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TRIVIUM Plays to a Sold Out Show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago on November 12th, 2017

TRIVIUM #Hardcore #Metal
Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL USA, November 12th, 2017

By Coren McLeod

When anyone seems to question if the metal music scene is dying, I tend to wonder if that particular person even remotely knows anything about metal music in general.

The metal music scene is a group of people which lives and breathes everything hardcore.  It's a community of trust among fans and musicians carrying on the tradition.  Bands like Motörhead, Metallica, Lamb of God, Megadeth etc. have paved the way for others to follow a righteous path to keep throwing the horns and keeping the music heavy.

On November 12th, 2017, in my favorite city of Chicago, I was granted access to see the all mighty Trivium live at Concord Music Hall.

I first began to listen to Trivium falling in love with the hypnotizing voice of Matt Heafy  during the song "Until The World Turns Cold."

Upon entering Concord Music Hall, I felt a sense of excitement.  I felt an energy like no other and I knew this was going to be an unforgettable night.  The crowd was hyped and ready to mosh at any given moment.

I was again in the photo pit and was being warned I might be hit by some crowd surfers, by security.   "Hey."  It is what I signed up for.  "It comes with the job."

As the audience grew restless, the lights turned dimmed and a sudden roar came out.  TRIVIUM has taken the stage and everything was right in the world.

I first saw Paolo Francesco Gregoletto with his bass conquer the stage.  Than Corey King Beaulieu strum a few guitar strings while Alex Bent started to hit his drums with force.  Matt made his way out to greet his fans with a powerful start to their "The Sin and the Sentence...."   Hell was upon us and yet I was strangely comfortable with that...

Fans sung along with each verse, chorus, and bridge.   Mesmerizing doesn't even describe what TRIVIUM brings to their performance.   The energy from each band member tops off at a level which literally brings the roof down.

TRIVIUM had a phenomenal mix of new and old songs as they perform.    Hearing "Strife," "Heart From Your Hate," and "Dead and Gone" live should be on every #metalhead 's bucket list.  TRIVIUM is without a doubt true to its core and keeps the tradition of metal alive.

Don't question the power of Metal...  Unless you're willing to back it up with some facts.   The truth is TRIVIUM is all metal, all the time.  Keep that in mind...

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