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Randy Bachman's latest address is that he's living on The Edge!

Check out BACHMAN's feature on Billboard premiering his new official music video for "The Edge"!


Bachman, Heavy Blues

          Reinventing his sound was Randy Bachman's main focus for his new project "Heavy Blues". Recruiting the rhythm section consisting of drummer Dale-Anne Brendon and Bass guitar player Anna Ruddick, the three came up with a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Cream. The first time they all "Jammed" Bachman states, "Here's a song - and I play 'The Edge' and we do it in one take and it's just bloody amazing. It was just so much fun to show up and do what we do best, which is jam and play off each other" - and the rest is history.
          Heavy Blues hits stores April 14th, 2015

 Taking Care of Business

American Woman

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