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An Artist to Watch Out For - Bolivia/Venezuela Miss Silawett

From time to time there comes along an "artist" who can make us dance, make us feel, and makes us have a good time; that artist has arrived and her name is "Miss Silawett" aka The Latina Empress, emerging from her native Bolivia by way of Venezuela, with a dream and a thriving passion to express her self thru song, dance, film and fashion- combined with her Classy yet Sensual persona. Working the typical 9-5, pursuing a degree in business; did very little to calm her passion- nor did it satisfy her hunger to perform and connect with others. Henceforth, putting her academics aside she began her journey to sacrifice her all for the reward of entertaining Others (without regret), worldwide. 

Miss Silawett brings to the world Her Unique Style of Pop/Dance/Rock (influenced by such celebrated artists, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga,Gwen Stefani and Rhianna to name a few).

Miss Silawett- This passionate (Bolivian by way of Venezuela) singer/songwriter; discovered her innate talent at a ripe age; unlike others around her,

Miss Silawett spent alot of time engulfed in and mimicking singers in all genres of music; it wasn't until her move to the states that Miss Silawett found that music had a tighthold on her; many sleepless nights and countless trials and errors, brought Miss Silawett to this point in her career; She decided to take matters into her own hands and embrace her gift and create her alter ego; the Funky, Ultra Sexy,Soulstress, Mind-Blowing "Miss Silawett". Branding her Own unique, Refreshing and Global Sound of Pop/Rock/Electro-Soul; envisioning a life-long dream to utilize her talent(s) to Inspire, Enlighten and Encourage the masses; Courageous enough to travel abroad to bring joy and laughter into the lives of many;unto the souls of the forgotten, thru Her Music and Dance. If You're Ready to dance, To Feel, to Have a Good Time- Let's Go....be apart of
Team Miss Silawett!!

In her world- accolades are common place, cheers are appreciated; albeit "Miss Silawett (the Artist) is here to bring excitement, high energy and to inspire Others in a way that's meaningful; "for me its about the rush I feel when I perform , its about how the artform can affect someone's life, its about making the world a much better place, thru my music" says Miss Silawett!

Miss Silawett will Make you dance, She'll make you laugh, She'll make you Think ,and She'll make you cry. All and all Miss Silawett Will be Your Reason to LOVE LIFE!!!!!!! 

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