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Nancy Leticia Shares New Video on FACT, Love Dream EP Out Now

 Vancouver based producer Nancy Leticia has just shared the video for "Ur Pocket Mirror Is Too Big" with FACT Magazine. The track is from her new EP, Love Dream which was recently released on Hot Sugar's new Associative Music label, Noise Collector Records.

"‘Ur Pocket Mirror Is Too Big’ is a melancholy mash-up of familiar hip-hop beats and Casio-borne pop melodies, and the video (directed by Felix Gourd) is a meta take on all those clips full of digital, untethered shapes: stacks of iPhones, windswept fabrics and bouncing balls, but projected from a laptop onto a Vizio TV in a shallow pool."

 Nancy Leticia is a Vancouver based producer whose seductive instrumental songs are helping to usher a new era of romantic beat production. Evoking the audio aesthetic of a 90s Skinemax movie, Nancy weaves sophisticated classical compositions over trap drums creating unique anthems to swoon over. The Love Dream EP (out May 5th) will be the first official release from Nancy Leticia as well as the first release on Hot Sugar’s new Associative Music collective, Noise Collector.

The artists responsible for Noise Collector Records (and founder Hot Sugar) are at the forefront of Associative Music, a genre named for it's practice of sampling familiar sounds from everyday environments and incorporating them into music which can then invoke or subliminally trigger a wide variety of emotions, past memories, and or other feelings that may be commonly associated with such sounds. Zoom Recorders actually sponsors Hot Sugar because of his frequent use of their products in his recording process, an example of which can be seen here.

From a cultural standpoint, the current trends in experimental-pop and dance music and the ambient ethereal sounds of Associative Music are two sides of the same coin. If collectives like PC music & Mad Decent are the experimental hyper-pop infused parody of dance music that's trying to get you to turn up on the dance floor, then the associative music of Noise Collector is the more euphoric, dreamy, and blissfully introspective equivalent that's trying to turn your bedroom or basement into an experimental pop paradise.


- FACT Magazine- Read the full story at UnRatedMagazine.com

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