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Green River Ordinance/The Roosevelts/Castro 10/19/16 Rex Theatre

                                            Green River Ordinance/The Roosevelts/Castro
                                             October 19, 2016/Rex Theatre, Pittsburgh PA

                                                    Review and Pictures Lisa Sikon
The Rex has been a staple on the South-side of Pittsburgh since 1905, when it opened as a vaudeville theatre. It holds roughly about 600 and hosts a number of different acts. On Wednesday, October 19th, three bands performed: Green River Ordinance, The Roosevelts and Castro. It was definitely a great place for these talented bands. I have to give a shout out to the staff of the Rex, they were extremely nice and friendly, from the staff at the front, the security and the bartenders.

Castro started off the evening. This is a band of three siblings, Jason, Michael and Jackie Castro. They have a very folksy sound with amazing harmonies. They were entertaining and easily connected with the crowd, telling stories with a touch of sibling rivalry. They have a new EP out, Diamond Dreams and they played songs from it. The band  gave a shout out to a couple in the audience who played 'Automatic' at their wedding. It's a beautiful song that is fitting for a romance. I loved 'Waters
 of Jordan', a very soulful song with some graceful lyrics. Jason Castro did a cover of 'Hallelujah' that was amazing. He did mention that he was a runner up on American Idol. Jackie chimed in with some harmonies that accented the song beautifully. They ended on an upbeat with 'Diamond Dreams'. All in all a very entertaining group, I think this group will have some interesting material in the future, I'll be looking out for it.

The Roosevelts were up next. I just loved the energy and passion they had in their music. This is a band out of Nashville founded by Jason Kloess and James Mason. Their music is a fusion between alternative country and a touch rock. The vocals of Jason Kloess were unique and added a lot of depth in the music. They have 2 albums, the newest is 'The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn'. A 
The Roosevelts
lot of depth in this album. I especially loved 'This is Life' and 'Belly of the Beast'. They did an amazing cover of a Counting Crows song, 'A Long December'. I loved their version and it is one of my personal favorites. The band played well together and engaged the crowd a lot, telling stories and generally having fun onstage. This is definitely a band that you have to get up and move to the beat. The music is energizing and highly entertaining. My favorite song of the evening had to be 'Peaches', I loved the lyrics and it was performed with the same high energy as all the other songs that were played that evening. I would definitely recommend purchasing this album, there is not a single song on it that is below par. This is a highly entertaining band and I would not miss seeing them perform live again.

Green River Ordinance hit the stage. The band consists of five members, Josh Jenkins on vocals, Jamey Ice on guitar and brother Geoff Ice on bass, Joshua Wilkerson on the keyboard and guitar and 
Green River Ordinance
Denton Hunker on drums. It has been 2 years since this band had come through Pittsburgh and there were quite a few fans in the audience. I wouldn't consider their music  solely country, but it does have a lot of country influences. They are definitely a well seasoned band, they played flawlessly and had an easy rapport with the audience and within the band. I enjoyed 'Tallahassee', a song from their new album '15'. They played a mix of new and old, the crowd often chiming in and singing to some of the songs. 'The Simple Life' was definitely one of my favortes, it's a beautiful song with lyrics that really make you think. 'Endlessly' is a wonderful love song, and I'm sure has been a staple at weddings. A few older songs were mixed in, including 'It Ain't Love' and 'Dancing Shoes'. They had an easy banter with the crowd, mixing stories, questions and taking requests.

One of the highlights of the evening was when GRO called onstage both The Roosevelts and Castro to perform 'A Little Help from my Friends'. It was definitely a treat  to see everyone on the stage singing and playing together, having at little fun and the crowd enjoyed it immensely. The styles of these three bands definitely fit together.The evening ended with another highlight, instead of doing an encore, the band came out to the center of the audience and performed an acoustic song with the crowd circled around them. It was better than any encore and it gave a very personal touch to the performance.
GRO, The Roosevelts and Castro

I have to say all three bands were highly entertaining and extremely talented. Castro had perfect 
Green River Ordinance
harmonies and beautiful lyrics, The Roosevelts were a high energy band that made me want more. Green River Ordinance rounded out the show with a top notch performance that only a seasoned band could pull off. Each band had its own unique quality and they each brought something different to the stage  It was a very entertaining evening and I hope each of these bands make their way back to Pittsburgh soon.

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