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Britney Spears Walks Tyson Beckford On Leash During Las Vegas Show (VIDEO)

Britney Spears walked Tyson Beckford on a leash like a dog during her Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. With leash in hand, the singer performed her song “Freakshow,” as Beckford obediently crawled on his hands and knees. Watch the video below.

Beckford was lured to the front of the stage by two of Spears’ male dancers, who were dressed in black tights and crop tops, while Spears followed and sang behind them. Beckford wore a metal harness over his denim button-down shirt, and when the dancers got him to drop to his knees, Spears attached a leash to the harness. The pop star then began walking Beckford up the stage, as dancers moved around them, until he was finally allowed to stand up.

Eager to please the crowd, the actor-model began stripping to the encouragement of loud cheers from the audience. Beckford seem comfortable stripping.

Just when Beckford thought he was off the hook, the male dancers returned to spank him on the butt. Check out the video below of Britney Spears walking Tyson Beckford on a leash, and tell us what you think.
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