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The Oral Generation (1970)

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1970

DVD Release: October 8, 2013

Director: Unknown

Rated X

Review by James Klein

This is how I like my adult films: 70's, weird, and on film! Vinegar Syndrome's newest release tries to capture the old Time Square/ 42nd Street movie theater feel by showing a trailer, four short films and then the feature as soon as the DVD starts up. This got me in the mood for some old fashioned smut and The Oral Generation and its shorts for the most part deliver the goods.

After the trailer for The Oral Generation, there is the short film Clinical Sex. Clinical Sex is narrated by a voice that sounds like you are back in junior high watching old film strips like I Am Joe's Stomach. The narration guides the viewer along with a simple story of a doctor whose trying to help his female patient achieve an orgasm. The patient just can't seem to get off with her husband and she thinks there is something wrong with her. The doctor is happy to prove her wrong by helping her to achieve a climax. Even the nurse gets in on the fun with both the patient and the doctor. What makes this short so amusing and funny is that the narration almost takes itself seriously until he makes a remark near the end about the doctor losing his license and getting a divorce.
clinical sex

The next short is Any Way You Like It which could have used a narration because the sound is so awful. Shot in a studio with what must have been with the windows open as one can hear plenty of street noise and traffic, a doctor listens to a female patient talk about how she caught her brother with the maid by using a vibrator. When the doctor uses the vibrator on her without any results, she tells him she needs the real thing and thus, he gives it to her. Pretty simple but I loved the cutaways of a confused looking nurse who keeps taking her clothes off.

The Naked Sexes is the one that had me screaming with laughter but soon over stays its welcome. With no narration and all music, this bizarre short is just a bunch of naked women and three 70's looking guys in Speedos laughing. For some reason the film continues to cut back to a tape recorder that's playing the strange, carnival sounding music. I was cracking up at how weird this was with some many strange angles and cutaways. Although it goes on too long, this short deserves a viewing just for a WTF moment.

The final short, The Different Sex, may be worth viewing just for the 70's hairstyles and clothing. In this short, a female college student is majoring in sex education and just doesn't have the "hands on" experience that is needed to complete the course. Two young men with massive sideburns and another lady help her out. The funniest thing about this short is that there is a woman with a huge scar above one of her breasts and the men never take off their underwear, even when having sex.

Right before the feature film is some strange sex segment with what sounds like music that was added in after the fact. I have no idea what it is or why it was added but for those that want a graphic sex scene, here you go. The Oral Generation starts off really good as the documentary shows the grimy nudie bars and adult theaters that occupied 42nd Street in NYC. The documentary mostly centers on the pleasures of oral sex. Maybe oral sex was a taboo subject at the time because the documentary almost makes it out like this is some new discovery. Expect plenty of unintentional laughs as we see a black man getting a blowjob while it continues to cut back to him doing karate. Don't forget about the shower scenes where a woman just continues to soap up this skinny guy's pale boner in the shower. And yes, there are a lot of women with huge thick 70's bushes, all pulled open to look like the Sarlac Pit from Return of the Jedi.

Vinegar did a fantastic job of not just setting up the shorts and feature as if it's at an old theater but the picture looks amazing. Very bright colors and barely any scratches or burns. This DVD almost looks like blu ray quality. While there are no other special features, I kind of liked not knowing who the performers were or who the director(s) are. The more of a mystery, the more it intrigues me.
Oral Generation

The Oral Generation is a DVD that fans of old school 70's adult shorts will be happy to sink their teeth in.

[Rating: 3.5]

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