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Rusted Root with Devon Allman in Pittsburgh, PA

Rusted Root with Devon Allman
November 19th, 2016
Stage AE, Pittsburgh , PA

Review and Photos by Lisa Sikon

Devon Allman started off the evening with a rousing performance. He is the son of Greg Allman and he 
Devon Allman
definitely inherited a talent for playing the guitar. He was joined by Tyler Stokes on guitar, Steve Duerst on bass, and Tom Hambridge on drums. I'd have to say his music is definitely a hard southern rock with a touch of blues. I liked the energy and Devon often played directly to the crowd and even at one point late in the set came off stage and played in the center of the audience. He played a few songs off of his new album, 'Ride or Die', one being  'Say Your Prayers', the first song on the album.  I really enjoyed the cover of 'No Woman, No Cry', just beautifully performed with  more blues influence than reggae.  I even found that I liked  other cover that he performed 'I'll Be Around' much better than the original song. It may have been a cold evening outside, but Devon Allman had the crowd warmed up and ready to rock with his high energy, performance and talent. You can definitely call me a fan after Saturday's show, I'll definitely be on the lookout for future shows.

Rusted Root has been a Pittsburgh favorite since the band formed here in 1990.  They have seven albums, the
Rusted Root
most recent being Movement. The music is a mix of rock with heavy influences of African, Native American and Latin American music. The band consists of three of the original members, Michael Glabicki on lead vocals and guitar, Liz Berlin on percussion and backing vocals, Patrick Norman on bass and backing vocals, and some new members,  Cory Caruso on percussion and Dirk Miller on guitar and vocals. Their best selling album, 'When I Woke', has a lot of my favorites on it. They played songs from a variety of their albums, along with two covers, Neil Young's 'Cinnamon Girl' and David Bowie's "Rebel, Rebel'. The audience was as unique as the music, with a lot of hard core fans in attendance, many of them dancing throughout the entire set. Michael Glabicki's  voice and signature undulation adds depth and variety to all of Rusted Root's songs. The percussion with the drums, bongos and various other instruments adds that African influence and gives the music it's underlining beat. 

One of the highlights of the evening was when the mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, came up on stage to give
Mayor of Pittsburgh w/ Rusted Root
the band a unique gift. November 20, will now be known as Rusted Root day in Pittsburgh  by special decree from the mayor. He gave the band an official paper stating the decree. The mayor first listened to the band when they first started in Pittsburgh and is still friends with the original members. It was a nice touch and Bill stayed around to sing backup vocals with Liz for 'Send Me On My Way'.  This is the band's most recognized song, as it has been used in many commercials and movies.  They did a spectacular performance, and as always, the crowd loved it from it from start to finish. 

After a short break, the band came out for an encore, playing a couple extra songs, including two of the more
Rusted Root
popular songs, 'Ecstasy' and another one of my favorites, 'Drum Trip'. Definitely a night of great music and the audience was not disappointed. They have a loyal following here in Pittsburgh and seeing a number of children in the crowd, I'm sure there are a lot of new fans. Pittsburgh was the end of the tour for this band and they ended on a high note.  This is a band that is at its best doing a live performance, I highly recommend trying to get to see them on stage. The music is great to listen to, but they add so much when just jamming.
Stage AE was the venue for this show, this is an indoor and outdoor venue located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. It features great     acoustics and lighting whether indoors or outdoors.

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