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JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR: The Swedish Death ’n‘ Rollers release their new single

                       The Swedish Death ‘n‘ Roll Trio returns with “35 Supersonic“!

Two years after their splendid debut “Among The Ruins And Desolate Lands“, which was celebrated by the press as much as by the fans, and one year after the limited 7“ vinyl EP “Full Blown Hell“ was released through their label vönHell Records and distributed by Sound Pollution, the Swedish Death ‘n‘ Rollers JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR have produced their new album now and immediatly signed a deal with the well-known German label Rodeostar (SPV). “35 Supersonic“ continues the American road cruiser’s journey over the local graveyards, which had already been taken by the three guys from Stockholm with their snotty, aggressive EP last year. Less Death Metal, more rough Rock ‘n‘ Roll. Again, they teamed up with the studio legend Tomas Skogsberg, whose current favorite band is JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR, in his Sunlight Studios for their new record and produced a sound that resembles “To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth“ by Entombed as well as early mangy The Helicopters or the punky energy of the Backyard Babies back in their debut times.

“35 Supersonic” sounds like an audiophile hell-ride, on which the driver apparently won’t take his right foot off his tangolike supercar’s gas pedal, which is covered in flames and skulls, until the last exit. As soon as the album will be released through Rodeostar Records on 18th March 2016 as a digipak CD, a limited vinyl version and digitally as a stream or download, the eleven songs will leave the pre mentioned bands’ fans and those who like Black Label Society or Motörhead joyfully thrilled. JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR’s song titles and tough lyrics with passages like «Take my life, take my pathetic life; I want to see the flames, the flames of hell” in the dark groove monster “For Sale For Satan” or «Come take my hand I will take you down I want to show you hell» as heard in the catchy Death Rock ‘n‘ Roll hymn “From Hell” will literally burn themselves into the listeners mind and determine a strict direction of march. The listener’s blood starts boiling in his veins immediately, when the Swedes bring in their heavy Doom artillery in “I Can Get It”. Moreover, the band members draw on cool stylistic devices: down-tuned guitars, the usage of fuzz and overdrive pedals, soaked grooves and smooth lyrics. The powerful production, Nicke Forsberg’s vigurous drumming, the playful and rigorous guitar solos as well as frontman Robban Bergeskans’ remarkable breathy, rough voice make the songs stay in mind permanently. Right from the start, a perfect dark and dusty mood is created by the atmospheric cover artwork – shot by US photographer Lane Michael – which shows the ruins of an old highway gas station and was adapted to the band’s style by the Swedish graphic designer Kim Svensson in cooperation with drummer Nicke.

JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR have already caused a worldwide sensation with the three brilliant music clips for their singles “Killing Machine”, “Pitchfork” and “God Gave Me Nothing”. Certainly, the new music video for their new album’s first single “From Hell”, which was directed by Dan Elmner, will follow this tradition. The clip provides attention grabbing guest appearances of illustrious Swedish celebrities and will be released a few weeks before the album in early 2016. Be prepared, JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR are fast-approaching in supersonic speed! “35 Supersonic” hits the perfect sound between the 90s’ dirty rough Rock ‘n‘ Roll and the up to date Death ‘n‘ Roll mace!

Website: www.jesuschruslersupercar.com | www.facebook.com/jesuschruslersupercar | www.youtube.com/jcscmusic | www.twitter.com/jcscmusic
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