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One on One Interview with Janet Gardner from Vixen

Interview with Janet Gardner from the band Vixen and also touring soon to promote her solo debut album! 

Janet Gardner of Vixen (credit Anita Maree Brodersen)
Janet Gardner

Interview with Janet Gardner   June 13, 2017
Presented by Unrated Magazine – Anita Mare
e Brodersen
All photos by Anita Maree Brodersen

Janet, thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this one-on-one with Unrated Magazine!
Janet:  You're welcome.  Thank you for coming to our show and taking some great photographs!
UR: First, congratulations on your upcoming solo album with Pavement Music.  Can you let us know when the world-wide release date is and what your fans can expect with the new music?
Janet Gardner of Vixen (credit Anita Maree Brodersen)
Janet Gardner
Janet: Thank you, Anita! Yes, our worldwide release date is August 18th.  We’re so excited to be working with the great team at Pavement. This is a very diverse collection of music.  Justin and I combined forces with hard rock influences from the last four decades.  If you like the seventies, the song "The Good or the Bye" is the song for you. If you like the eighties, "If You Want Me," "Candle," and "Hippycrite" are for you.  If you like the nineties, you might dig "Your Problem Now" and "The Grind," but they all have a common thread that is simply our sound together.

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