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Former Korn's Touring Guitarist Shane Gibson Dies At 35

Shane Gibson, who from 2007 to 2010 was a touring guitarist with Korn, died today from complications due to a blood clotting disorder. He was 35 years old.
After Brian "Head" Welch left Korn in 2005, the band hired various touring guitarists rather than seek a permanent replacement. Guitarists Rob Patterson and Sevendust's Clint Lowery briefly worked with the group, but Gibson's three-year stretch was the longest.
Most recently, Gibson was a member of the band stOrk. The group posted the following message on their Facebook page:
"It is with deepest sadness and regret that we must confirm that stOrk founding member and lead guitarist Shane Paul Gibson passed away at 5:45 AM on April 15th, 2014 in the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama as a result of complications from a blood clotting disorder. He was 35 years old. He was one of the best guitar players the world has ever known and his virtuosity was matched only by his wit and generosity of spirit. He will be missed beyond measure.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all those who loved him as much as we did.
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Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Rock Mojoe's


Photos and story by Dan Locke

The country was suffering from unprecedented sub-zero conditions, but the REVOLVER Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour came to Mojoe's in Joliet, Ill. heated up our winter. This was the world’s first and only heavy metal and hard rock tour featuring today’s hottest female-driven artists is back and set to stop in 20 U.S. markets during February and March. Headlining the tour is Los Angeles-via-Australia’s Billboard-chart topping rockers Sick Puppies, Italian melodic metal front-runners Lacuna Coil, Arizona rock/metal outfit Eyes Set To Kill, and New York rock newcomers Cilver.

Sick Puppies


Eyes Set To Kill

Lacuna Coil

The REVOLVER Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour was sponsored by High River Sauces, LP Media Consulting, Outerloop Management, Capitol Records, Century Media Records, Drill Down Entertainment, ReverbNation, Live Nation, House of Blues, and Vivogig.
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Bruce Bouillet - The Order of Control (2014) #CDReview

Bruce Bouillet - The Order of Control (2014)
Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Records
Review by Edwin van Hoof

I tend to look at him as ‘the one who got away’. Not that he has been out of the music scene, but he is the only one who kept a low profile after his groundbreaking work with Racer X. After the break up Bouillet started The Scream, but refocused upon their split. Bruce started mixing, engineering and producing albums leading him to fame in the scene, and eventually even a Grammy (Motörhead). His successful career as one of metal’s top engineers never wiped out his love for the instrument and songwriting, luckily. Reporting back with “The Order Of Chaos”, Mr. Bouillet reinstalls himself on the top ranks of shred!

Man, did I enjoy those Racer X CD’s!

At the heydays of the Shrapnel label, sprouting talented guitars and acts by the dozen, Racer X emerged and took the metal scene by storm. Their craftsmanship and sublime technique, took the label to the next level. Powerful drums and bass, raspy vocals and above all, the duo soloing and killer riffs and solos from the tandem Bouillet/Gilbert, an unmatched duo with jaw dropping skills and style. This was a full size band with potency to lead to glory. Unfortunately all came to an end after only 2 studio releases and 2 live records.

But now Bouillet is back on track. “The Order Of Chaos” is an album in line with the best work of his elusive past, combined with the power of the new metal era. It tops his recent releases in order of quality and production by miles. It’s eminent that this new release has to mark him real comeback musically and creatively. “The Order Of Chaos” is an epical rendition and comes across much like a concept album. Themes and melodies are inter connected matching one another in emotion and style. Above all; it sounds as a team effort. Bringing in Geln Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums and Dave Foreman (Alicia Keys, Rhianna, etc.) handling bass, the musical interaction is superb. Sobel provides a solid and powerful base underneath the guitar extravaganza, while Foreman fills the gaps in between. Everything is simply spot on!

Bouillet’s fluent style is vividly captured in a powerful production from the master himself. His colorful melodies are still as impressive as in the old days. Scaling tempos and wildly varying intense shreds poured upon us, in large chops.

Check out the bombastic “Blind as we Watched” with it’s fluently flying arpeggios, over wild pumping riffs. The solo is impressive, flashy and stylish matching the exact beat of the track. The songs are diverse and the influences come from all over the horizon. It makes the album an extra enjoyable piece of art! “The deafening” is a progressive melodic hammer lingering onwards in the best Friedman-style (“Scenes”), leaning on an oriental phrased structure. An ear mingling melody enrolls slowly and over a powerful drum and bass hook. The song has a piercing guitars solo hitting you full frontal and takes us onto a hectic end with scale variety and dynamic power explosions. “Seeing Through” builds up tension like the best Vai songs tend to do, “Giving up the Ghost” is a slow moving semi-ballad with a fusion feel and sliding notes. Lush guitar chords make you shiver, contradicting with the arpeggio-packed “A Grand Reversal”. “Defiant” is an extremely progressive pointed tune with spitting bass drums, thunderous drum breaks and fierce riffs paving the way for bedazzling technical wizardry. String skipping uncountable notes while firing an edgy melody, dash solo. Even though it comes across very hectic, Bouillet manages to have his chords’ progression and rise lined up in full harmony with his outrageous solos. It’s because of that genius touch that it all combines in slick harmony. Because of that the song manages to grab your attention the entire 8 minutes long. “One Minute Warning” allows to breathe and refocus for the next strike, the title track of the album. “Crowd Control” spits gravel again with scary precision. “The Manipulators” is a scary and taunting song with spawning licks, fluid legato runs and wonderful melodic sensibilities underlined by some sticky solos in almost un-timed for sections of the song. “Breaking the Barrier” is non sticky and needs a few spins, but the last track “Akiko” brings back the thematics from the albums opening. Oriental phrasing and lush solos over a captivating scaled melody.

This album features some of the finest instrumental songs I heard in a long time. It’s a compelling and intriguing melodic display of class and finesse, delivered by one of rock’s finest players in the field. He combines skill and technique with a wide varied pallet of influences with which he manages to color a piece of art that keeps shifting shape and reveals more of it’s beauty with every spin. It is so captivating you don’t even recognize the absence of a vocalist, which is perhaps the biggest compliment to an instrumental outfit. Even though the album hints to other great players in the field, Bouillet manages to make worlds and styles collide and mold into his own. All-in all; “The Order Of Chaos” is like a soundtrack without the movie accompanying it… matching the scenes and frames, Mr. Bouillet leaves up to you.

90 out of 100

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Counterfeit i - Still, Vol. 2 (2014)

Counterfeit i - Still, Vol. 2 (2014)
Bit Riot Records - April 8, 2014
Review by Jenafur L. Schlangen

Chicago's own Counterfeit i's, newly released "Still Vol. II," sounds like it could be a soundtrack to the most haunting movie that has yet to come to fruition. There are many styles that are tapped into within this latest release, most of which I would consider as simply a blend of psychedelic haunt. It is extremely obvious that this band is influenced by Tool, as tracks "Amel" and "The Point is a Circle" will clearly provide. As I listened to "Between the Suns," I couldn't help pick up on some Deftones influence both vocally, along with some heavy guitar riffs respectively. The last track I allowed to seep into my brain was "All." This track can simply be defined as a gut-wrenching lullaby that contained some low-end bass lines that caused me to become almost transported into another realm of reality. A movie based upon a soundtrack, perhaps? If so, it would be a movie that would keep you awake at night that is for sure.

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Gus G - I am the Fire (2014)

Gus G - I am the Fire (2014)
Century Media Records - March 18, 2014
Review by Edwin van Hoof

Kostas Karamitroudis is his name, better known as Gus G!

The guitar slinger best known for his work as shredder of Ozzy Osbourne had claimed fame as one of the metal's reigning guitar virtuosos today. His resume includes Firewind, Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil, and now his first solo effort "I am the Fire."

In contradiction to most solo efforts from shredders, Gus opts to focus on quality metal songs rather than guitar exercises, displaying what his fans already know. Much like one of his idols, Mr. Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Gus focused on an overall band feeling on "I am the Fire."

His songs are all excellent displays of his skills as a composer. Firmly build and structured metal songs deeply rooted in the classical metal era, without lacking a modern and sophisticated grandeur. Recognizable melodies, great hooks and marvelous riffs pulling this album forward like a freight train. As always; Gus' wide spread variety of styles is pretty hard to pin down. Versatile, combining major scales and Ionian scales while firing his ear mingling shreds upon us, Gus manages to bring to life a pretty unique pallet of colors. Colors he blends to an interesting collection of songs highlighting his feeling for emotion and style.

Another focal point on this "I am the Fire" release is Mats Léven, who takes the spotlights alongside G, uplifting no less than 4 songs with his powerful vocals and feeling for timing. It's this combination that works excellent proven by the first two songs on this excellent album. "My Will be Done" and "Blame it on Me" are displaying the power of this combination, it's skills and expertise. Top notch metal tracks featuring some fine solo's from the master himself. Gus swings the axe sky-high, solo's sniping and screaming like Vai's most intriguing work, or the under acclaimed James Murphy on his solo albums "Feeding the Machine" and "Convergence." Power chords switching place with some unmatched soloing in fluently delivered songs....

His one step down tuning gives the songs that modern panache and groove. The title track (featuring Devour the Day) instantly links with the perfection of the opening duo. It's highly melodic, with a (slightly) nu metal groove and forceful driving riff. I get warped back into my seat when "Vengeance" bursts out of my speakers. It is a non-compromising outburst of metallic extravaganza in the best Shrapnel vein. Dave Ellefson handles bass duties on this monster which links Gus' style with that of old school masters like Marty Friedman and Jason Becker during their "Dragon's Kiss" and "Perpetual Burn" days. Mid-section the song suddenly hits the breaks to unveil one of the finest solos in metal today. Swirling arpeggios kicking it in fine melodic harmony, much like Uli Jon Roth or DiMeola ("Racing with the Devil down a Spanish Highway") tend to do. It's this wide variety of styles that makes Gus' playing so highly enjoyable. He combines the most fluent melodies with amazing hard and loud riffs, unwillingly creating his own and totally unique (random) style.

Alexia Rodriguez (Eyes Set To Kill) sings lead on the epic lingering melodic metal track "Long Way Down", contrasting day and night with the instrumental outburst in "Vengeance." It also creates the needed time to breathe. "Just can't let it Go" is a slow mover with balladesque intensity featuring Jacob Bunton (Lynam) on vocals. Propelled by a fierce riff and soaring vocals it blooms during a sudden short solo that lingers onwards for a while. It paves the road for another outburst of speed on the instrumental "Terrified" on which Billy Sheehan's playing is nearly as prominent as Gus'. High pace energetic progressive rhythms with harsh breaks make it one monster of a metal track. "Eyes Wide Open" marks the return of Mats Léven handling vocal duties. It is a mega-melodic hammer with hymnic potential. Steel Panther's Michael Starr shines bright on the powerful "Redemption", while Jeff Scott Soto displays his wide range and skills on "Summer Days." "Dream Keeper" stands out with its solo thematics over which Tom S. Englund (Evergrey) throws his gloomy vocals, creating an intense atmosphere. "Dream Keeper" benefits from this awesome and intense interaction which simply breathtaking.

The album is ended with an acoustic opening powering up towards a passionate explosion of melody in "End of the Day." Mats returns to the spotlight to belt this wonderful track. The tune features a bunch of short solo interactions which fit the mood just perfectly.
"I am the Fire" is one heck of a metal album on which Gus G shows his impeccable skills with a focus on great metal tracks. It is not the egocentric outburst and display power one might expect. There is an overall band feel present on this album, which is almost haunting. Underneath the trademark shreds in Gus' playing you feel the presence of passion and perfection as if a ghost is watching. It has a gloomy direction which is furthermore powered up by Englund's interaction with this Greek master.

But in all honesty: I would have liked the songs all to be sung by Léven and see how this metallic fortress' walls are holding up. I think it would have benefitted even more from that approach, much like old Malmsteen records did with Soto and Boals' taking care of business. "I am the Fire" would most certainly land in my top ten of all time faved shred classics!

86 out of 100

Gus G.

Gus G. Official | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Incura (2014) Self-Titled Review
Incura (2014)
InsideOut Music / UMG – March 4, 2014
Review by Edwin van Hoof

Every once in a while your shook up by an album so captivating and intense, as if it stretches out it's tentacles directly into your subconscious section of your music addicted brain. An album so intense, diverse and driven, it simply is cut throat from the intro tune onwards.

Like Last Crack's "Sinister Funkhouse #7", Tool's debut or the immaculate and underrated Mindfunk premiere. Albums surrounded by an unimaginable mystique and grasping accuracy, it bewitches instantly. Albums which will land in your top 10 of all time right away.

Canadian progressive metal band Incura has that be-hexing debut grandeur. It is complex and captivating, driven and exploring as well as it is balancing on the edge of being over the top. "Get the Gun" opens the album with an intro so intense, it immediately has you hooked. Paws dig deep into your head pulling you closer as the song evolves. A captivating and intense evolution of melody and spawning riffs fired upon you with the most immaculate perfection. Melodies which have a sugar coated touch to it, drifting onto the edge of your very tolerance at times. "I Breathe This" is a perfect example of such.

Shifting shape as it thunders onwards, progressive twists and turns are throwing us off completely, but the song is held together by an amazing hook nesting in your head instantly. It keep tuning up towards the end and right before it tilts over with an almost cliché chorus, it suddenly turns right down neurotic when vocalist Kyle Gruninger shifts shape starts screaming and yelling.

It is that exact unexpected side to the band's music which is immensely captivating. Symphonic passages and close harmony perfection, combined with severely dramatized outburst expending musical boundaries from as wide as KoRn and Tool all the way up to the drama of Queen and new generation gothic (pop) bands in the vein of Evanescance and Within Temptation. In this truly unique and outstanding blend it is the vocalist Kyle who is the binding factor, together with the impressive drum variation brought to the plate by Phil Gardner. His polyrhythmic shuffles are holding together this unearthly cocktail of styles which is furthermore enhanced by some top notch guitar riffs and solos from Royce Whittaker and the Sheehan-esque bass escapes from Jono Olson.

"I'm here waiting" summarizes this intense diversity best, as where "Here You are" highlights the contrasts from the band's neurotic side, heavily dramatized by the captivating vocals and the sudden outburst of dramatic orchestration keenly inflicted by keyboard player Jim McClaren. His classical piano and string arrangements thrive the song onwards with unmatched expression while guitar tune up a notch and pitches high before the next idiotic and manic outburst follows from Gruninger. Pompous and theatrical perfection in slick choruses make this an event, as the entire album is one big exhilarating experience you quite frankly MUST undergo. The diversity in the songs itself only add up to the diversity of styles and musical explorations offered.

"Turning Blue" Has a break in the vein of Linkin Park clinging to you right away. Again the song is held together by a driving riff and extremely recognizable chorus and hookline. "Your Face is turning blue as I suck the life from you" sums up the lyrical expression as it does depict the bands dark side. "Decide" and "The Greatest Con" both are melancholic with an epical and gloomy downside. Both songs are extremely dramatized and theatrical with "...Con" gaining power and expression as it rolls onwards. It's metallic and intense bass and drum interaction provide a rock hard foundation for a fierce and edgy riff reminiscent to malfunctioning buzz saw cutting steel. This in combination with the breaks and intricate rhythms of Gardner give it that extreme kick. It's that classic progressive metal infestation which appeal to me the most and flowers more on the following "Here to Blame", a classic per sé. "I'd give Anything" slides away from that harder approach without losing panache thanks to a captivating ominous undertone.

"Sweat runs Cold" is the last track on this magnificent "Incura" CD which ends the way it started; intense and extremely complex, held together by infectious grooves and it's ear mingling chorus and vocal interaction.

Incura must have been the best kept secret of the Canadian scene, a scene sprouting classic progressive acts by the dozen since it launched Rush. I'm unable to pin down the band by style since Incura operates widely varied, positioning themsleves on the top ranks of progressive metal as well as on the top shelf of melodic hard rock. This impressive eclectic and explosive package is enhanced by a pristine production, focusing on the low end as well as on the superb melodic high end of the band. That melodic perfection is caught onto tape by none other than melodic rock's finest Arnold David Lanni (Sheriff, Frozen Grost) and Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, Hess, Rubber). The overall sound benefits from this unexpected production duo and it becomes crystal clear that Hess has been responsible for the slick and powerful choirs.

Still it is Incura that runs tight as Swiss clockwork throughout the entire album. A captivating piece of work, one unimaginable piece of art house (?) metal.

BUY IT!   -- 94 / 100

Incura Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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Original Songs On a Borrowed Guitar by Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris - Original Songs On a Borrowed Guitar

Independent – March 4, 2010
Review by Trent McMartin

Last summer someone suggested to me to spin an album from a local indie artist named Jeff Morris. I reluctantly accepted having only recently taken a self-imposed break from listening and reviewing unknown artists. I played the album, attentively titled Original Songs On a Borrowed Guitar, a couple of tracks stood out ("Shara's Song" and "Till the Fire Dies"); his voice, vocal delivery and guitar playing were satisfactory and the production was adequate. Essentially, I deemed the record a Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz clone and put it away never really intending to listen to it again.
I was wrong. Dead wrong.

After my initial listens, something did resonate within me long after. The guy does have chops - he can play and sing. The album was nominated for six 2011 Edmonton Music Awards including "Best Roots/Folk Artist" and "Best Album". And his solo performances won him two EMA's, including "Best Live Performance" and "Best Solo Artist".

So it was no surprise that going back to the record months later, I became a fan. Cuts like "Wander On," "How Long," "Blue Sky Falls" "Favourite Lie" and the aforementioned "Shara's Song" and "Till the Fire Dies," all still have that breezy upbeat folk rock vibe, yet repeated listens uncovered more complexities, subtleties and nuances. Like the layered harmonies on the chorus for "Shara Song," the country rock tinged "Blue Sky Falls," which sounded like something more from Ryan Adams or Wilco than Jack Johnson. And "Favourite Lie," the number that fully embodies the album's understated intricacies - the slight chord changes near the beginning, the overall edgier rock vibe and the background use of electronics, which don't distract but add to the stratum of the song.

Morris also shines on the more reflective pieces, though it's too bad that only one cut, "Believe in Time," showcases his piano proficiency. That along with "Waiting For You," and "1:09," switch up the album's momentum a bit giving listeners a breather between the more upbeat numbers.

Music can serve as a snapshot of a specific time period, while good music can break free from the shackles of time, always connecting with new audiences and garnering repeated analysis years or even decades later after its initial release. It's been four years since the release of Original Songs On a Borrowed Guitar and I only discovered it last year. Morris' new CD is currently scheduled for possibly a summer 2014 release date. Let's hope it doesn't take till 2017 for this reviewer to discover that album.


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Rock Meets Classic Tour 2014 - 20 dates in 4 Weeks

Rock Meets Classi is one of the finest events of the year, the annual Rock Meets Classic event! Rock Meets Classic is 20 performances in 20 cities in only a 4 week time. Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be enjoying the sublime musical interaction of hardrock's and rock's finest, re-arranged and performed by a full blown classical orchestra together with the Mat Sinner Band.

Sinner himself is one of the driving forces behind the event in which he does not only take place fronting his band, he also is one of the arranging and creative masterminds behind the event, coming up with a magnificent line up, year after year. Luminaries such as Ian Gillan (twice) of Deep Purple, Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Queen), Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Steve Lukather (ToTo), Bobby Kimball (ToTo) shared the stage with Sinner's band and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague. Big names and settled names performing alongside lesser known but cherished idols like Robin Beck, Eric Bazilian (The Hooters), Steve Augeri (Journey, Tall Stories), Jimi Jamison (Survivor, Cobra) and many, many more. It is the blend of melodic rock / hardrock music with the pompous power of a classical orchestra that never seizes to amaze. A fine combination of power and classical perfection which sets ablaze giant arenas, raved upon by enthusiastic crowds.

Not only does this combination bring us an interaction and cross-over of styles, it also attracts lovers of music from both spectrums of the musical universe, uniting them for one night of wonderful grandeur. Here you'll find directors and CEO's of the biggest companies in Germany alongside hardrock fans, cheering and singing along in close harmony. It is here you'll also find kids, teenagers and adolescents together with their parents for a night out enjoying mom and dad's history in a unique cocktail that wins over the heart of any adolescent. Like it crosses over music, it also reaches out and finds its way into the heart of everyone. Rock Meets Classic is a wonderful as the annual Night Of The Proms which focusses on pop rather than rock, but RMC definitely proves that rock and classic are closer to one another than most might imagine.

This year's line-up is one that is even more exciting than ever before. Headlining this year's event will be none other than the master of shock rock, Mr. Alice Cooper himself!

Mr. Cooper celebrates his 50th anniversary as one of rock's most intriguing performers, taking the world by storm since 1964 with the Alice Cooper Band sprouting hit singles by the dozen, gathering gold and platinum records throughout the globe. "Under My Wheels", "Eighteen", "Welcome to my Nightmare" are just of few of his hammer hits, not to mention "How You gonna see Me now" or the elusive "Halo of Flies". Cooper's eccentric and captivating stage performances always ensured a large crowd and when he reclaimed his throne with "Poison" in 1989, a new horde of fans discovered the art and rock of Alice. Alice has been in the spotlights since his debut and will remain in the top ranks of rock forever....

Joining the master onstage will be the extremely gifted Orianthi on guitar; an extrovert and extremely talented guitar goddess discovered by none other than the king of pop Michael Jackson. Though collaborating on the preparation of the This Is It tour, the untimely death of Jackson caused a stir in her life. She amazed everyone with her performance at Michael's memorial, as well as she does on the This Is It documentary. Later she toured with Santana and Eric Clapton.

Speaking of skilled and gifted guitarists, we cannot surpass another legend joining this year's Rock Meets Classic line up. Mick Box of Uriah Heep will be performing his hits together with long serving vocalist Bernie Shaw!

Uriah Heep is one of the longest running bands in hardrock history, performing and touring worldwide since 1970. The English band is one of the most solid pilars in rock today best known for the magic they added to rock in general.

I'm very eager to find out how the lush and fine-tuned emotional playing of Box will line up with the pumped up string section. How bombastic will "Look at Yourself", "Return to Fantasy" or the hammer "Easy Livin" sound, or how enchanting will an orchestrated version of "July Morning" sound backed by strings and flutes.

Magic also brought in by one of rock's most acclaimed vocalists of all time; Joe Lynn Turner. Not only is the man known for his work as front man of Rainbow, brought in to fill the enormous gap left by the departure of Ronnie James Dio, JLT also stepped in when Gillan left Deep Purple (1990). After leading two of rock's most challenging bands ever, filling the open slot of two of the most radiant vocalists of all time; Turner joined Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force to create another timeless classic. Classics he has sprouted on his many solo records as well as the albums he recorded under the Sunstorm banner.

Joe Lynn Turner is one of the voices you have heard without knowing the man, but he is also one of the voices which have a ring to it making you never forget the moment you first heard it. What to expect is written in the stars, but JLT's performance is the one I will focus on the most because of the unpredictable chances.

Mat Sinner is as eccentric as he is creative and this year he pulled another stunt with the presentation of Ultravox' vocalist Midge Ure. Ure is the charismatic frontman wit hand even so charismatic voice. "Vienna" and "Dancing with Tears in your Eyes" are to be counted as some of the best songs from the eighties. The high-tech pop/rock he presented with Ultravox still attracts masses, proven by the bands sudden reunion a couple of years ago.

Ultravox being the most compelling of his bands, we certainly cannot forget the fact that Ure also was the driving force of another synthesizer pop act from the eighties; Visage. With Visage Migde Ure landed two top ten hits with "Fade to Grey" and "Mind of a Toy", before joining the ranks of Thin Lizzy touring the USA after Gary Moore's departure. Midge Ure later scored another solo hit with "If I Was" and was the frontrunner with Bob Geldof setting up the internationally acclaimed Band Aid single for Ethiopia, as well as the international Live Aid event.

Form that same era is Kim Wilde, the English pop queen who landed numerous hits in the 80's. "Bambodia", "Kids in America" and "Chequered Love" landed in the top ranks of the European charts for many weeks. Although she didn't achieve large success in the USA, Wilde managed to extend her reach further over the globe, from Australia to Japan. Even though her albums shot up the charts, her posters where on every teenager's bedroom wall, Wilde never benefitted too much from her success because she did not tour extensively.

Kim Wilde retired from music to start her own business as an exterior designer and gardening expert, releasing books and hosting a prime time television show for many years. She released several books prior to her return to the international stages as a performer in 2006.

2014's edition of the Rock Meets Classic will be an exciting and renewing event reaching out in more directions as well. With Alice Cooper and Uriah Heep we get presented two of rock's longest running acts, known for their unstoppable creativity and excellent performances. Joe Lynn Turner spices up the line up being able to dig from his extensive catalogue and impressive past collaborations, as where Midge Ure is likely to present hit solo hit and the Ultravox classics which will most certainly benefit from the pompous fuel the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague will add to the musical fire. Kim Wilde will do the same with her taunting hit single "Cambodia" but will also be one of the faces to look out for. Her energy will light the spark in the heart of us, who were teenagers in the 80's.... Guaranteed!

Story by Edwin van Hoof, 2014.

Rock Meets Classic Tour 2014 Dates:

March 9th – Berlin, Germany @ Tempodrom
March 11th – Frankfurt, Germany @ Jahrhunderthalle
March 12th – Neu-Ulm, Germany @ Ratiopharm Arena
March 13th – Nuremberg, Germany @ Arena Nurnberger Versicherung
March 14th – Wurzburg, Germany @ S. Oliver Arena
March 16th – Passau, Germany @ Dreilanderhalle
March 18th – Mannheim, Germany @ SAP Arena
March 19th – Kempten, Germany @ bigBOX Allgau
March 20th – Munich, Germany @ Olympiahalle
March 21st – Regensburg, Germany @ Donau-Arena
March 23rd – Zurich, Switzerland @ Hallenstadion
March 25th – Strassbourg, France @ Zenith
March 26th – Innsbruck, Austria @ Olympiahall
March 27th – Ingolstadt, Austria @ Saturn Arena
March 29th – Halle-Westfallen, Germany @ Gerry Weber Stadion
March 30th – Leipzig, Germany @ Arena Leipzig

April 1st – Hamburg, Germany @ o2 World Hamburg
April 2nd – Essen, Germany @ Grugahalle
April 4th – Stuttgart, Germany @ Porsche Arena
April 5th – Dresden, Germany @ Messe Dresden (Halle 1)

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EXODUS Promises to Bring True, Blistering Heavy Metal Rock on the Range 2014

Bay Area Thrash Legends EXODUS Announce Upcoming ROCK ON THE RANGE 2014 Performance

EXODUS Promises to Bring True, Blistering Heavy Metal to Columbus, OH on May 17, 2014

America’s premier rock festival, ROCK ON THE RANGE, will bring the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Kid Rock and many more to Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH on May 16, 17 & 18. To guarantee that festival-goers will experience true, blistering heavy metal during this monumental weekend, Bay Area thrash legends EXODUS are confirmed to bring on the brutality, Saturday, May 17th!

Gary Holt states, “EXODUS is super fired up to announce our participation in the year’s ROCK ON THE RANGE! It’s our honor to share the stage with so many amazing artists and we will do our best to see to it that shit hits the proverbial fan when we take the stage!”
Additional bands performing at ROCK ON THE RANGE are Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Staind, Motörhead, Seether, Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Mastodon, Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage and many more (the full line-up is below). Beyond the expanded musical offerings, this year's festival will include the return of ROTR Comedy Tent, featuring Jim Breuer, Jim Florentine and many up-and-coming comedians.

Weekend passes including Field GA, Stadium GA, hotel and VIP packages and a stadium 4-pack go on sale Friday, January 24 at 10:00 AM (ET). Additional details about the variety of ticketing, hotel and camping packages can be found at Visit the website, and for the most up-to-date information.

The full ROTR 2014 Line-Up:
Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Kid Rock, Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Staind, Motörhead, Seether, Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Mastodon, Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage, Bring Me The Horizon, Theory of a Deadman, Down, Black Stone Cherry, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, Pop Evil, Of Mice & Men, Adelitas Way, Trivium, Gojira, Suicidal Tendencies, The Pretty Reckless, We Came as Romans, Fuel, Redlight King, Miss May I, Reignwolf, Thousand Foot Krutch, Texas Hippie Coalition, Rev Theory, Skindred, Kyng, Fozzy, Heaven’s Basement, Butcher Babies, Nothing More, Exodus, King 810, Devour the Day, We As Human, We Are Harlot, Kvelertak, Jim Breuer Band, One OK Rock, Twelve Foot Ninja, Avatar, WERM, Monster Truck, Wilson, Crobot and Truckfighters with comedians Jim Breuer, Jim Florentine & more.

When it comes to thrash metal, Bay Area thrashers EXODUS epitomize, define, raise the bar and have the genre on lockdown. EXODUS is one of the true forefathers of thrash, hailing an illustrious career spanning 34 years. Their 1984 breakout debut, Bonded By Blood, is a stonewall genre classic featuring cranium-crunching standards such as '"A Lesson In Violence", "Strike Of The Beast" and more. Formed in 1980 with original members Kirk Hammett (guitar), Tim Agnello (guitar), Tom Hunting (drums), Carlton Melson (bass), the line-up has evolved through numerous changes before coming to their current status. EXODUS are: Gary Holt (guitar), Lee Altus (guitar), Tom Hunting (drums), Jack Gibson (bass), and Rob Dukes (vocals). To date, EXODUS has released ten studio albums, two live albums and one compilation, including their most recent release of 2010's Exhibit B: The Human Condition via Nuclear Blast Records. EXODUS has sold over 5 Million albums worldwide. EXODUS recently broke ground on their brand of blistering new material, set for tentative release later in 2014.

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