock of Ages.  Well, I was hoping to get a face to face interview with Jarrett.  That was not going to happen.  Jarrett was leaving for Chicago the same time I was hopping a plane to Orlando.

No big deal.  I just found it to be somewhat funny.  Once Jarret and I return back to our homes, I was able to catch up with him and his new, amazing role with Meka Nism.

Here is what he had to say:

Coren:   So, how did this all happen?  How did you become the new bass player for Meka Nism?

Jarret:  Musically, I haven't been real busy lately. Last time I was around Bobby and Meka was at winter NAMM out in Los Angeles.  We were hanging out at the convention and checking out sweet new gear. We parted ways after the convention and except for running into each other into shows. That's really the only communication we had. 

Fast forward about seven months, and I was  talking to our friend James Quatrini about just getting some jam time in. He relayed this to Bobby, and behold I get a text message from the infamous Ripper himself saying to call him. It totally went over my head and I called him asking what was going on. The conversation was real short and sweet and I was told "You're in!  Show is in two weeks see you at rehearsal". I was told, not asked, and Bam, here I am.

Coren:  Tell me some of your history?  What bands did you play with before?  

Jarret:  I started playing Bass at around 14. I was just into music and some friends wanted to start a band. I bought a cheap bass from some kid off my bus at school for like $30. Fast forward about 20 different "bands"  and I stopped playing. We're talking bands as in four kids trying to write a song and never accomplishing anything, nothing serious.  

After a few years  of separation from music I received a phone call from my buddy Tyler about starting a new band.   I decided to go for it. We started a Viking metal band called Sons of Ragnar. 

The band is still around now but neither of us are involved  in its current state. This band allowed me to explore and express myself all over the Florida area and it really gave me my start. Through recording our first album I met Seven from Human Factors Lab, a Florida based industrial band. We hit it off and he hired me on as a live musician to play a show with HFL. We ended up taking the band and starting a new project called Seven Factor, which we still have to this day.

Coren:   I heard you have some ties to the Chicagoland area....  Explain that....

Jarret:  Yes! Chitown! I was born in the south suburbs and resided in Lockport for the first half of my life. Coming around 2004, my family hit some hard times.  My dad got a GREAT job opportunity after that year. It was really hard to leave the only place I ever knew to call home, but I do not regret it one bit. 

Moving to Florida did amazing things for my family.  My Dad works super hard to provide for my family. It really allowed me to pursue my dream of playing music, so moving to Florida I would say is the best and worst thing to happen in my life. I really miss the food, and I miss my family terribly I was just in town last week(as you know, since you where in Orlando) and the food just does not compare.

Coren:  Nice dreadlocks.....  How did you come about that look?

Well, thank you! You are far too nice to me. I've had a few different hairstyles over the years. I was really super big into the early 2000's nu metal scene growing up. I ended up switching as I got older to death/black metal. 

I actually had a chance run in with Brix Milner, of Skrape/Dope Fame. And we just started talking. It made me really look back into my nu metal phase and dig up some amazing music. I was looking at all the styles trying to think about how it could be modernized. 

I saw dreads on a few people and I just loved the look. I tried to mesh my black/death metal side to my nu metal side and now I look like this!

Coren:  How long have you been playing the bass?  What is the brand you play?

Jarret:  I started playing at around 14, so almost ten years now. I have an issue with equipment actually. I was running through every company and just never satisfied. Bobby and I got talking about ESP and I pulled the trigger on buying one of their basses.   I just loved it.

Since then, I've been super into ESP, everything they do is just perfect. I also just switched to a new Kemper Profiler, and it just rips. These two paired is the most devastating weapon I could use to destroy some low end.

Coren:   So, what is this I heard you may or may not have open for KMFDM?  Explain.....

 Jarret:  Seven Factor had a slew of dates with KMFDM on their last US tour in July/August 2015. It was an amazing experience and opportunity. The KMFDM guys and gal(Lucia is such a sweetheart), were absolutely amazing. They where 100% every night and so professional.  

It really gave me a good perspective on where you need to be professionally and musically to be successful in this industry. Plus, how can you NOT watch KMFDM for that many nights in a row?  

This was my first major tour and it was just such a great experience. I met some great people on this tour including Bradley Bills from Chant, who were also on the tour. I would jump at the chance to tour with them again, they where that great.

Coren:  What can Meka Nism Fans expect from you now that you are the bass player?

Jarret:  Meka Nism fans can expect  a never ending blast of a show from me. I pride myself on my stage presence and ability to perform for a crowd. I think to be regarded as a successful band, you have to have just as much  personality as musical chops. 

A concert is just not about music, its about the experience. Being an amazing person on stage, as well as off, is what I use to define myself. I view myself as quite personable and I love interaction with fans. So, expect a blast of a time and a smiling, talkative face at every point!

Coren:  What is happening for the rest of the year?  Any shows?

 Jarret:  We have an Orlando City arts project on October 15, in downtown Orlando. On the 20th, we head down to West Palm to play with the mighty HUNTRESS. Probably the biggest and most exciting show we have is November 12th in Orlando.  We are headlining the second stage at KINK FESTIVAL! (Fingers crossed I make it to Orlando for this...)

We are playing along sides our fellow Orlando bands Auditory Armory and Filth, as well as legendary acts Evanescence, Hellyeah, and one of my personal favorites. In Flames! Then we shall be working on some new music for the rest of the year. We are planning to hit next year super hard, and I'm just too excited to get out there.

Coren:  What would you like to say to your fans?   

Jarret:  I just want to say, I'm so blessed and proud to be a part of the TRIBE! I love you all and cant wait to meet every single one of you! Here's to a new chapter in our lives and lets make the best of it!

Thank you so much Jarret!!!!  You are already making an amazing impact with Meka Nism....  I cannot wait to see you live!!!!

Check out Jarret and the rest of Meka Nism in their video for Mouth Of God:

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