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Curse of Chucky (2013)

Studio: Universal

Blu Ray Release: October 8, 2013

Director: Don Mancini

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

After nine years, the Good Guy doll has returned. And for those fans who have been complaining over the comedic and silly approach the last two installments had taken, Curse of Chucky is much more scarier and suspenseful than any of the other films. But does a more serious tone fit a film about a killer doll who likes to swear and murder people in glorious ways?

Curse of Chucky looks and feels almost like a Hammer movie as much of the film takes place inside this large, dark, gothic looking house where our wheelchair bound heroine Nica (Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif) and her unbalanced mother reside. After receiving a strange package in the mail which happens to be Chucky, Mom is murdered in the middle of the night however her death has been made to look like a suicide. When Nica's older sister Barb and her family come to visit Nica after their mother's death, Barb tries to con Nica into selling the house so Barb and her family can take the cash and put Nica into an assisted living home. While all this family drama is taking place, Barb's young daughter Alice finds Chucky and quickly becomes its close friend. Once the bodies start piling up, Chucky soon breaks his silence by going after Nica who he has a personal vendetta against.

Curse of Chucky

While Curse of Chucky has a spooky atmospheric tone, the film drags along for quite awhile until the middle of the picture when the real point of the plot is explained. Without giving away any spoilers, Chucky was once attached to Nica's mother and in some ways was the cause for his spirit to be stuck inside the Chucky doll. Told in flashback, Brad Dourif for the first time since the first Child's Play reprises the role of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer with the power to put his soul into another's body. While the movie tries really hard to fit in with the other films in the Chucky series, certain plot holes are left unexplained. While I respect the film for trying to stay true to the series, Curse had me confused at times which pulled me out of the film. I tried to quickly remember each entry in the series to see if what was happening in Curse actually worked.

Curse of chucky 2

While I thought Seed of Chucky went way too over the top in its comedy and by being overly self-referential, I preferred the slightly comedic and gory Bride of Chucky much more than the three Child's Play films. The Child's Play movies to me always took themselves too seriously and when you have a red headed doll running around chopping people up and calling them swear words, I can't help but not be too frightened. So I was longing for the tone of Bride of Chucky while watching Curse. I do respect Mancini's decision to return to a more horrific approach, it's just not my cup of tea.

curse of chucky 3

One thing that hasn't changed are the gruesome kills which still pack quite a punch. While there isn't as many deaths in this film, characters  still have their heads chopped off, eyes plucked out, throats slit and even an axe smashed to the face. While not imaginative, the death scenes are pretty brutal. It's also refreshing to see that some, not all, of the deaths were done with the use of make up effects.

curse of chucky 5

The blu ray, as expected with most newer films, looks and sounds great. There are quite a bit of special features as well including deleted scenes, a gag reel (although not very funny and too short) a few featurettes and an audio commentary track by Fiona Dourif, Mancini and puppeteer Tony Gardner. With a chock full disc as well as a DVD and digital copy, Curse of Chucky is a decent purchase for fans of the film.

curse of chucky 4

Look, no matter what I say I know die-hard Chucky fans will want to see the newest installment. I can't say I blame them as I always got a kick out of watching Chucky dispatch his victims in various ways. Curse is not the worst film in the series by any means and if you can stick it out until the middle of the film when the story and action picks up, you may find yourself having a good time. Also, continue watching the credits after the movie ends.

[Rating: 2.5]

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