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Left With Tomorrow Opens for Adam Gontier

With an Acoustic Set on June 16th, 2016

By:  Coren E.  McLeod

             When a fan is truly devoted to a band, that person makes it their mission to see every show that is played.  On June 16th, 2016, with a crowd of friends, family and admirers gathered together at HOME Bar in Arlington Heights, Illinois, no one knew what they were in for.

Left With Tomorrow is a personal favorite of mine.  The band hales from Southeast Wisconsin and landed a gig that was far beyond just a proverbial pat on the back.  LWT managed to grab an opening spot with Adam Gontier (former Three days Grace front-man currently of Saint Asonia).  What was so special about this particular night you ask? This was one of the first stops for Adam, essentially kicking off his Acoustic Solo tour. 

 I was able to catch up with Aaron, Mike, Charlie, Aron and Stephen after their amazing show at HOME Bar.  What I could see across their smiling faces was a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It’s not every day that a local band gets these opportunities and I was interested to get the details…  

Aaron Michael - Lead Vox/Guitar
Aron Spinler - Drums/Vox
Michael J. Black- Bass/Screams
Stephen Stanczyk - Lead Guitars/Vox
Charlie Anderson - Guitars

1)      How did you land this gig opening for Adam Gontier?

Aaron Michael:  We've known Tony (Entertainment Coordinator/Talent buyer at H.O.M.E Bar) from his days at Austin's Saloon in Libertyville, IL.   We stayed in contact over the years and I'd update him once in a while about what we were up to. This just happened to be at the right time for both of us and he was ready to give us a shot.

 2)  There was a huge crowd for the show.  How did you bring people to the show?

Aaron Michael:  We had very short notice, so it was challenging to say the least. Through personal contacts via email, phone calls and social media, we were able to connect with our current fan base, as well connect with new people through friends of friends we thought might like our style. Plus it was an acoustic show which was a first for us since releasing the record. Plus many were there to just to see Adam alone.

3)  Considering when you all play, it is very high energy, in your face.  How did it feel to scale it down to an almost "chill" factor?

Charlie:  It was like we've been playing acoustic shows our whole lives.

Aaron:  It felt great! I was really able to explore my vocals a bit and step outside of the box. It also allowed the guys to show how truly talented they are. Without all the effects it's more real. We were all able to relax...

4)  What song was your favorite to perform acoustic?

Aaron:  “Time Has Come” stands out to me. I was surprised at how it sounded in that setting.

Mike:  We picked the songs that we felt worked best acoustically. As far as favorites, for me I would have to say "Faceless" which has always been one of my favorites to play anyway and it turned out so well. And "Time Has Come" which we originally were not even going to play that night.  The crowd decided for us so we went for it!

5)  How did it feel to open for Adam Gontier?

Aron:  It felt like all our hard work had paid off. It was one of the happiest moments for us.

6)  What are the plans for the rest of the summer /year?

Mike:  Left With Tomorrow will play some good shows thru summer into fall.  Than we will begin writing and recording for a new album to, hopefully, be released early next year.

   Well, let me just say a huge THANK YOU to Left With Tomorrow.  Their next show will be at The Metal Grill in Cudahy, WI on July 22, 2016.  I know I will be there to help bring the house down with this astounding group.  Plus, make sure you check out their Facebook page and Instagram for updated show information.  Believe me, you want to see LWT in person!!!!
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