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Studio: Grindhouse Releasing
Theatrical Release: June 19, 1985
Blu Ray Release: July 1, 2014
Director: Ruggero Deodato
Not Rated
Review by James Klein

Ok gore fans, this one is for you. Considered to be one of the most controversial films ever made, a film that the director himself was arrested and tried for obscenity and blamed for the murder of his own actors (all untrue) Cannibal Holocaust still remains to this day one of the most disturbing horror films ever made. Before The Blair Witch Project broke the way in starting a new sub-genre of “found footage” films, Cannibal Holocaust may have been one, if not the first to do so. However, it is still the most effective.

Professor Harold Monroe (Robert Kerman, best known for being in the original Debbie Does Dallas) is a New York University professor who is asked to travel to the Amazon jungle in search of four missing college students who were shooting a documentary on the Amazon jungles and it’s tribes. What the professor soon finds out is that these kids stumbled upon a dangerous cannibal tribe where they ultimately met their demise.

As the professor and his guide try and blend in with the tribe at the risk of being murdered and eaten, they come across the remains of the students but thankfully their film footage is still intact. When the professor gets back to NY, he screens the footage with several of the university staff but what they soon witness is more shocking and repulsive than what they had expected.

Cannibal Holocaust then switches focus to the four missing students: director Alan Yates (Carl Gabriel Yorke) his girlfriend Faye (Francesca Ciardi) cameramen Jack (Perry Pirkanen) and Mark (Luca Barbareschi). The four students seem to be a bunch of carefree kids looking to make a meaningful documentary but like a flick of a switch their attitude and personalities change. They start to kill animals, destroy villages, rape tribeswomen, and ultimately kill. That is until the tribes people fight back and enact the most gruesome and savage revenge.

While the second half of the film has the most shocking and disturbing sequences, my biggest complaint in the movie is the motivation behind these amateur film makers. If these students are documentary film makers, what is it that makes them suddenly become so vile and evil? It seems too out of character, too sudden, too bizarre. This may be my biggest complaint of the film. I just don’t buy it (however, maybe my favorite moment is when Alan Yates is smiling while looking at a dead woman impaled on a giant spear with Jack hollering at him that the camera is on, forcing Alan to suddenly frown in disgust). If the film took some time in building some sort of character back story, I could have bought it more. I would have enjoyed seeing these students become sociopaths or show some resemblance of being off their rocker right from the start.

Cannibal Holocaust may be filled with graphic violence, rape, full frontal male and female nudity, and drug use but what caused the film to be so controversial is the real on screen deaths of several animals. There is no question about it, it’s very difficult to watch some of these moments when these animals are butchered on screen. To this day, Deodato regrets these moments (several key cast members were ready to walk if another animal was harmed, Yorke himself thought he was in a snuff film and feared for his life) and while the animals were used as food by the crew or the actual villagers used in the film, it is still nonetheless distasteful. Grindhouse Releasing even went so far as to provide an option of viewing an alternate cut of the film, which has excised all footage of the animal deaths.

Speaking of the Grindhouse blu ray, this 3 disc set is one fans will be drooling over but don’t sell or toss out your old DVD just yet. There are a few special features on the older Grindhouse DVD that have not be ported over to the blu ray. The Making of Cannibal Holocaust is unfortunately missing, a huge loss to fans who may not have picked up the older DVD. I happened to be a big fan of this documentary as it showed rare behind the scenes footage on the making of the film. And what happened to the music video directed by Jim Van Bebber (The Manson Family)? That too is gone. But what is on this new blu ray are several interviews with cast and crew as well as a new audio commentary track by Carl Gabriel Yorke and Francesca Ciardi that I found just as entertaining as watching the film. My favorite moments are when the two are at odds at what happened on set and when Yorke starts to get upset over the actual on screen deaths. Both actors are still amazed at how this film is actually loved by people. It was nice seeing the Cinema Wasteland Cannibal Holocaust / Deodato panel that took place in Cleveland as that was an event yours truly was at. It was also the last public appearance by the late, great David Hess who worked with Deodato on House on the Edge of the Park and Body Count. But the biggest addition to the blu ray is the third disc, a CD of the entire soundtrack by Riz Ortolani. The music is both beautiful and haunting. Oh and how about the new upgraded picture? Perfect. The film doesn’t look like it has a yellow-ish filter anymore. There is now an option to listen to the film in either stereo or mono which is a great addition. alan yates

Although beautiful shot with a masterful score, Cannibal Holocaust is still a savage, brutal, unapologetic shocker that still packs a punch after 35 years. There is no question that Deodato is at the top of his game here and while I am proud to own this in my collection, it is not a film that I can recommend to semi-timid film fans who have not yet witnessed this gruesome gem.

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Join Dan Aykroyd in Boston to Honor the Veterans of WWII on July 24

Hollywood Icon Dan Aykroyd Asks You to Join Him in Boston on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 for an Incredible Evening to Honor the Veterans and Survivors of World War II

Click Here to learn more about this non-profit event to benefit the 501(c)(3) World War II Foundation.


Cool down this summer with Matt Turk's October album release Cold Revival produced by filmmaker David Dobkin

Cool Down Your Summer With Ny Indie Folk Rocker Matt Turk’s October Release Cold Revival Produced By Filmmaker David Dobkin

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY-based musician Matt Turk is a seasoned recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, eternal idealist and compassionate peace loving realist who has been called "…an artist to be reckoned with” by web music authority All Music Guide. He is a veteran performer who has engaged audiences around the world, both as a rocking bandleader and an acoustic folk troubadour.

Matt has shared the stage with Pete Seeger and opened for Judy Collins, The Doobie Brothers, Fiona Apple, The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and more.

Matt’s new collection Cold Revival is scheduled for an October 7, 2014 release. Musicians on the album include notables Russ Irwin (Sting, Aerosmith), Chris Joyner (Jason Mraz, Ray La Montagne, Sheryl Crow) and Dean Butterworth (Good Charlotte, Ben Harper). Matt sings, plays acoustic guitar, mandolin and lap steel guitar. Cold Revival was produced by David Dobkin, a filmmaker who is known for directing “Wedding Crashers” and who has a forthcoming October film called “The Judge” starring Robert Downey Jr.

The musician’s warm and folksy baritone lends itself perfectly to the excellent and diverse arrangements on the album. Opening track “Cracked Egg” draws the listener in immediately with its catchy and unique mandolin riffs. A few of the songs featured on Cold Revival are adaptations which were brought to Matt’s attention by his teacher Barry Mitterhoff who is in Hot Tuna. “Midnight on the Water" is a shortened version of the Luke Thomasson classic, an American gem. This solo mandolin track closes with a classic New Orleans King Creole type riff while "Battle Song" is adapted from the instrumental "Tunturisatu” where the sweet vocals provide an engaging contrast to the twisted lyric "I used to dream about you, now I just want to kill you." The title track finds its center around a rhythmic mandolin, an excellent cello/dobro solo as well as a lyrical nod to our age, "Caught between the crossfire of extremists, there's no middle anymore."

Matt’s active touring schedule can be viewed at

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FM - Futurama (2014) CD Review

FM - Futurama (2014)

Riff City Records / Universal Music | April 8, 2014
CD Review by Edwin van Hoof

FM is one of melodic rock's finest outfits. The band has been labelled Europe's answer to Journey in the past, and lives up to that status in the present and future… After an absence from 1995 - 2007, the band suddenly reported back with the outstanding "Metropolis." Since their reunion, FM has reclaimed their number 1 position as European frontrunner in melodic rock and AOR, underlining it with gold by their "Rockville" duo release last year. Two jaw dropping CD's packed with some of the best melodic rock tracks I heard in years; instant classics!

Spawning from that creative flow, FM releases this brand new EP, running over 45 minutes, displaying the band at their very best: onstage and off stage.

"Futurama" starts of this 50+ minutes EP (!), and it's exactly what fans and melodic rock addicts are waiting for. Catchy melodic rock with an edge, driven and passionate. It instantly warps you back to the bands acclaimed release "Tough it Out," a classic in the genre. The title track is a short intro tune, leading us in the magnificent "Cold Hearted," a hammer with little hints of blues. Overland's warm and hoarse voice combine just excellent with the wall of sound FM unfolds. Slick, yet powerful, delivered with passion and drive. The song drives forward slowly alongside a blunt and powerful riff, has an immense hook line instantly nesting in your head. Jupp's drumming is solid and powerful, well lined up with the pumping bass of Goldsworthy. A solid foundation which boosted by the interactive keyboard playing of Jem Davis coloring the overall sounds. Over all this slick melodic finesse, Kirkpatrick's immaculate guitar shreds and soloing is simply astonishing. Clean soloing and loud riffs, sometimes gritty, at the next moment very heartfelt and slick. Trademark melodic FM rock!

"Bad that's Good in You" is another pearl to the crown of melodic rock. Slick melodies and an awesome bridge towering up towards and ear mingling chorus. It bears all the typical ingredients from the band's elusive past and will be one of those live highlights. Sugar-coated without missing the indescribable punch FM has adopted as their own.

"Preying on my Mind" is the third new song on this remarkable EP. An ear mingling and drop dead gorgeous rock ballad with a tender and warm setting; camp fire material.

It lingers on heartfelt and emotional, with close harmony vocals reminiscent to gospel. The acoustic guitar solo mid-section is perfectly matching the warm mood, and lush atmosphere provided by Davis' Hammond organ. Overland proves once again to be one of melodic rock's very best vocalists around as he takes this song to an ultimate high.

"Futurama" is furthermore packed with what this band does best--perform live…, With timeless masterpieces such as "Tough Love," and the two "Aphrodisiac" classic, "Closer to Heaven," and "Breathe Fire." The old songs go hand-in-hand with amazing new tracks, such as the wonderful "Story of my Life" and the immaculate "Crosstown Train." In addition, 6 Live tracks, displaying the band's excellent and exciting performing skills, and making it a must buy. Excellent value for your money.

Last track on this excellent CD is an extended version of "Cold Hearted," even better than the regular version!

FM clings to what they do best, rock out in the best MEGA melodic tradition!

This new ‘album' is a great addition to the collection and must have for fans. Check out this English outfit if you're into melodic rock and AOR at, and order this excellent CD. It is excellent value for the money, and I promise you; this is your new favorite band!


IQ - The Road of Bones (2014)

IQ - The Road of Bones (2014)

Giant Electric Pea Music | May 20, 2014
CD Review by Edwin van Hoof

IQ is one of neo-classical progs most highly respected bands. Looking back on their impressive 33 year long spanning career, the band has peaked many times and every album is considered a statement. The bands lush and compelling music attracts fanatics from all over the globe, keenly awaiting a new album.

"The Road To Bones" is the band's 11th studio effort bearing all the trademark ingredients of a classic. It lingers on in silence, colours the musical spectre while rolling onwards. IQ's signature sound is deeply embedded in the tracks, which bloom in musical perfection. Extremely well crafted songs, structured in numerous layers, keenly arranged with an ear mingling and bedazzling melody and hook line. Even though the songs are all slowly enrolling their beauty, they all grip you on the spot. Like no other band, IQ manages to unveil musical variety in dense progressive songs and multi layered settings, within a soothing and accessible outline.

In between the musical perfection, there's silence....

Keyboard and bass interaction by the duo Durant/Esau like you've never experienced before, Cook's drum patterns deeply rooted in jazz rock and old school prog rock in combination with amazing guitar work. Mike Holmes outlines the songs with his wide varied skills, switching acoustic to electric and occasionally throwing in a curb ball with loads of distortion. Over all this musical perfection it's the haunting and bewitching vocals of Peter Nicholls, who always manage to pull in your attention and keeping you up to speed. His warm voice always provides the comfort to return home. But it's the turmoil underneath its thick skin that makes this an outstanding endeavor.

A song in the likes of "Without Walls" (19:15) unveils its beauty halfway thru when it suddenly seems to implode with classical Yes elements and key/guitar outbursts in the most progressive way. The Hammond organ towers up scales with guitars bursting into action. The riff is taunting and drums scatter the sudden musical inferno. The eclectic overhaul is extraordinary and the harsh return to the songs melody line is unexpected as it is surreal, making it one of the best tracks I've heard in years. In the midst of all this shape shifting genius it is always Nicholls remarkable and captivating voice that puts you back on track. He guards the emotional and melancholic balance in the band, almost as the comfort and warmth of a mothers' voice. Comfort also to be found at the end of this story: Check minute 17:00, when the thriving melody is boosted by a classical arrangement, much like choir chanting. An arrangement paving the way for a guitar solo, crisp and clean, steering the song home.

It's those captivating moments, which make this album such a wonderful experience. IQ managed to deliver the classical progressive rock from the old days, but still keep it all sounding fresh. "From the Outside In" and the title track feature all those key ingredients, gripping back to the band's own catalogue occasionally. Lyrics sounding remotely familiar, words weighted in the balance of the band's history.... Much as their songs are all inter connected over their 3 decade spanning career.

"Ocean" for instance would have matched the "Subterranae" classic story wise as well as musically, but it also has modern day panache on display. "Until the End" is the perfect track to bring this unique piece of work to an end. The taunting keyboards rolling from your speakers roll into a warm acoustic guitar environment, weaving together the Pink Floydian grandeur with charms of modern day technology. Nicholls again does an outstanding job with his whispering vocals and overwhelming personality radiating from the song. The dense atmosphere is captivating as it propels forward with intriguing keyboard and guitar interaction. Any movie would have benefitted from a musical outline like provided by IQ on this song.

And that's perhaps the best remark to capture the band's intriguing sound and music; a movie soundtrack. Not the sticky sing along tunes from the eighties, but the nesting intense music as composed by Hans Zimmer, James Horner or even the grand master of all: Mr. Morricone. Words only needed to power up the thunderclouds overhead, music that colours a setting or creates a tension to be felt in your chair. The silence speaks louder than words, the musical serenity vividly brought to life by IQ does exactly that... over and over again. Sheer drama and suspense captured in bedazzling musical perfection. It is that what IQ manages without redefining the musical spectre. The cling onto their unique gift....

91 out of 100 | Giant Electric Pea Music | Amazon Music

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Willy Chirino , César Costa , Carlos Do Carmo , the Dynamic Duo , Los Lobos , Valeria Lynch , and Ney Matogrosso will be recognized with the A's Lifetime Achievement Award from The Latin Recording Academy ® , and André Midani and Juan Vicente Torrealba receive the prestigious Trustees Award . Recognition is performed in a special ceremony at the invitation the Wednesday , November 19 , at the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino as part of the celebrations of the 15th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards ® which will run for a week. For updates and breaking news, visit social networks The Latin Recording Academy on Twitter and Facebook .

"As we prepare to celebrate our first 15 years, the Annual Latin GRAMMY not only continues the tradition of recognizing outstanding artists for their professional accomplishments, but also honors their exemplary contributions to the world of Latin music," said Gabriel Abaroa Jr., President / CEO of The Latin Recording Academy. "It is with great pride that we honor this exceptionally diverse group of honorees along with the commemoration of indelible musical legacy they have placed in us and the roads paved for future generations. They are true masters of their genres and look forward to welcoming you to the list of iconic artists who have honored before them. "

The Lifetime Achievement Award A: This award is presented by vote of the Board of The Latin Recording Academy to performers who have made ​​creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording during their careers.

After emigrating from his native Cuba at age 14, singer-songwriter, musician and producer Willy Chirino has developed a musical career that spanned more than four decades. In addition to being recognized as the creator of the "Miami Sound", a fusion of Cuban music, rock, jazz, Brazilian rhythms and Caribbean, he has recorded over 30 albums and has composed over 100 songs, some of which have been recorded by legendary artists such as Celia Cruz, Gipsy Kings and Raphael. In addition to his dedication to music (won the GRAMMY ® in 2005 for Best Album Salsa / Merengue by Son Del Alma ), is also a compassionate philanthropist. Launched the Willy Chirino Foundation in 1996 and has been receiving numerous awards for his humanitarian work, including the Legion of Honor of the United States, the Humanitarian Award Spirit of Hope (Spirit of Hope) of Billboard , and the Hispanic Heritage Award (Award Hispanic) heritage of the U.S. State Department. UU. His song "Our Day (Here Comes Coming)" has become an anthem of hope for Cuban immigrants.

Mexican singer, actor, producer, radio host, author and mentor César Costa is the epitome of a musical entrepreneur. Having begun his career in 1958 as lead singer of the musical group The Blackshirts, the Coast solo career continued after the group disbanded. Successful solo Costa led to his first starring role in a movie with the legendary Libertad Lamarque in Heaven And Earth , which led him to launch his personal production company, Costa Films. Throughout his career, he has recorded over 35 albums that achieved record sales in Mexico, Europe, Central and South America; He has starred in 17 films and three television series highly successful; authored an autobiography, To Become ; led the radio program "Coast to Coast"; and directed the creation of the Academic Foundation Music Industry, an effort to provide postgraduate training in the music industry for more than 500 professionals. In 2004 he was appointed National Ambassador for UNICEF, a role in which still actively serving. He continues to tour, to the great delight of his fans.

From Portugal Carlos do Carmo is one of the greatest fado singers of his time. His mother, the legendary singer Lucilia do Carmo, was a major influence on his career, which has spanned more than 50 years. While fado has been the center of his music, the distinctive style of singing Carlos do Carmo is marked by the special timbre of his voice with his personal affinity for the French pop ballads and Brazilian bossa nova, creating an unmistakable sound and I set him apart as one of the most iconic voices of Portuguese music. Among his vast repertoire of songs, do Carmo is most recognized for "Tears Orvalho", "Lisboa Menina E Moça" and "Canoas Do Tejo". He has received international recognition and has been presented to sold-out crowds at landmarks such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, the L'Olympia in Paris and Carnegie Hall in New York. Played a key role in turning the fado as part of the Cultural Heritage of UNESCO through its many concerts, recordings and their participation in the film Fado 2007 director Carlos Saura. He continues to actively touring.

Songwriters, producers and actors Arcusa Ramón and Manuel de la Calva, known as Dynamic Duo , began his career in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1958. The Spanish super team scored pop, influenced and entertained generations of fans with popular hits as "Fifteen Years My Love," "Quisiera Ser", "Sorry", "Mari Carmen", "those eyes Black", "Summer Love" and "Resistiré" which boosted his popularity throughout Spain, Mexico and Latin America, and have led to starring roles in four films. The international dynamic duo produced great success for Julio Iglesias, Miguel Gallardo, Jose Velez and Paloma San Basilio. Supporting the duo composers as Nino Bravo, Camilo Sesto and José Feliciano sang their songs. One of his greatest compositions, "La, La, La" performed by Massiel won the Eurovision Song Contest 1968 in London, which represented the first victory of Spain in the festival. "I want to be," a musical based on their songs sounded for a year in Madrid in 2007. Nowadays, they keep singing and touring in your country.

Hailing from East LA, Los Lobos (Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, and Steve Berlin) gained notoriety for its mix of popular Latin music genres and traditional Mexican. The eclectic mix of rock and roll, country, folk, R & B, blues and norteño group was three times winner of GRAMMY, led to his particular style of "Chicano rock". Inspired by the music scene in Los Angeles for 80 years and working with producer and Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett, his version of the Mexican classic "Anselma" gave the group their first Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance in 1983. The band recorded several songs for Richie Valens biopic La Bamba 1987, the band received a double platinum and exposed to new and emerging market for Latin music fans. Los Lobos have recorded over 20 albums and collaborated with artists such as Ry Cooder, Elvis Costello, Paul Simon, Tom Waits, and Bobby Womack. They continue to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Not only is the singer / actress Valeria Lynch one of the cultural treasures of Argentina, but also in 1988 was considered by The New York Times as one of the five best voices in the world. He began his singing commercial jingles and performing at clubs "underground" in Buenos Aires race. In the 80s, Lynch came to fame by starring in the rock opera Evita for a year in Mexico. His Eva Peron captivated audiences and intrigued audiences who discovered his unique singing style and strong voice. It was during this decade she also released his greatest hits, such as "Lie" and "my friend", along with his triple platinum album, Power . He has collaborated with artists such as Jeffrey Osborne, Barry Manilow and José José; starred in several theatrical productions; and directed television programs "Valeria Dreaming" and "Mas Te Vale". He has also received numerous awards, both in Argentina and abroad; recorded 30 albums; in addition to more than 5,000 tours and concerts worldwide. She continues to act in Latin America; is the founder and director of the School of Musical Comedy Valeria Lynch and the International Congress of Music and Rock Operas.

Described by the magazine Rolling Stone as one of the three main Brazilian singers of all time, Ney Matogrosso has recorded nearly 50 albums in a career spanning more than four decades. Influenced by the glam-rock movement of the '70s, Matogrosso became a member of the Dry & Molhados group. With his unique countertenor voice, his high-energy stage performances and eccentric costumes, he and his group quickly became a sensation. However, the union was short and Matogrosso embarked on a solo career, achieving extraordinary success with singles such as "Homem Com H" and "Heart Bandit." Leaving his androgynous glam-rock character aside, in 1986, began working with Matogrosso emerging composers Cazuza Ramil and Victor and returned to the traditional roots of Brazilian Popular Music. While there has always been regarded with preconceptions and prejudices challenging for their satirical and ironic actions, has become a serious artist and highly respected by his classical interpretations. Matogrosso continues to tour and performing in Brazil and Europe.

Trustees Award: This Award is presented by vote of the Board of The Latin Recording Academy to individuals who have made ​​significant contributions - other than performance - in the field of recording during their careers.

The achievements of the executive, musical visionary and author, André Midani , have influenced and marked successful trends that have attempted to replicate the record for decades. After starting his career in sales in the French division of Decca Records in Paris in 1952, his love for music launched his career in Brazil amid the burgeoning scene of new music. In EMI-Odeon (Brazil), directed the launch of the bossa nova, creating a sensation around the world in the global music market. In 1961 he founded Imperial Records, the first seller of vinyl door to door, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. His impressive resume includes roles as president / CEO of several divisions Entertainment America and North America for companies such as Philips / PolyGram (Brazil), Capitol Records (Mexico) America and Warner Music (Brazil and Latin America ). He has developed the artistic careers of Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Luis Miguel, Mana, Cafe Tacuba, and Jorge Ben Jor, among others. Midani is a renowned lecturer, cultural ambassador, international organizations and leading producer of documentaries and arts festivals.

One can not speak of the beauty of traditional music plains of Venezuela not to mention the singer, songwriter and musician Juan Vicente Torrealba . In addition to learning to play the guitar, four early harp, has created some of the most legendary songs in the musical heritage of his beloved country. In 1947 he founded the Los Torrealberos group with his brother and son, playing with pride and passion the traditional music of the people of the plains. The following year he released his solo career and performed before crowds in Latin America, Europe, the United States and Mexico since. Renowned for his mastery of the harp, musical compositions created rich "Madrugada Llanera", "The Paraulata" and "Concert In The Plain". He has recorded 130 albums, written more than 300 compositions and received numerous awards and accolades. His biography, Recollections , is scheduled for release this year.

The Latin Recording Academy is an international organization composed of artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and other creative and technical recording professionals, Spanish and Portuguese. The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for Latin music and its makers. In addition to producing the Latin GRAMMY Awards to honor excellence in the arts and science of recording, The Latin Recording Academy provides educational and outreach for the Latin music community. For more information about The Latin Recording Academy, please visit . For breaking news and exclusive content, follow @ latingrammys on Twitter , become a fan on Facebook , and join the organization's social networks on Foursquare , Google+ , Instagram , Pinterest , Tumblr , and YouTube .

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Kelly Shibari to Host 2014 STOREROTICA Awards, Atlantic City, NJ

First-Ever Plus-Size Penthouse Forum Cover Model & Co-Director of Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size to Present at ANME Founder’s Show in Burbank, California!

Kelly Shibari is named Host of the 8th Annual STOREROTICA Awards, held Sunday, June 13 at the Marriott Burbank Airport. Recognizing excellence in the adult retail community, the STOREROTICA Awards honor the best of the best in the retail storefront, distributing, and manufacturing levels of health and sexuality products.

"I'm incredibly thrilled to have been asked to host and present this year's STOREROTICA Awards," says Kelly. "As a fan of sex toys, lingerie, and adult novelties in general, being able to honor and celebrate this year's winners is going to be an absolute blast. Of course, the open bar certainly doesn't hurt either! I'm really looking forward to spending a fun evening with everyone."

"‪Dynamic, engaging and industry savvy, having Kelly as our hostess for this year's gala elevates the 2014 STOREROTICA Awards to an entirely new level,” says STOREROTICA Editor Kristofer Kay. “A multifaceted talent, Kelly's recognition is readily apparent, but aside from her popularity, her personable approach promises that the evening will be entertaining for all those in attendance."

The 15 categories honored this year for the 2014 STOREROTICA Awards include "Novelty Company of the Year," "Distributor of the Year," "Fetish Company of the Year" and "Retailer of the Year" (chain locations), and more. New divisions joining the STOREROTICA Awards in 2014 include "Foreign Manufacturer of the Year," "Male Pleasure Product of the Year," "Body Care Line of the Year” and "Retail Education of the Year.” This year's final ballot was finalized after the pre-nomination process was complete along with gathering the opinions from a select panel of industry experts and suggestions by the STOREROTICA staff. For more information, visit

Winners will be announced at the industry gala during the summertime ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California. Held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport July 12-14, the semi-annual ANME Founders Show showcases the top brands in the adult toy and novelty industry.

Honored for the second year in a row as BBW Performer of the Year at the 2014 Fanny Awards, Kelly Shibari continues to add to her growing number of accolades. The multiple award-winning BBW adult star and sexual figurehead for chubby Asian girls everywhere also made sexy pop culture media site Fleshbot’s Top Ten Crush Object List in early 2014. The list includes superstar adult performers Bonnie Rotten and Asa Akira, as well as mainstream icons Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey, Emily Ratajkowski, and Lizzy Caplan. Kelly made history in April as the first-ever plus size adult performer featured in Penthouse Forum. Huffington Post, Nerve, Examiner, and others noted the historic aspect of the June 2014 issue. Earlier this year, Kelly wrapped principal photography on the first-ever sex education film for people of size, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size, a collaboration with Wicked Pictures and its contract star, writer, producer, and director, jessica drake. The movie takes viewers through a variety of topics, from relationship communication, discussion of trigger words and acceptable terminology between partners, size-friendly sex positions, and body confidence exercises.

To view and download the front and back box art for jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size, click here. Domestic wholesale customers interested in ordering jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size may inquire by emailing For international orders, please email

Kelly is passionate about introducing body positive messages into the media spotlight. Her articles on plus size sexuality and pornography on Jane Pratt’s are some of its most popular articles. The highly accessible Kelly regularly chats with fans and industry peers via her social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

About Kelly Shibari:
From her background in design and construction in mainstream film and television production, to performing in front of the camera as the sexually charged figurehead for chubby Asian girls everywhere, Kelly Shibari is a stereotype-breaking tour-de-force. Holding the distinct honor of being the only plus-sized performer ever molded for a Fleshlight, Kelly made sexy pop culture media site Fleshbot’s Top Ten Crush Object List for 2013. Her self-produced, self-marketed DVD, Kelly Shibari is Overloaded, was nominated for both XBIZ and AVN, not just for the DVD itself but also for its marketing campaign. Kelly was named 2013 and 2014 BBW Performer of the Year at EXXXOTICA’s fan-based awards, “The Fannys,” and also named Best BBW Performer at the 2013 NightMoves Awards. Kelly most recently made history as the first-ever plus size model ever featured on the cover of Penthouse Forum. For more information, visit,, and

About the STOREROTICA Awards:
Recognizing excellence in the adult retail community, the STOREROTICA Awards laud those in both the brick and mortar storefront, distributing and manufacturing levels. The 15 categories honored this year include, "Novelty Company of the Year," "Distributor of the Year," "Fetish Company of the Year" and "Retailer of the Year" (chain locations). New divisions joining the STOREROTICA Awards in 2014 include "Foreign Manufacturer of the Year," "Male Pleasure Product of the Year," "Body Care Line of the Year” and "Retail Education of the Year.” This year's final ballot was finalized after the pre-nomination process was complete along with gathering the opinions from a select panel of industry experts and suggestions by the STOREROTICA staff. For more information, visit

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Jungle Blue (1978)

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1978 (South America)

DVD Release: May 6, 2014

Director: Carlos Tobalina


Review by James Klein

Maybe within 30 minutes into Jungle Blue, I said out loud, "What the fuck is going on?" I had no clue what was happening, what storyline we were on (there are a few) and all I wanted to see was more of that man in a gorilla suit fucking young women. Yes, dear readers, the opening shot of Jungle Blue is a man in a gorilla costume getting his banana sucked on by some broad. That alone may be worth giving Jungle Blue a chance as there is nothing funnier or more absurd than a gorilla with a human erection getting blown.

Bare with me because I really have no idea what this movie is about. It looks to be a hodge-podge of two movies edited together into one incoherent mess. A bunch of twenty something men and women are at a bar in South America and after some chit chat decide to have an orgy. Their orgy is constantly inter cut with the main storyline of this Tarzan-like super hero named Evor (played by a handsome David Pinney, known in the adult film world as Bigg John) who lives in the jungle with his pet gorilla Chico. Chico is the same gorilla who was getting a blow job in the opening scene.

Two explorers decide to go to the jungle to find treasures and take whatever they can from weaker tribes by any force necessary. One of the explorers also happens to be a woman who also wants Evor's erection and when he shows interest in Jane, an innocent woman out searching for her deceased father, Evor is in trouble and is betrayed by these explorers who he thought were his friends. Oh yeah and every five to ten minutes, the movie would cut back to the hard core sex orgy. And what's with that ugly kid in the back ground masturbating?

I really don't know what to make of this movie. At times the film is entertaining and amusing while at other times Jungle Blue just drags, flashing at its viewer countless cutaways of nature or South American everyday life. Who directed this, Terrence Malick? I couldn't help but wonder if these clueless citizens knew they were going to be in an adult film. Is this an arty nudie flick? Is this a movie that was meant to be an "adventure" film but was forced to have sex scenes inserted somewhere in the plotline? It's very hard to tell.  The tone of the movie is all over the map too. Sometimes Jungle Blue is silly and light-hearted and other times the movie is a straight up drama or adventure flick. Regardless, I did find amusement in the out of synch opening, the hard core sex scenes that would suddenly end, and some truly hilarious moments of dialog, my favorite being, "I don't know if he's a superhero but he sure is a super fuck." Oh, and lets night forget Chico's classic moments.

Jungle bitch.

Director Carlos Tobalina, a well-known adult film actor and director, may have wanted to try and create a somewhat arty or at least different type of sex film. Well, it's different all right. I personally would have rather seen him go more crazy and nuts and of course add in more Chico scenes. While the print does have some damage, mostly in the beginning frames, the overall look of the pictureis pretty good with vibrant colors, more so in the jungle scenes. For a film that was advertised as being filmed in South America and never having been released in the U.S. I was surprised this transfer didn't look a lot worse. Included is a fantastic trailer that ends with this still image:

Movie and DVD [Rating: 2]

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A.K.A. - Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album and her first for Capitol Records

A.K.A. – Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album and her first for Capitol Records – is out today and she’s celebrating its release with a series of high profile television appearances. Last night she performed her current single "First Love" on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” in Orlando, FL, kicking off the show's “summer vacation.” Today, following her morning appearance on “Live! With Kelly & Michael,” she’ll take over Fuse. Tomorrow Lopez will visit BET, where she’ll take over “106 & Park," and on Thursday she'll guest on “The Wendy Williams Show” and BRAVO’s “Watch What Happens Live." Fans can watch Lopez perform live in New York City’s Central Park on “Good Morning America” on Friday, June 20, in the latest installment of the show’s summer concert series.

Lopez, who graces this week’s cover of Billboard Magazine, recently delivered not one but two killer performances at the Billboard Music Awards and became the first female recipient of the Billboard Icon award. In an emotional speech, she recalled her days as a little girl in the Bronx and spoke directly to all the kids who were watching the show, encouraging them to dream big.

“A.K.A. is a showcase for where she’s at today,” says her Billboard Magazine cover story, “She raps alongside French Montana on sassy lead single “I Luh Ya Papi,” trades verses with Rick Ross on the head-bobbing gangster-love anthem “Worry No More” and delivers some of her most powerful vocal work to date on ballads “Emotions” and “Let It Be Me.” “The J.Lo we’ve loved since 1999’s On The 6 is here, absolutely - and has gotten better with time,” said People Magazine, going on to note, “She coos about romance on the catchy ‘First Love,’ but it’s the ballad ‘Let It Be Me’ that again proves she’s got the voice and, just as important, isn’t afraid to let us hear the vulnerability.” In an extensive track-by-track review, said, “A.K.A. is a career-best offering that takes the ultimate triple threat full circle” and hailed it as an “ambitious and eclectic pop album that is held together by sizzling beats, surprisingly personal lyrics, and Jenny’s inimitable swag.”

A.K.A. features collaborations with French Montana, Rick Ross, TI, Pitbull, Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Sia, Chantal Kreviazuk, Kirby, Chris Brown, and producers Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, Detail, RoccStar, DJ Mustard, Diplo, Harmony, Pop and Oak and long-time collaborator Cory Rooney. You can view the official video for Lopez’s new single, “First Love,” HERE.

Since her first album, On the 6, debuted in 1999, Lopez has been transforming the global music scene and has sold over 75 million records worldwide.  She has had 16 top 10 hit songs and three #1 albums. Her music achievements include winning three AMAs, three ASCAP Pop Music Awards, eight Billboard Latin Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, and two VMAs. Lopez is also a two-time Grammy nominee.

In 2001 Jennifer Lopez made history by being the first woman to have a #1 movie and #1 album simultaneously. “The Wedding Planner” was the nation’s top grossing film while her second album J.Lo was #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

Check out JLo at Chicago's B96 Concert this past weekend at @UnRated Magazine's Facebook Page

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blood and Steel (1959)

Studio: 20th Century Fox Cinema Archives

Theatrical Release: December 1959

DVD Release: June 3, 2014

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

This low budget WWII film has rarely been seen by most for quite some time now. Popping up occasionally on TCM, Blood and Steel finally makes its way on DVD thanks to the Cinema Archives collection. And don't let the low budget scare you off, Blood and Steel, while not the most engrossing or realistic war film ever made, still has plenty of action to please fans of the genre.

Blood and Steel

Four U.S. Army Seabees infiltrate an island run by the Japanese. Their mission is to determine if an airfield can be built on the island and report back to the Army. As the soldiers quickly make their way on the island, they immediately are attacked by the Japanese. One of the soldiers named George (played by James Edwards, who does his best to give a decent performance given the weak script) is shot in the legs and is left for dead by his platoon as they have to retreat before they turn to hamburger. I had a problem with this moment as I don't buy for a single second that a group of men would leave their fellow soldier behind, no matter what.

Blood & Steel

As the other men go from battle to battle in what seems like one action set piece after another, George comes in contact with a native girl (Ziva Rodann from Pharaoh's Curse) who is now a slave to the Japanese. She helps the wounded soldier in making it past the enemy but not before setting up an ambush on a village run by the Japanese, lead by a very young James Hong (best known for playing Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China and also Snotty, Booger's master in Revenge of the Nerds II).

James Hong

While Blood and Steel may be entertaining and fun to watch, check your brain at the door. The acting, directing and especially the writing are all sub-par. The ending is rather dark and abrupt, which normally I wouldn't mind but in this film, it just didn't fit. It was almost as if the writers had no idea what else to do once they came to their conclusion. Being a sucker for war films, I admit I was still entertained and surprised at how violent the movie is. Clocking in at just 63 minutes, Blood and Steel soars by and one wonders if maybe this wasn't a pilot episode of some failed TV series.

Blood and Steel WWII

Cinema Archives has released Blood and Steel in its original 2:35:1 aspect ratio, which is a step up from some of their past releases that were only released pan and scan. However, the movie is presented in a window box format which can be aggravating to sit through. The picture also looks a bit soft at times, especially during action scenes. The sound is rather quiet as I had to turn up the volume a few times just to hear dialog, although I think that's because of Blood and Steel's low budget rather than the transfer. There are no special features, not even chapter stops.

Cinema Archives

Blood and Steel may be worth a look to past the time. It's not awful but its hindered by the cheap sets, bland direction and a poor script. Thankfully though, the movie is rather entertaining which could provide a fun 63 minutes for any viewer.

Movie [Rating: 3]

DVD [Rating: 2.5]