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Changing the World by Unification an Interview with WHOAA

Unrated Interview with WHOAA

UnRated Magazine: Who are your influences and why?

WHOAA: Prince, Lita Ford, Outkast, Metallica, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ready for the World, Def Leppard, Mariah Carey, 2PAC, Morris Day & The Time ... It's all about music, lyrics, and vibes for us!!!

Unrated: What is your latest project or album?
WHOAA:  Singles and videos we released on iTunes and Youtube: "Let the Good Times Roll", our remake of "Somebody's Watching Me", and our latest "American Dream" and our EP: "The Day Before...."

Unrated: What about a tour? What are your current touring plans?

WHOAA:  Been doing most spot dates building a local fan base, however, we have our eyes set on touring with major artists, college circuit for Spring Break Festival tours for 2016.

Unrated: What is the passion you have toward music and why?

WHOAA:  Creating music that moves, uplifts, or connects people through positivity or identifying with a certain feeling or emotion. Changing the World by Unification of all people, no matter race, creed, religion or color.

Unrated: Are you creative in any other arts including sciences and technology?

WHOAA:  Film and theatre. We have both had prior acting experience and are looking to expand in the near future.

Unrated: Do you have a family and how supportive are they?

WHOAA:  Very Supportive, They Love what we are doing and pursuing. Very Thankful for this and our amazing families in Atlanta, GA & Cincinnati, Ohio.

Unrated: How do you plan to invest the successes you have monetarily? and does the future hold?

WHOAA:  Investing in our brand, and expanding via brand placements with mainstream corporations, as well as establishing our own brand equity through our merchandise and lifestyle image, that become extensions of our parent brand WHOAA, LLC.


About WHOAA:

Take one look at this genre-bending, culture-shocking duo, and one could see how their name fits so appropriately. Hailing from Atlanta, Ga and Cincinnati, Ohio respectively, the artist known as “Dolla” and female vocalist “Ring” collectively make up the group titled WHOAA (pronounced WHOAA!). With their polished sound delivery and a eye-catching image oozing with commercial sensibility, equipped with a highly energetic stage presence, this duo is a like a breath of fresh air in today’s crowded music scene. Female member “Ring”, a fiery blonde, pop-rock diva with a “Britney meets Lita Ford” vocal edge, who formerly recorded under “Slim” Williams & Cash Money Records, brings out the sexier edge of WHOAA. The other half, “Dolla”, a genre-defying lyricist with retro 80s “funk” flair, with much versatility that seamlessly weaves Hip-Hop and Pop, brings quite the dynamic balance to WHOAA. Find out more about WHOAA.

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