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Interview with Bob Dee

Unrated -  Who are your influences and why?

Bob Dee - Hi Unrated, Great to talk with you! Well I grew up in the suburbs in Upstate NY, but in my room I had a poster of Jimmy Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Sly and the Family Stone! I grew up listening to 3 of the greatest musicians they influenced me in many ways as far as style culture and showmanship

Unrated - What is your latest project or album

Bob Dee - I am currently signed with music mogul Mark Berry he signed me to his label AMG/Universal Records I just released my new single and video ‘Socially Awkward” and new EP ”Pretty Things” to follow

Unrated - What about a tour? What are your current touring plans? 

Bob Dee - I am playing a few high profile shows around New York City this Fall then back to Rock the UK

Unrated - What is the passion you have toward music and why?

Bob Dee - I love when I travel around the world meeting new fans they are my life they drive me, I get the most amazing emails everyday I received an email from a guy who lives in the rain forest he wrote to me saying my music is the only thing that gets him through the day wow I almost cried I got his address and sent him every CD and merch I ever made….. he touched my heart

Unrated - Are you creative in any other arts including sciences and technology?

Bob Dee - Yes I was class artist at my high school and have a college degree in art I love to draw manga/comics I made the Petro logo

Unrated - Do you have a family and how supportive are they?

Bob Dee - Yes my brother John is my biggest supporter I run everything off of him and my niece Amanda, they will tell me if a song sucks or not. And my parents have always supported me, I used to play clubs when I was in high school I wasn’t old enough to drive so my Dad would take me to the clubs and drop me off he would come back like 2 in the morning to pick me up in the snow and rain wow that is love

Unrated - How do you plan to invest the successes you have monetarily? and does the future hold?

Bob Dee - With my contract monies and publishing advances, I always invest with a Roth IRA and money markets and my merchandise and CD sales money I invest right back into the band


Unrated- Where can we find you?

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