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JULY 31, 2014
The world heard a new version of the AEROSMITH classic “Dream On” during the Spring 2014 premiere of ESPN’s award-winning news magazine show, E:60. Recorded in Los Angeles in early April, the song features Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, who are joined by the Southern California Children’s Chorus on this arrangement of “Dream On (Boston Strong 2014).” The track will be released today as a single via iTunes. In a powerful moment at last night’s AEROSMITH concert at The Forum, in Inglewood, CA the band surprised the audience by bringing the Southern California Children’s Chorus on stage to perform this special rendition of “Dream On (Boston Strong 2014).”
"The tragedy that took place during the Boston Marathon was unfathomable, but Boston is incredibly resilient and became even stronger. I am so honored to release this version of “Dream On” and to be able to have had the Southern California Children's Chorus perform with us last night was a beautiful moment, a true gift from up above," says Steven Tyler.
“The heinous act that took place during the Boston Marathon which shook not only the city but the world and touched us all demanded a positive response,” Joe Perry said.  “Boston Strong was that response and gave an example of our city’s inner strength. I would like to think that the strength of our performance on ‘Dream On’ last night with the Southern California Children’s Chorus in LA at the Forum was another rallying point for the goodness in all of us.”
“Dream On (Boston Strong 2014)” debuted Tuesday, April 15 on “E:60 Presents Dream On: Stories from Boston’s Strongest,” a special hour dedicated to the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.  The show presented five stories of survivors, narrated by celebrity voices of Boston At 2:49 PM, on April 15, 2013, as scores of spectators cheered on the Boston Marathon runners approaching the finish line, two hand-made bombs exploded.  In a split second, the lives of hundreds of people were forever changed. E:60 presented a special program remembering the lives lost and paying tribute to those who survived, their journeys of perseverance, courage, strength and love in the past twelve months.
In July, AEROSMITH embarked on this summer’s definitive rock experience, the LET ROCK RULE tour across North America with Slash. The tour kicked off Thursday, July 10 at Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre in Wantagh, NY making stops in Boston, MA. (Xfinity Center), Los Angeles, CA (The Forum) and San Francisco, CA (Sleep Train Pavilion) among other cities, before wrapping Friday, September 12 in Sydney, NS, Canada (Open Hearth Park). These dates follow the band’s overseas trek, which kicked off May 17 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and hit numerous countries including stops in Russia, France, and Germany before ending on June 28 in the U.K.
AEROSMITH’s U.S. summer tour dates are as follows:

DATE          CITY                              VENUE
Sat     8/2    Las Vegas, NV                 MGM Grand Garden Arena
Fri      8/8    Stateline, NV                  Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena At Harveys
Wed   8/13  Concord, CA                    Sleep Train Pavilion
Sat     8/16  George, WA                    The Gorge Amphitheatre
Tue    8/19  Denver, CO                     Pepsi Center
Fri      8/22  Dallas, TX                       American Airlines Center
Mon   8/25  The Woodlands, TX         The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Thu    8/28  Atlanta, GA                     Phillips Arena
Sun    8/31  Atlantic City, NJ              Boardwalk Hall
Wed   9/3    Newark, NJ                      Prudential Center
Sat     9/6    Bristow, VA                     Jiffy Lube Live
Tue    9/9    Clarkston, MI                  DTE Energy Music Theatre
Fri      9/12  Sydney, NS, Canada       Open Hearth Park

Here are some clips from the special:
All funds received by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in connection with this track will be donated to charities helping those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing.
AEROSMITH--Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (lead guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums)--are a living piece of American music history, having sold over 150 million albums worldwide and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are the recipients of countless awards including four GRAMMYs, eight American Music Awards, six Billboard Awards and 12 MTV Video Music Awards among many other honors.  Their latest honors include the 2013 ASCAP Founders Award and induction into the Songwriter Hall of Fame at the 44thannual SHOF ceremony also in 2013.   MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION! (Columbia), the band’s latest album, was released in late 2012. Proving that they can cross genre-boundaries with ease, these rock legends have even taken home a Soul Train Award for Best Rap Single for their remix of Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.”  With scores of multi-platinum albums, AEROSMITH continues to inspire generations to get their wings, get a grip and just push play. It is no wonder why they are one of the most beloved bands of all time.

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How Do Deaf People Hear Music

How Do Deaf People Hear Music

by Dan Locke

I have a couple of deaf friends and they are always  committing to me how music is.  So I asked one of them to tell me how they listen to  music and here is what my friend Dave Skarp told me.  Dave was a friend of my while I was growing up in Buffalo New York who was deaf.  He was always going to concerts and we were always hanging out together.  Fast forward 35 years and Dave is my only friend from Buffalo who is living in the Chicago area.  We keep in touch by facebook and he still talks about music.
Here how is answer the question.

I born with deaf severe profound. In my left ear, I was able to listen sounds like fireworks or lot of noisy music speakers with vibration bass so I started to like listening music from Classic to pop music as well as  Heavy Metal and  Classic Rock ! I learned some music in rhythm class at SMSD ( St Mary's School for the deaf) and from other friends, so I love music so music . I have to say if there was no music on earth we will go nuts !! Music make everyone happy and relax, and of course good times !! Rock n Roll Forever . I still read some heavy metal encyclopedia book and etc which is Awesome !! 
In addition I love going to your apartment to listen to Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun, your speakers were awesome !!! and you played some other cool bands !

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By Mike O’Cull

Nick Coyle is a multi-faceted songwriter, singer, musician, and producer from Berwick, PA who is garnering a lot of notice for the unique sounds contained on his latest release Sound Makes Waves. Rather than taking the expected path of a singer/songwriter, Nick takes his well-written songs and surrounds them with modern electronic-based sounds and production that only add to the effectiveness of the tunes and keep him from being one more guy with an acoustic guitar and a capo. Nick was good enough to sit down with me for a 10 Questions session and give us all an idea of where he and his songs come from. Be sure to visit Nick online at

1 - How did you get started as a songwriter? 

NC - ‘I’ve been playing since I was 13. I started playing in bands, and then in bars and clubs. Even at that young age, we were writing songs and it was always something I enjoyed doing. Over the years, I kept writing and writing, leading to now.’

2 - What led you to take your songs in a more electronic direction?

NC - ‘I’ve always been into that style of stuff, like Depeche Mode and more atmospheric, lush production-type of music. Plus, for so long, everyone has known me as this rock singer and didn’t really know that I played instruments and did all this other stuff, so I wanted to show everybody that there was more to me than ‘Crazy Lead Singer Guy’. With this, it’s much different.’

3 - Do you perform live with a band or a laptop?
NC - ‘I have a laptop and a keyboard and some samplers. I’ll play acoustic and it is a two-mic setup and I bounce back and forth between the keyboard and the front mic. From there, my one laptop triggers another one that runs the video projector. It’s this whole audio/visual experience. I’ve got all this crazy MIDI stuff going on. It’s interesting. I kind of equate it with the old school one man band.’  

4 - Who are your songwriting influences?

NC - ‘I listen to all kinds of music and I’ve always been a fan of finding new music, too. I love Pink Floyd. I love Nine Inch Nails and anything Trent Reznor does. Depeche Mode is a big influence. Some of the newer things I’ve been getting into are Gotye, Imogen Heap, even down to Bruno Mars and stuff like that. I think that guy has a little more substance than a lot of the manufactured pop people. He’s got some skills.’

5 - Who are your production influences?

NC - ‘The Floyd stuff, the Reznor stuff. I’ve always been a fan of atmospheric and soundscape-y type stuff within the song, the icing that takes you somewhere else. I really don’t sit down with an idea of what I’d like a song to be. As I start recording stuff and adding things in there, the songs take on a life of their own. I think when you try to emulate different things, you end up losing some of yourself and missing the mark.’ 

6 - Describe your creative process.

NC - ‘Every song is really different. Some will start on an acoustic guitar, just playing on a riff. I get a vocal melody in my head and expand on that. Sometimes, it’s messing around with loops, or something like that. ‘Never Let Me Down’ started off with some loop-type stuff and that sparked different ideas and I started layering to that. The approach is on a per-song basis. There are so many different tools and I like to experiment around and see what happens. I think we’ve seen enough of the typical format of the rock band. I just wanted to do something different that wasn’t in that realm. On this record, I didn’t feel the need for there to be a guitar on every song. Not having that approach frees you up to let the song be the song.’ 

7 - What do you consider your main instrument? 
NC - ‘Although I’m a lead singer, the guitar is what I started on. If I sit around my house, I play my guitar. I’m not even a guy who sings in the shower, honestly. (laughs).’

8 - Do you think that the kind of style-mixing you do is where modern music is going? Have all the pure styles been exhausted? 

NC - ‘Yes. I think, after being exposed over the years of listening to different styles of music, everything starts becoming an influence.  The pure forms of music HAVE all been done, better than they’re gonna be. There’s not gonna be another Led Zeppelin. But by combining things, it almost creates a new genre that I’ve never heard before. I think when you remove the boundaries and limitations on stuff, it lets you thrive creatively.’  

9 - Where do you go from here? 

NC - ‘I just want to continue down this path of not being in a box. I’ve already started working on some new stuff and I have a couple of collaboration-type things with a couple of different rappers. I started doing a new project, a three-piece with me,a drummer and a bass player and we’re calling it Electric Eyes. There are no boundaries to it and it is heavily electronic. Instead of having the typical band format, we have everything hooked together in one brain of an instrument, and we’re all playing samplers and percussion, so it gets like Stomp sometimes, but we’re all musicians, too, and we don’t have to go into that electronic realm all the time. We can start off in dubstep and then totally bust into a smooth, organic type of feel. It’s kind of the same concept as what I am doing solo, just with two other players thinking the same way, so it allows for a little bit more.’ 

10 - How has the audience reaction been to your new music and approach? 

NC - ‘Overall, it’s been really good. The people who have heard it in the industry are getting the point of the ‘good songs done out of the box’ approach. I’ve gotten a lot of people saying that this is my best work to date, and I’m proud of that, because I did all the stuff on my own. I wrote it, recorded it, produced it, mixed it, did the artwork, and did the store on the website. When you order a CD, I put it in the box, take it down to the Post Office and send it out. It’s very fulfilling.’  

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The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge Hits Hard Rock Hotel Chicago the Sights and Sounds

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Joan Jett Rocks Out Great Lakes Naval Station

Joan Jett rocks it out at the Great Lakes Naval Station!
Great Lakes Naval Station - July 3, 2014 - Great Lakes, IL, USA

Concert revie by Anita Brodersen

Entering the Great Lakes Naval Base you want to tip your head to all the men and women who are in training and as you drive into the 1,932 acre facility one has to remember that this site was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The grounds of the Naval Base were open to the public for their two day Fourth of July festivities.

Thousands packed the grounds to see the iconic Joan Jett and her band The Blackhearts. The Blackhearts are Dougie Needles- guitar, Acey Slade – bass, Thommy Price-drums, and Kenny Laguna –manager, keyboards and more. Joan came out pumped and blasted right into Bad Reputation followed by Cherry Bomb and then Light of Day. The crowd was thrilled that she put into her set some new songs off her latest CD – Unvarnished. She performed TMI, Any Weather, Make it Back, Soulmates to Strangers, and Fragile. She then jumped back to her classics and performed The French Song, Crimson and Clover, Love is Pain, I Hate Myself for Loving You, and of course the song that put her in the books – I Love Rock & Roll.

As artists come and go in this vast disposable musical wasteland, the true, raw, talented ones will stick around for years. Joan Jett broke all barriers for women rockers and she stayed true to her punk/hard rock driven music style. It sends a chill to hear thousands of fans of Joan Jett singing her hits as they dance and rock out to this rock legend.

Staying true from any effort to soften or disguise ---Unvarnished. Get it?

Joan Jett is currently on tour. For more information go to

To get her new CD visit

Other sites: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Complete First Season
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The Complete First Season
Marvel Studio (Television)
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Season Year: September 24, 2013 – May 13, 2014
Network: ABC
Rating: TV PG

In celebration of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Complete First Season coming to DVD and Blu-ray on September 9th we have an entertaining video of the gag reel from the bonus features to share with you! Check out the clip below. If you post please send me the link.

The Mind-Blowing Saga That Began in Marvel’s The Avengers Continues in ABC’s Action-Packed Series MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Relive All 22 Thrilling Episodes, Plus Get Level 7 Access with Newly De-Classified Bonus Features Available On Blu-ray and DVD. In Stores September 9, 2014

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Necronos: Tower of Doom (2010)
Studio: Infernal Films
Distributed By: Troma Entertainment
DVD Release: March 11, 2014
Director: Marc Rohnstock
Rating: Unrated
Reviewed By James M. Dubs 

Troma Entertainment’s release of the forgotten 1989 crime/mystery Dangerous Obsession (you can read my review here) left me with an unfulfilled need for Troma-centric gore, sleaze, and shock. I felt I needed some small amount of vindication and thought to look elsewhere in my stack of DVDs/blu-rays to get my fix. Coincidentally, as I was trying to make my selection, fellow critic and friend James Klein posted a review for the new blu-ray release of Cannibal Holocaust (which can be viewed here). As luck would have it, I had another Troma film on my desk; an export from the German horror underground that claimed to make “Cannibal Holocaust look like The Jungle Book.” Oh boy… Continue to for the full review.

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Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos to Turn Up Lollapalooza Experience

The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge Hits Hard Rock Hotel Chicago in Partnership with Beats Music, Fender and Traktor, amongst others

ORLANDO, Fla., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos – with locations from Bali and San Diego to Singapore and Macau – in association with BMF Media Group, presents the unparalleled The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge . Sure to be the weekend's hottest entertainment and lifestyle venue, The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge will roll out the red carpet August 1-2, 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago – the city's most coveted music-inspired destination located directly adjacent to the festival grounds.
Recognized as the ultimate "VIP + Artist Retreat," The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge kicks off with day parties on Friday, August 1 and  Saturday, August 2 from noon to 6 p.m., drawing an eclectic mix of media, talent and industry tastemakers alike. Attendees will enjoy unmatched entertainment as DJs spin the day away, as well as branded activations throughout the property, including a pop-up Red 7 Salon, VIP gifting by Blue Microphones and drinks by Heineken Light, Vita Coco and Red Bull. Additionally, attendees will experience the brand's three-part music amenity program, The Sound of Your Stay®, through activations featuring Tracks.® downloadable playlists, Picks.® stations for impromptu jam sessions on exclusive Fender guitars and Mix.®, where guests can DJ like a pro using Traktor DJ equipment from Native Instruments.    
When the sun goes down, the after parties heat up at The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge, the most sought-after post-festival event over the weekend long celebration. The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge by night is presented by Beats Music, Fender, Traktor, VH1 Save The Music and Palladia, Viacom's hi-def live music network. Infused with vibrant music culture and overlooking Michigan Avenue, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago serves as the quintessential backdrop for post-festival fetes, where guests sip on complimentary drinks provided at the sponsored Heineken Bar, in addition to special DJ sets and performances by festival headliners.
The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge Night Overview: 
Dates: Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2
Hours: 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Address: 230 N. Michigan Ave
Friday: August 1st 2014
10:00PM 11:00PM DJ White Shadow (DJ Set)
11:00PM 11:25PM Joywave (Performance)
11:25PM - 11:45PM Joe Jonas (DJ Set)
11:45PM - 12:10AM ASTR (Performance)
12:10AM - 12:30AM Joe Jonas (DJ Set)
12:30AM 1:00AM Lykke Li (Performance)
1:00AM 2:00AM DJ Mom Jeans (DJ Set)
Saturday: August 2nd 2014
10:00PM 11:00PM Mia Moretti  (DJ Set)
11:00PM 11:20PM Smallpools (Performance)
11:20PM 11:45PM Grouplove (DJ Set)
11:45PM 12:15AM Betty Who (Performance)
12:15AM 12:30AM Captain Cuts (DJ Set)
12:30AM 1:00AM Delta Rae (Performance)
1:00AM 2:00AM Ana Calderon (DJ Set)
Sponsors of The Sound of Your Stay® Music Lounge include Beats Music, Fender, Traktor, Heineken Light, Vita Coco, Red Bull, Rock the Vote, Red 7 Salon, Blue Microphones, Palladia, VH1 Save the Music Foundation and SpinMedia. Attendees are encouraged to interact via social media using the brand-wide hashtag #thisishardrock and the event specific tag #themusiclounge.
For more information on Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, please .
About Hard Rock International With a total of 186 venues in 57 countries, including 142 cafes, 20 hotels and 9 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world's greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website. HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company's two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, Fl., both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Bali, Biloxi, Chicago, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego and Singapore. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include Seoul, Vienna and Marseille. New Hard Rock Hotel projects include Daytona Beach, Abu Dhabi and Shenzhen and Haikou in China. For more information on Hard Rock International,
About Hard Rock Hotel Chicago Stretching 40 stories tall on Michigan Avenue, near the famous Magnificent Mile, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago exemplifies history combined with style, offering exceptional service with sleek, unpredictable design in the heart of downtown Chicago. Guests enjoy a contemporary ambiance blending seamlessly within the walls of the Carbide & Carbon Building, a historic Burnham masterpiece fashioned from green terra cotta and black polished granite. As Art Deco meets the art of hospitality, the luxury lifestyle hotel holds 381 modernized guest rooms, including 20 suites, designed to immerse the senses with soothing tones, modern furnishings and atmospheric lighting. Guests enjoy access to some of Chicago's largest meeting space, in addition to the Angels & Kings Chicago lounge, inspired by Pete Wentz, offering upscale cuisine, signature drinks and live music. For more information, please
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Music Legends Jon Anderson And Jean-Luc Ponty Announce Formation Of New Music Ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band!

Music Legends Jon Anderson And Jean-Luc Ponty Announce Formation Of New Music Ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band!

Los Angeles, CA - Music legends Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty announce the formation of a new ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band! YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. International jazz superstar Jean-Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of violin in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has expanded the vocabulary of modern music. Together these two music icons form a musical synergy that is unparalleled!

“A breakthrough feeling came as I sang with Jean-Luc's music, to be in a band again is very exciting on many levels, we will play and sing our way around the world and have fun, for music is pleasure, music is all that is, music is God” - Jon Anderson

The Anderson Ponty Band also includes Jamie Dunlap on guitars - well known as a film and television composer, most notably 'South Park'; Wally Minko on keyboards - virtuoso player and composer who has performed and recorded with many worldwide stars including Pink, Toni Braxton, Jean-Luc Ponty, Tom Jones and Barry Manilow; Baron Browne on bass who has played with Steve Smith, Billy Cobham and Jean-Luc Ponty; and Rayford Griffin on drums and percussion, who has played with Stanley Clarke Band, George Duke, Jean-Luc Ponty and Michael Jackson. The band will visit the music created by Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty over the years with new arrangements, virtuosic performances and new energy, while creating new compositions as well.

The Anderson Ponty Band have been writing and arranging old favorites during the past three months. They will be in residence for three weeks in September at Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado rehearsing, recording and playing a public performance on Saturday September 20th. An album will be finished in Los Angeles and is scheduled for release in early 2015. Also, a videography documenting the making of the album will be released as well as videos and performances. A world tour beginning in March 2015 is in the planning stages.

The Anderson Ponty Band announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign today July 25th beginning at 2PM Eastern. The campaign will encourage fans and friends to become a stakeholder in the project. Numerous tiers of donations will be rewarded by album downloads, premium CD/DVD packages, VIP ticket access, merchandising, special one of a kind collectibles, special meet and greets with the band and much more.

Kickstarter campaign:

Anderson Ponty Band Facebook:

Jon Anderson official website:
Jean-Luc Ponty official website:
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Studio: Grindhouse Releasing
Theatrical Release: June 19, 1985
Blu Ray Release: July 1, 2014
Director: Ruggero Deodato
Not Rated
Review by James Klein

Ok gore fans, this one is for you. Considered to be one of the most controversial films ever made, a film that the director himself was arrested and tried for obscenity and blamed for the murder of his own actors (all untrue) Cannibal Holocaust still remains to this day one of the most disturbing horror films ever made. Before The Blair Witch Project broke the way in starting a new sub-genre of “found footage” films, Cannibal Holocaust may have been one, if not the first to do so. However, it is still the most effective.

Professor Harold Monroe (Robert Kerman, best known for being in the original Debbie Does Dallas) is a New York University professor who is asked to travel to the Amazon jungle in search of four missing college students who were shooting a documentary on the Amazon jungles and it’s tribes. What the professor soon finds out is that these kids stumbled upon a dangerous cannibal tribe where they ultimately met their demise.

As the professor and his guide try and blend in with the tribe at the risk of being murdered and eaten, they come across the remains of the students but thankfully their film footage is still intact. When the professor gets back to NY, he screens the footage with several of the university staff but what they soon witness is more shocking and repulsive than what they had expected.

Cannibal Holocaust then switches focus to the four missing students: director Alan Yates (Carl Gabriel Yorke) his girlfriend Faye (Francesca Ciardi) cameramen Jack (Perry Pirkanen) and Mark (Luca Barbareschi). The four students seem to be a bunch of carefree kids looking to make a meaningful documentary but like a flick of a switch their attitude and personalities change. They start to kill animals, destroy villages, rape tribeswomen, and ultimately kill. That is until the tribes people fight back and enact the most gruesome and savage revenge.

While the second half of the film has the most shocking and disturbing sequences, my biggest complaint in the movie is the motivation behind these amateur film makers. If these students are documentary film makers, what is it that makes them suddenly become so vile and evil? It seems too out of character, too sudden, too bizarre. This may be my biggest complaint of the film. I just don’t buy it (however, maybe my favorite moment is when Alan Yates is smiling while looking at a dead woman impaled on a giant spear with Jack hollering at him that the camera is on, forcing Alan to suddenly frown in disgust). If the film took some time in building some sort of character back story, I could have bought it more. I would have enjoyed seeing these students become sociopaths or show some resemblance of being off their rocker right from the start.

Cannibal Holocaust may be filled with graphic violence, rape, full frontal male and female nudity, and drug use but what caused the film to be so controversial is the real on screen deaths of several animals. There is no question about it, it’s very difficult to watch some of these moments when these animals are butchered on screen. To this day, Deodato regrets these moments (several key cast members were ready to walk if another animal was harmed, Yorke himself thought he was in a snuff film and feared for his life) and while the animals were used as food by the crew or the actual villagers used in the film, it is still nonetheless distasteful. Grindhouse Releasing even went so far as to provide an option of viewing an alternate cut of the film, which has excised all footage of the animal deaths.

Speaking of the Grindhouse blu ray, this 3 disc set is one fans will be drooling over but don’t sell or toss out your old DVD just yet. There are a few special features on the older Grindhouse DVD that have not be ported over to the blu ray. The Making of Cannibal Holocaust is unfortunately missing, a huge loss to fans who may not have picked up the older DVD. I happened to be a big fan of this documentary as it showed rare behind the scenes footage on the making of the film. And what happened to the music video directed by Jim Van Bebber (The Manson Family)? That too is gone. But what is on this new blu ray are several interviews with cast and crew as well as a new audio commentary track by Carl Gabriel Yorke and Francesca Ciardi that I found just as entertaining as watching the film. My favorite moments are when the two are at odds at what happened on set and when Yorke starts to get upset over the actual on screen deaths. Both actors are still amazed at how this film is actually loved by people. It was nice seeing the Cinema Wasteland Cannibal Holocaust / Deodato panel that took place in Cleveland as that was an event yours truly was at. It was also the last public appearance by the late, great David Hess who worked with Deodato on House on the Edge of the Park and Body Count. But the biggest addition to the blu ray is the third disc, a CD of the entire soundtrack by Riz Ortolani. The music is both beautiful and haunting. Oh and how about the new upgraded picture? Perfect. The film doesn’t look like it has a yellow-ish filter anymore. There is now an option to listen to the film in either stereo or mono which is a great addition. alan yates

Although beautiful shot with a masterful score, Cannibal Holocaust is still a savage, brutal, unapologetic shocker that still packs a punch after 35 years. There is no question that Deodato is at the top of his game here and while I am proud to own this in my collection, it is not a film that I can recommend to semi-timid film fans who have not yet witnessed this gruesome gem.

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