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One on One with Poynte

One on One with Poynte
During their current tour
by Dan Locke

How did you come up with the name Poynte?
The name started out as an acronym for "People Of Young Nature Tormenting Elderly" but we no longer use that and kind of just shortened it to POYNTE.

Tell me about your background.  How did you get interested in Music?
We all have our own background stories, and honestly they kind of all touch on the fact that music was a way to express ourselves when we couldn't otherwise. I personally was always guided to music by my very supportive parents. They bought me instruments as a young child and I guess I just developed a love for it from them.

How did you guys start?

Like most other bands do, we just decided to hang out one day and jam. The rest was history. We've been through quite a few members of the years, some of them have even circled back through, but one thing we always had no matter who was in the band is chemistry. It's what drives us when we write songs. 

Did you play any instruments while growing up?
I did, but not well. Ha-ha I didn't really start caring to learn to play well until my teen years. I had every instrument you can imagine growing up though, and tinkered with them all. I even played drums in middle and high school band. Ha-ha 

What was the first band you played with?
My first band was called Visions of Eden, and we were just a bunch of friends playing pop punk music. It was good times and taught me a lot.

How were you discovered?
Confused by this one. 2015 was a break out year for you guys. 

Tell me about the many first happen to you that year?
It was. We got to record our first album, immediately followed that up with our first music video, and it all culminated in the summer when we got to go our first National tour with Trapt and Sons of Texas. It was the most movement any of us have made in our musical journey and an absolute blast doing it! 

Who are some of the other bands you have open up for?
We've opened for a ton now... Shinedown, Godsmack, 10 Years, Nonpoint, Filter, Fuel, All That Remains, Taproot, Orgy, Flaw, Saliva, Drowning Pool, Devour The Day, Trapt, Sons of Texas, and even P-Funk... ha-ha 

What can you tell me about your new record what is it going to be like?
We actually aren’t going to be releasing a new record for a while. Gonne ride the single train. However, we have been writing a lot. The new stuff is a little heavier, more groove oriented, and we are even throwing in a bit of our southern influence, but it still has the essence that is POYNTE. 

For your video Take Control how did you find the director Andrew Burn?
He is very wet behind the ears with only 3 years of experience in video. Andrew has done videos for several of our Atlanta based friends in the industry. He came highly recommended and did a stellar job. He knocked the Take Control video out of the park. Absolutely cannot wait to work with him again.  

Why are you running a Go Fund Me page?
Being in a band is extremely costly. We do not like to beg our fans for money, but we thought it was a good idea to give a platform for those fans that did want to contribute a safe easy place to do it. The page has literally saved our tails on both of our tours when we broke down. 

Any plans to tour this summer?
We plan to do a Florida run, and a Texas run. Both are in really high demand for us and we want to make sure we get out their to our fans.

What is you’re feeling about Vinyl?
I love vinyl, but I have not got to listen to a lot of them. I dated a girl that had TONS of them and we used to sit in her room and just jam. 

Who would you like to open up for you?
Being alive or dead. Right now... I'd love to tour with Nothing More or Papa Roach, or both at the same time! Love both bands!

What is the biggest crowd you have play for?
A few thousand at the Atlanta stop of the Rockstar Uproar tour in Atlanta Ga. We an absolute blast!

What fest would you like to play?
ROCK ON THE RANGE in the US, and Download Fest over the pond... Those a bucket list for me... it would be absolutely incredible...

What is on you phone right now?
I’m listening to a lot of Sick Puppies lately, and SNOT... But I always listen to them! Ha-ha I have an unhealthy obsession with a band called Chronic Future as well... They aren’t together anymore but their album "Lines in my face" is stellar. 

What music do you listens to relax?
Believe it or not, I listen to KORN when I just want to lay band and chill...  The louder the better! Ha-ha

Anything you like to close with?
Thank you so much for interviewing me it was an absolute pleasure. If you are reading this, please find us on social media and chat with us, I’m sure there will be links on this page.

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