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Judas Priest Set To Rock North America



Due to the overwhelming success of Judas Priest's 17th studio effort overall, 'Redeemer of Souls' (which became the highest-charting album of their career, when it debuted on the Billboard 200 charts at #6), the band has announced a fall tour, which will hit the U.S. and Canada, from October 16th through November 12th. Supporting Priest on the U.S. dates and the Halifax engagement will be one of modern metal's top bands, Mastodon.

'Redeemer of Souls' also went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the band's career, with Rolling Stone stating, "Above all, 'Redeemer' is proof that Priest can still call themselves metal's defenders of the faith," while Revolver Magazine offered further praise, "Thus rejuvenated and recharged, the Metal Gods have delivered their strongest record in over a decade."

Comprised of Rob Halford (vocals), Glenn Tipton (guitar), Richie Faulkner (guitar), Ian Hill (bass), and Scott Travis (drums), Judas Priest is responsible for some of heavy metal's all-time classic anthems ("Living After Midnight," "Breaking the Law," "You've Got Another Thing Coming," etc.) and albums ('British Steel,' 'Screaming for Vengeance,' 'Painkiller,' etc.).

Ever since the release of 'Redeemer of Souls,' Judas Priest has been taking their music all over the world. And they are not finished yet, with the announcement of these new dates!


October 16th, 2015      Paso Robles, CA    Vina Robles Amp
October 17th, 2015      Las Vegas, NV        The Pearl                   
October 20th, 2015      San Francisco, CA  The Warfield Theatre
October 21st, 2015      San Jose, CA           City National Civic               
October 23rd, 2015      Fresno, CA              William Saroyan Theater          
October 24th, 2015      San Bernardino, CA  Knotfest                   
October 27th, 2015      Vancouver, BC         Hard Rock Casino              
October 28th, 2015      Vancouver, BC         Hard Rock Casino              
October 31st, 2015       Regina, SK              Brandt Center                   
November 1st, 2015     Winnipeg, MN          MTS Center                   
November 3rd, 2015     Peoria, IL                 Civic Center                   
November 6th, 2015     Huntington, NY      Paramount Theater              
November 7th, 2015     Newark, NJ              Prudential Center              
November 10th, 2015    Halifax, NS             Scotiabank Center           
November 12th, 2015    Toronto, ON           Air Canada Center

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Samantha Crain's Provocative "Killer" Video Premieres on Diffuser.fm

LOS ANGELES, CA - Friday, July 24, 2015 -- "Killer," the new video from singer-songwriter Samantha Crain, presents a narrative on the police brutality that is directed at people of color, and through it, the viewer is challenged to speak up in opposition to the injustice and inequality that has been long unacknowledged, but now validated by cell phone videos and social media.

Diffuser.fm is premiering the video and it can be seen here.

Directed by Houston-based filmmakers Weston Getto Allen and Dorian Electra, the "Killer" video was inspired by Michael Brown, who was brutally gunned down on a Ferguson, MO street by police officer Darren Wilson, Freddie Gray's "rough ride" in a Baltimore police van that led to his traumatic death, and John Crawford, shot by police in an Ohio Walmart while facing away from the officers, on his cell phone, holding a toy BB gun he had picked up off a store shelf.

According to Allen and Electra, "'Killer' tells the story of Evan, an African American boy
who dreams of becoming a police officer in order to better his community, but who is killed by the police because of the color of his skin."  The video stars Evan Horsley and was filmed in Houston's Third Ward and at the historic African American Olivewood Cemetery in Houston.  Dating back to the 1870s, it was the first African American burial ground within Houston's city limits, and was established on land that was formerly a graveyard for slaves.
Crain wrote the song "Killer" for her upcoming album, the bold and fearless Under Branch & Thorn & Tree (July 17, Ramseur Records).  While the song addresses the more general oppression and widening gap between classes, sexes, races and creeds, Crain was completely on board when she heard Allen and Electra's video concept.  "I'm glad about the direction Weston and Dorian took the video in," said Crain.  "This is an issue that is very important to me and very relevant to our times.  I feel that both the song and the video are calls for people to not take the media and their leaders at their word, but to seek the reality of situations for themselves."

While Crain refers to Under Branch & Thorn & Tree as her "underdog" album, it is a protest album, plain and simple.  It focuses on every-day, small town life and the challenges of the working class who have lost their voice in today's "one-percenter" society.

"The oligarchy we live under today is not the republic we were promised and it is important to see that and to take action," said Crain.  "I'm not trying to win arguments, I just want to get people involved in the conversation."
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PHASES Announce Debut Album, 'For Life,' Out 9/18 + 2015 Tour Dates



July 24, Burbank, CA - Electro-pop group PHASES, consisting of Z Berg (The Like), Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), and songwriter Michael Runion, have announced the release of their debut album, For Life, coming out September 18th on Warner Bros. Records.  After making their New York debut this past week, the band will embark on a west coast tour in August, and have announced fall dates supporting LIGHTS and The Mowgli's. [Dates below.]

PHASES' single, "I'm In Love With My Life" is one of Buzzfeed's 'Pop Songs You Can't Miss This Summer,' NYLON call it "your new morning mantra," and Flavorwire said it was one of the '5 Best Things We Heard This Week.' Watch Jessica Alba sing the song in her new video for The Honest Company, catch it on Hulu's new summer spot, and listen to remixes of the track from Big Data, Joywave, JR JR, Big Black Delta and Mystery Skulls HERE.

For Life Tracklisting

1. Silhouette
4. Spark
5. Cooler 
6. Vertigo
7. Part Of Me
8. Running Away
9. New Illusion
10. I Don't Know What's Right
11. Lonely Nights
12. Take Me There 

Having known each other as friends and contemporaries for over a decade, the members of PHASES began playing together under the name (and acronym) JJAMZ many years ago, getting together to write and record whenever they were home from touring with their other bands.  They put out the record, Suicide Pact, in 2012, and after several years of touring and promoting, found themselves in an uncertain state, both musically and personally.  Berg had one foot out the door, with an eye to move out of Los Angeles and start anew, but the rest of the boys carried on writing songs and recording, spurred on by the newly cultivated recording capabilities of Alex Greenwald, who, having sequestered himself in his Laurel Canyon home, had become something of a lo-fi modern recording wizard. 

Having spawned what seemed to Berg and co. like a deeply inspiring and unique sound, the four friends followed the music where it took them. Thinking not of where it would go, who would hear it, or what would be done with it, they wrote a record that they loved purely and totally.  The result is a record permeated by a sense of joy and levity, previously thought unimaginable by its creators. Like all the records they admire, there is a healthy dose of weight and pain also intertwined, but the fun, friendship, and danceability of the sum of their parts, makes "PHASES For Life" what it is: the record to remind you that no matter how hard it gets, LIFE IS AMAZING!


7/31 San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
8/1 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
8/2 Seattle, WA - Barboza
8/7 Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
8/8 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
8/9 Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep
8/11 Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock Live
11/4 Austin, TX - Emo's w/ LIGHTS
11/6 New Orleans, LA - Republic w/ LIGHTS
11/8 Houston, TX - Warehouse w/ LIGHTS
11/10 Pensacola, FL - Vinyl Music Hall
11/11 Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues w/ LIGHTS
11/12 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade w/ LIGHTS
11/13 Nashville, TN - Cannery Ballroom w/ LIGHTS
11/14 Newport, KY - Thompson House w/ LIGHTS
11/15 Louisville, KY - Mercury Ballroom w/ LIGHTS
11/18 New York, NY - Irving Plaza w/ LIGHTS
11/20 Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts w/ LIGHTS
11/21 Boston, MA - Paradise w/ LIGHTS
For more info, visit:

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Someone you should know- My email interview with Megan Chase

Megan has loved music all her life and began singing at a very young age. When she was younger, she often performed at her grandparent Salvation Army Church. Her parents have photos and videos of her singing for the church services when she was only 3 years old. From that point on, just about everyone in Megan's family knew that she would want to be involved in the music industry. Megan began posting YouTube videos in 2011. She began developing a small fan base who called themselves Chasers. With time her fan base continued to grow and she now has over 21,000 views on YouTube.

Currently, Megan is recording her very first EP which will be released in August of this year. She has become a student ambassador for Defeat The Label, which is an organization that is aimed to put an end to bullying. She absolutely loves working with Defeat The Label and enjoys sharing how we can put an end to bullying in our schools.

She will be performing at The VITY Tour ATL on June 21st and The Middletown, DE Peach Festival on August 16th at 11:45 a.m. More show date and details will be announced as she's added to the line ups. 

I discover her on youtube.  And I know she needed to get her message out. So I did a emailed interview with her around June 1, 2015.

How was the band first formed?
    I began singing at a very young age. My grandparents worked for the Salvation Army as ministers so when I went to visit, I would sing for the church services. That's where I found my love for music and have been pursuing it ever since.

What type of music would you say you perform?
    I perform a mix of Pop and R&B.

I only hear you do covers.  Are you doing any original music?
    I'm currently working on a debut album, so originals will be coming out soon.

How looking for a label coming?
    I'm currently signed to Turtle Studios.

I know you are starting up but has your music change over the years?
    I would say that my music has matured and found which genre sounds best with my voice.

What is the Genre of your music?
    My music is mostly Pop and R&B with a little bit of an acoustic feel.

What is your feeling abou Vinyl?
    Vinyl is awesome! My favorite vinyl album is Revolver by The Beatles.

What are some of the some of the bands which Influences your band?
    Some bands/artists that influence me are Tori Kelly, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©, Maroon 5, and Paramore.

Where does you music come from?
     My music comes from experiences I've had and different feelings I've felt. Inspiration can be found everywhere.

Who have opened up for you?
    I haven't really had anyone open up for me. I've been on line ups that have had a lot of people on them, I just haven't headlined. A couple of people I have performed with though are Jaron Hamil, Tyler Layne, and Camryn Wilson.

Who would you like to open up for you?
    I would love to do a show with Cody Simpson. He has a very cool new vibe going with his music and it would be awesome to work with him.

What instruments do us on tour vs. the ones you record with in the studio?
    I have been using a Fender acoustic-electric guitar on tour along with backing tracks that my studio has made for me. My production team and I have use a couple different guitars, pianos, and drum sets at the studio. I'm not completely sure what makes and models they are though. However, I definitely love how warm and full sounding they are, the instruments are a lot of fun!

If you could have any instrument what would it be?
    I would love an Ibanez AS153AYS semi-hollow electric guitar. It's a beautiful guitar that produces an awesome sound.

What is the biggest crowd you have play for?
    I've performed for just over 200 people.

What direction do you see your music heading in the next 2 years and your long term goals of your music?
    I would love for my music to continue to grow in the next two years. I would love for it to reach as many as possible. The ultimate goal is to provide everyone with good originals that make them feel good about themselves and have something to relate to.
What fest would you like to play?
Who would you like to open up for?
    I would love to play at Digi Fest, Brave Fest, or on the Pop Nation Tour.

Who would you like to be a support artist for?
    I would absolutely love to open for Tori Kelly or Meghan Trainor.

What artist would you like to play with and why?
    It would be awesome to be a support artist to Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith.

Are you BMI or ASCAP?
    I'm currently with ASCAP.

What did you want your fans to take from the videos?
     I would love for them to be inspired to try and achieve their dreams and goals.

What bands did you grow up with?
    I grew up listening to bands like The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees and more.

What is on you ipod right now?
     I recently downloaded Hotel Ceiling by Rixton, Tori Kelly's EP Handmade Songs, and have had Multiply by Ed Sheeran on a constant repeat.

If you could pick any cartoon character who would it be and why?
    Scooby-Doo, hands down! Who doesn't love a talking dog who solves mysteries!

What music do you listens to relax?
     I usually put on some music by Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith to relax.

Thank you for you interview

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Kelly Clarkson Knows How To Take Darien Lake To a Whole New Level!‏

                            Kelly Clarkson Knows How To Take Darien Lake To a Whole New Level!‏
                                                             By  Shelbie Gallagher

Kelly Clarkson returns to Darien Lake in New York State, on July 21 at 7pm. Her special guest performers were Pentatonix (an American a cappella group consisting of five vocalists originating from Arlington, Texas.  Pentatonix formed in 2011 and in the same year they won the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” which earned them $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music). After watching them performed,  I could see why they won the show.

Kelly was also, so impressed by them, that she even did a performance to "Heartbeat song" together with them that was unbelievably breath taking.  If you were there on Tuesday night you would see just how much she still remains striving for more. The graphic effects were amazing and matched up perfectly to the songs. She did a break-up mash to "Since You Be Gone" that made you just want to hop out your seat and start dancing. She also introduced us to a new heartfelt song "Invincible" that is going to take over the pop industry like a storm. 

For a recently married and early into motherhood I can sure say this mama never stopped!  Another surprise was, during the "open mic" slot, Kelly gave one lucky YouTube winner a chance to perform a song of their choice, the ferocious Jamie Grace.  She did a cover to Taylor Swift's "Trouble" on an acoustic guitar. She did such an amazing job that if someone doesn't sign that girl soon their crazy! And missing out! Kelly did amazing job on switching up and transitioning the songs.

Her greatest hits in my opinion were, "Catching My Breath", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", " Breakaway", "Because of You", and "My life Would Suck without You".  Even though this she may have took some time clearly, she never slowed down! Keep it coming Kelly!








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Lights To Tour With Lindsey Stirling This August



"'Up We Go' is perhaps [Lights'] biggest banger to date - sparkling, anthemic, amped up

synth-pop." - Noisey

Canada's acclaimed pop multi-instrumentalist Lights will be joining Lindsey Stirling for a string of tour dates beginning August 10th in San Diego and will follow that with a performance at Billboard's Hot 100 Music Festival in Wantagh, NY at Jones Beach Theater.

Lights won the 2015 Juno award for 'Best Pop Album Of The Year' for her third and highest selling album to date, Little Machines, which includes hits like the "magnetic track" 'Running With The Boys'  and 'Same Sea.' Go behind the scenes from the 'Same Sea' video here. Recently, she was on a sold out headlining tour across Europe and the US in support of the album, opened for OneRepublic on their Canadian tour, and performed at Coachella in April.

Little Machines was produced and engineered by Drew Pearson, with key songs/singles mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent (Madonna, U2, Beyonce), and was recorded in both Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC. The anthemic track, 'Up We Go,' was described as her "biggest banger to date" by Noisey and Refinery29 named 'Portal' "the wanderlust song of the summer.

Lights Summer/Fall 2015 US Tour Dates

 8/8 Brighton, CO - Adams County Fairgrounds
8/10 San Diego, CA - San Diego Civic Theatre w/ Lindsey Stirling
8/12 Tucson, AZ - Tucson Music Hall w/ Lindsey Stirling
8/13 Phoenix, AZ - Comerica Theatre w/ Lindsey Stirling
8/15 Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara County Bowl w/Lindsey Stirling
8/17 Los Angeles, CA - The Greek Theatre w/ Lindsey Stirling
8/18 Las Vegas, NV - Vinyl
8/22 Wantagh, NY - Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival
9/6 Columbus, OH - Fashion Meets Music Festival
9/26 Pittsburgh, PA - Thrival Festival
11/7 Dallas, TX - Untapped Festival

For more information, please visit:

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DIVIDES (FFO PVRIS) - New Album, New Video ft. Chris James of Defeat The Low

 DIVIDES Release "Echoes Fade" ft Defeat The Low's Chris James




(July, 15, 2015 - Portland, OR) - Chris James from the Rise Records band Defeat The Low has joined the Portland quintet DIVIDES on their new single "Echoes Fade". The song, which premiered with Blunt Magazine, is off the band's upcoming debut album Brokentooth.
" The lyrics for this song were written in pieces since we moved down from Alaska," says bassist Joe Jackson. "Transitions anywhere can be hard, but the worst part is being away from the people you love. These lyrics in particular were really therapeutic for me to write, I'm reminded of that every time we play it. I wanted it to be less about the tragedy of absence and loss, and more so about not letting yourself get trapped in the past and the memories that hold you there. Having our friend Chris add vocals to the song really helped convey that message."
Brokentooth will be released independently on 8/11. Vocalist CJ Marie spoke about the process of creating the album. "In August 2013, DIVIDES moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Portland, Oregon. We didn't have jobs, or really a place to live, let alone any contacts in the music scene down here. Brokentooth was written during this process and after our relocation. It reflects the torment and elation that we've experienced over the past two years. It's really difficult to leave your families and friends and comfort zone to pursue a dream that you've had your entire life, but it's also really fucking rewarding. Musically, the album is so schizophrenic because it reflects the tumult of our lives, and the tremendous increase in our collective influences. This album marks the first recording that our new guitarist Paul Anderson contributed to and his addition really affected the way we think about music. We sort of challenged ourselves to push the limits on what we consider 'our sound'."
 Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat Jul 18th – The Viking Bar, Spokane, WA
Wed Jul 29th – The Analog Cafe, Portland, OR
Wed Aug 5th – The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 6th – The Town, Tacoma, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 7th – Vans Warped Tour @ Portland Expo Center, Portland, OR
Sat Aug 8th – McCoy’s Tavern, Olympia, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 13th – The Ash Street, Portland, OR (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 14th – The Fun House, Seattle, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull

Connect with DIVIDES:

DIVIDES are a passionate group of young musicians who believe in the power music has to connect people. With a strong work ethic and a desire to take their music far beyond their hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, the quartet moved to Portland, Oregon shortly before the release of their debut EP Departures. DIVIDES' ability to seamlessly transition between crushing verses and catchy choruses has allowed them to share the stage with bands of all genres, and vocalist CJ Brunke's passionate stage presence demands the immediate attention of anyone watching.

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Balthazar Announce New Album "Thin Walls"

Balthazar Announce New Album "Thin Walls", Out September 25th On Play It Again Sam
Balthazar are pleased to announce details of their new album Thin Walls, out September 25th on Play It Again Sam

Belgian quintet Balthazar traversed the world touring their 2012 album Rats and clocked up the sort of hard road mileage that can make or break a band but Balthazar's two songwriters, Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez, emerged emboldened. As Jinte explains, "we know each other's darkest secrets now. We grew together. You live together as each other's brother and sister. We discovered we really like each other." Lives lived in each other's pockets has left its mark on Thin Walls, the stunning new album from the five-piece who are completed by Patricia Vanneste, Simon Casier and Michiel Balcaen. "Thin Walls is all about touring and never having any privacy," says Jinte. The songs were written in a hazy hyperactive state between shows. Balthazar's previous two albums, 2010's Applause and the calculated, searing alt-rock of 2012's Rats, were created in a slow, considered manner back home.

The result is the band's most instinctive and quietly feral record yet. It is, says Jinte, a product of the surroundings in which it was made, "less intimate" and all the better for it. If their first two albums came from the head, this one is straight from the gut. As well as the title being a nod to the prying eyes of the modern age, it's also a literal description of how many of these songs were born: Jinte and Maarten had rented rooms in an old monastery next door to each other and the thin walls between the rooms meant they could hear every idea the other was working on.

After self-producing Applause and Rats, this time the band travelled to the UK to work with Blur, Depeche Mode and Elbow producer Ben Hillier and Jason Cox (Gorillaz, Massive Attack) at Yellow Fish Studios in Lewes.  The resultant record is a career-best: a grizzly indie-rock album full of nocturnal grooves and mesmeric melodies. Jinte and Maarten's lyrical themes always seem to land on the same page and these are songs of anxiety and hope and love and fear. Usually it's a girl causing any or all of those emotions. "I'll always write about girls," says Maarten. "That's the thing that gets me writing." "I like getting older cos it's getting a bit clearer that nobody knows anything," says Jinte. The devil is in the detail: it is an album of simple things. "Nobody's lives are a Greek drama," says Jinte. "It's never about the big stuff, it's always the small stuff."

The album opens with the filmic glide of 'Decency', a track about "being in a band" and one that sets the eerie, captivating tone of the whole record. These are songs that dare you to scratch beneath the surface: 'Then What' is a joyously ragged rocker about being so desperately in love that you realize your happiness depends on someone else ("which isn't a nice feeling," says Maarten), the fuzzy glam stomp of 'Nightclub' explores the poetic, bohemian beauty of being drunk and trying to impress girls and the melancholic croon of 'Dirty Love' is about the inevitable doom of falling in love on tour. Themes interlock and weave in and out of each other: the soulful, solemn 'Bunker' is about a girl who's moved away, the woozy 'Wait Any Longer' is about moving town yourself. The subjects of doubt and love are returned to in 'Last Call, I Looked For You' and 'So Easy', whilst the orchestral blast of final song 'True Love' is a suitably bittersweet sign-off. "It's a tribute to the superficiality of lust, i love how it can screw things up" says Maarten. "I guess that's a running theme."

Thin Walls is a beguiling snapshot of life in your mid-twenties, an album that puts Balthazar on the cusp of a big breakthrough. There is a slow burning beauty to their songs. These stirring vignettes will take the five-piece to bold new places.
Thin Walls Track Listing
1.     Decency
2.     Then What
3.     Nightclub
4.     Bunker
5.     Wait Any Longer
6.     Dirty Love
7.     Last Call
8.     I Looked For You
9.     So Easy
10. True Love

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Atreyu Release "Long Live" Video + Much More





(New York, N.Y.): Approximately a year ago, Atreyu, one of the most pivotal and definitive bands of the American hard rock and heavy metal scene that dominated the '00s, emerged from a period of self-imposed dormancy. The band played both festivals and sold out headline shows, released a new song that earned instant social media trending status, and commenced writing a new album, to the delight of fans.

The band is gearing up to unleash Long Live on September 18 via Spinefarm/Search + Destroy and there is a swell of activity surrounding the album release.

The band has revealed the full track listing for the album, along with the cover art.

Pre-orders for Long Live include a variety of lifestyle items, many of which reflect the interests of the band members themselves. These items include a bike, a surfboard, a skate deck, a Dan Jacobs guitar, a studio-used drumhead, canvas prints, and muay thai gloves.

Fans can pre-order the record here.

Additionally, the video for the title track, which was directed by band bassist Porter McKnight, premiered today, July 17. You can watch it here.

Drummer Brandon Saller said, "This is my favorite video we've ever created. We were fortunate to have our own Porter McKnight at the helm with the art direction and video. We wanted to make the pre-order options interesting and have items for the true collector. Grab your pre-order and get the title track instantly. Then, I recommend going to your car, cranking it up and driving fast while screaming your f**ing head off."

"I'm so pumped to show this video to the world," said guitarist Dan Jacobs. "We've worked very hard on this record and video, especially our own Porter McKnight, who directed it, so words can't express how excited we are to share it with everyone. It's by far the most epic video we have ever made and the face-melting level is on 11. Warning: Uncontrollable head banging will occur."

"'Long Live' is by far my favorite Atreyu video, which is fitting because our new record, titled Long Live, is the strongest Atreyu record to date," said frontman Alex Varkatzas.

McKnight weighed in on pulling double duty as director for the video, stating, "Writing/directing the music video for 'Long Live' has easily been one of the most exhilarating and fruitful artistic endeavors I've been a part of. This was my first attempt at either role and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure. The album Long Live (and the title track!) is without a doubt the best music we've ever written and I can't wait to share it with everyone."

McKnight has provided the art direction for the entire project, from album artwork to promo photos, making the project truly of the band and by the band. "To be at the helm of a project that holds so much love and joy for provides an indescribable sense of excitement and pleasure," McKnight said. "It is truly a fantastic experience and an honor unlike any I've ever known.


Long Live
Live to Labor
I Would Kill/Lie/Die (For You)
Cut Off the Head
A Bitter Broken Memory
Do You Know Who You Are
Revival (interlude)
Heartbeats and Flatlines
Brass Balls
Moments Before Dawn
Start to Break


9/18 | Pomona, Calif. | The Glasshouse
9/19 | Sacramento, Calif. | Ace of Spades
9/20 | Los Angeles, Calif. | Troubadour
10/2 | Detroit, Mich. | Crofoot Ballroom
10/3 | Louisville, Ky. | Louder Than Life Festival*
10/5 | Toronto, ON | Opera House
10/6 |Montreal, QC | Corona Theater
10/7 | New York, N.Y. | Irving Plaza
10/9 | Boston, Mass. | Paradise Rock Club
10/10 | Philadelphia, Pa. | Rockhouse Philly Fest*
10/11 |Baltimore, Md. |Baltimore Sound Stage
10/12 Norfolk, VA   The Norva
 *Festival Appearance

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