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A Video Review- Arch of Hell by Larz Cothern

A Video Review- Arch of Hell

Arch of Hell
by Larz Cothern

Arch Of Hell - "Freakshow"  Coming from the Czech Republic, Arch Of Hell bring their metal sound that combines symphonic melodic metal with a thrash metal edge.  This 7 piece band released their album in 2016 and video for the song "Freakshow".  From the start this video takes you inside the dark world of Arch Of Hell and leaves you wanting more.  Lead vocalist Tereza and Peter have an amazing combination of harmony and metal core style.  Add in Michal (bass), Kozdic (guitar), Molly (Keyboard), Marty (drums), and Childy (guitar) this band offers headbanging furiosity that does not disappoint.


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