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IWABO Share New Song "Wade in the Water"

If you've been saying your "Hail Marys" and praying for another new song from metal alchemists Iwrestledabearonce, well those prayers have been answered.

The band has again shared a brand new song from Hail Mary, out June 16 via Artery Recordings, and you are about to listen to it.

The song is called "Wade in the Water."

Ever have your brain removed from your skull, have it scrambled, and then put back inside your cranium? No, you probably haven't. But this song pretty much mimics how we think that scenario would feel, since it ping-pongs back and forth with reckless, metallic abandon.

iTunes pre-orders will be live on May 12—that's next week!— along with the music video for "Gift of Death."

Hail Mary Track Listing:

1. Gift of Death
2. Remain Clam
3. Green Eyes
4. Erase it All
5. Curse the Spot
6. Doomed to Fail Pt 1
7. Doomed to Fail Pt 2
8. Killed to Death
9. Trips
10. Man of Virtue
11. Carbon Copy
12. Wade in the Water
13. We All Float Down Here
14. Your God Is Too Small


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