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CD Review for George Morris’ Self Titled Album Due in stores 02/10/17 Review by Larz Cothern

CD Review for George Morris’ self titled album due in stores 02/10/17 

Review by Larz Cothern

Press Release

Detroit-based George Morris says his new self-titled album centers around getting old and having all your friends die. He doesn't think it's all doom and gloom though, melancholy optimism maybe? Morris' third album (produced and mastered by Zach Shipps) is an ethereal mix of glam rock and indie-pop that's moody, but not short on hooks. Tracks like "100 Years" swirl around like a Bowie-inspired daydream, while the synth on "Full of Stars" glides smoothly across the twisted pop beat.

Known as the former unhinged frontman for the band The Satin PeachesGeorge Morris became one of the most talked about musicians in Detroit after performing at Lollapalooza, linking up with Oasis manager Marcus Russell and signing with Island Records. After the band called it quits in 2010, Morris began writing new material, expanding his guitar and piano skills, and working on tunes that called back to Radiohead, Velvet Underground, and The Beatles. In 2012, he recorded his first solo record titled Organ Solos and shortly after formed a backing band called The Gypsy Chorus and released his second album We Will Go To Hell For This.


Review by:  Larz Cothern

Coming from the Motor City Detroit, MI. George Morris is set to release his latest album on February 10, 2017. For me as a bass guitarist/drummer, I always listen to the bass line and drum beat of any artist.

From those areas I can tell you within a few seconds of listening to songs like “One & Only”, “Full Of Stars”, and the simply titled song “Untitled” this album is going to be an addition to my music library.

From the very beginning of the song “One & Only,” you can certainly feel strong influences of bands like RadioHead, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, and David Bowie. The chorus of this song caputres you and takes you on a psychedelic journey. By far the strongest track on this album!

The next song that really grabbed my attention was the track called “Untitled”. With this particular song I could hear sounds of Oasis and going into the chorus I could hear the classic Marvin Gaye song, “What’s Going On?” The song flows from beginning to end with ups and down thrown in to satisfy any musical taste.

Finally for me I really enjoyed the track called “Full Of Stars”. This song starts off with an amazing keyboard riff that flows right into the waiting bass line that grabs you. It gets your body moving. During the verses of this song, I couldn’t help but hear an uncanny resemblance to the 90’s hit “Steal My Sunshine”.

 If you are looking for music that has driving beats and then somehow turns you 180 degrees and makes you want to chill out then this is it!  I will boldly say that this could be a strong contender for one of my favorite early albums of 2017!

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