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Kings X accused of plagiarism

In 1996; Syracuse NY band Monster Dog went into the studio to record a 6 song demo....
 That same year, upon the release of the demo, the band attended a Kings X show. (Ear Candy tour)

That evening the band gave their promo-pack to KX, for possible tour-support consideration. A CD was obviously included. 

Two years later...KX released their "Tape Head" CD. The opening track was called 'Groove Machine'. 

The song was undeniably similar to Monster Dogs track called 'Slacker'. 

Why bring it up now, you may ask? After reading a rather arrogantly worded interview with Dug Pinnick, bassist of Kings X on 'LondonGrooveMachine.com'....Dug states his feelings on song writing as well as his methods. It became obvious that Monster Dog was indeed victim to his writing skills. 

 If this were about money.
The band would have found the resources to pursue the matter years ago. 

Lesson....Don't EVER give your music to another creative entity. Regardless of how universally respected they may be. Monster Dog does hold a copyright on its demo...But, let the public decide. 

"Imitation is not flattery when it is not credited or unrecognized."

Don't believe me, listen for yourself...Monster Dog, Slacker...

Then listen to Kings X, Groove Machine...
- Read the full story at UnRatedMagazine.com

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