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Meka Nism Takes a Tough Situation and Makes it their Bitch at RiverSide Ball Room In Green Bay on May 13th, 2016 Story and Photos By: Coren E. McLeod

Meka Nism Takes a Tough Situation and Makes it their Bitch at RiverSide Ball Room In Green Bay on May 13th, 2016
Story and Photos By:  Coren E. McLeod

We have to be honest here:  Everyone joins a band to be able to get out there and tour the United States.  It is a grueling schedule.  However, it is so worth it when a band is able to play their own music on their own terms.

Sometimes touring can be rough though.  Between the all nights driving, the lack of sleep and the poor diet, musicians find this sort of sacrifice all worth it.

On Monday May 9th, 2016 at around 5 am, Unrated Magazine’s favorite Art Metal band, Meka Nism, endured a bad situation in the early morning while heading out of Pittsburgh, PA on tour with the spectacular band Avatar.  Meka Nism’s trailer caught fire and caused the band a lot of stress.  Currently, Meka Nism has a GO FUND ME page up to help with the cost of a new trailer.

From the Band Meka Nism:
Hey Everyone, Our trailer while on the current tour with Avatar caught on fire and is unable to continue the tour. We are in need of some help ASAP! Anything that is donated is greatly appreciated and if you can't then please share and tell everyone!! Thank you to everyone and we love you all…

            With this terrible situation, Meka Nism stayed true to form and carried on with the tour with Avatar.  All the equipment went without any harm done to them.  The band came to the conclusion that a much needed U Haul trailer had to be rented to get their gear to point A to point B.

Meka Nism got to Green Bay, WI on May 13th, 2016 ready to slay the metal induced audience.  This was a big day for the entire tour.  Why you ask?  That was the day Avatar was dropping their much anticipated concept album Feathers and Flesh. 

            Of course, with Green Bay only being a mere 3 hours from where I live, I had to go see my favorite people and band in the great cheese state.  When I entered into the Riverside Ballroom it was this magnificent place that was awe inspiring.  Literally, the Riverside was huge and had fancy chandlers hanging from the ceilings. 

I was so enthused with how Meka Nism and I have come a long way with each other.  From Palatine, Illinois to Springfield to Austin and now Green Bay, Meka Nism has taken on the United States with such a vengeance and an all-around great perceptive on life.  I mean, come on, their trailer caught on fire and the entire band was still in high spirits to kick ass every night when they performed before Avatar.

Every time I go and travel to see Meka Nism, it is so worth it.  I am a part of a great group of friends and I do not feel awkward whatsoever around any of them.  This group is known as “The Tribe.”  The respect between Meka, Alvin, Jay, Bobby, Reed, Alvin, Jeremey and myself is so much on the surface.  I admire them so much and their tenacity.

Not only was I there to do a concert review for Meka Nism and Avatar, I was also a photographer for the night.  With me being in the photo pit for the 1st time ever at a concert, I swear I was a little nervous.  Covering this event as a photographer, I wanted capture each band member of Meka Nism as I know each person individually while they were performing.  During sound check, Bobby and Alvin for sure put my tension at ease.  Bobby was doing his best impersonation of the devil it had me in stitches and I knew I was ready to take on the challenge.

Right around 7 pm on May 13th, it was go time and as the Razor 94.7 DJ fucked up Meka Nism’s name. (Seriously.  He made it seem like their name was Mayonnaise.  Hello.  Meka Nism is not a sandwich condiment nor is it a Smashing Pumpkins’ song.)   As the entire ensemble of Meka Nism came roaring out to the epic beginning of “Mouth of God,” it filled the entire RiverSide Ballroom with stimulating dynamism. 

Honestly, if you don’t know, “Mouth of God” is a song that speaks to me on every level.  (I have played it 114 times on my Google Play account.  I love it that much.)  As I witnessed Meka and Alvin swaying back and forth with each other on stage during “Mouth of God”, I had to stop myself from dancing.  I get so lost in the music, I almost forgot I had to take pictures. 

 While I was in the photo pit, considering I listen to “The Shift” and “Live From the Machine Shop” almost every day in my minuscule world. (Ha Ha.  Just kidding.)  I knew the songs and knew what would be happening during the performance.  For example, I understood Jeremy was going to have a stellar, heavy hitting drum start to “Tyranny Reigns.”  During “Phoenix”, I focused my attention on Reed especially when he roared his monstrous voice during the middle of the song.  What cracked me up was the other photographers took notice and started to follow me wherever I went to shoot all the action.  It was kind of an ego boost to say the least.

            Hearing all my favorite songs again live is such a pleasure.  I literally think I am so spoiled beyond relief.  One thing that I love with every Meka Nism set I have seen is the fact they close with the ever motivating and chilling “Mekamorphosis.”  I am so in love with this song.  Why you may ask?  Just due to the differences I have seen in Meka Nism since the first time I met them.  They have grown as a band and so has their fan base.  I have seen this band develop on so many levels and they have noticed the same thing in me as a journalist.  Both the band and I have taken “flight” in more ways than one.  And that is why change is always such a great initiative to take on.

The confidence that comes across now on stage is so present and commanding.  Meka with her ever soaring voice echoing across the room transcends beyond recognition.   Jeremy at such a young age displaying musical skills that makes many jealous.  Jay brings so much energy and knowledge to Meka Nism. It is hard not wanting to talk about music all day with him.  Reed has such a confident charisma while singing and plucking away at his rhythm guitar it is hard not to stare.  Bobby with his very beautiful blood red ESP Guitar making everyone in the audience hang on to every note he blasts out with a touch of his fingers.  And then there is the ever spirited Alvin that I am convinced is the second coming of RHCP’s Flea with his mastery of the bass guitar. 

This band is it for me.  Meka Nism is what I find to be such beautiful and a wondrous creation that was meant to be put together.  I cannot wait (I say this all the time) to see what the future brings for this Orlando base band.  I know I can’t get enough of these people.  With the demands of tour life, it can be hard to stay grounded in an industry that wants people to turn into assholes.  Meka Nism will stay humble and still melt faces along the way as time marches on.  (Get the Metallica reference there…)

Thanks again to everyone in Meka Nism for allowing me to see another chapter in your life being written.  It is truly an honor and I will never take these moments for granted.

Coren E. McLeod

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