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1 on 1 interview with the legendary: Tom Keifer- Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas 04/22/17

Unrated Magazine presents:  1 on 1 interview with the legendary: Tom Keifer

                                     Interview and all photos by: Anita Maree Brodersen
                               Tom Keifer looks ahead and to his new album due out in 2018!

Anita:  Unrated is so excited. We are here at Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas with the legendary Tom Keifer.  Tonight Tom and his band are performing at Vamp’d and performing songs off his latest album “The Way Life Goes”.  I know there are some key songs on you latest album “Solid Ground”, “Ask Me Yesterday”, and “It’s Not Enough”.  What is the reaction your fans are giving these last few years on these songs?

Tom:  It has been a really-really amazing response to play these songs live. When we do our 90
 minute concerts we play at least five songs from the new album and then mix in the Cinderella classics. It has been cool to have the new songs been received so well not only by the fans but by the press too.

Anita: What are some of the new songs you like playing right now off “The Way Life Goes?”
Tom:  You know, I have written a lot of ballads over the years and it is hard to get them all in the set but I have added part of “Thick and Thin” this year as part of a ballad medley and I have added the title track “The Way Life Goes”.  We have all been diggin’ to do that one as it has an interesting groove.  There is so much going on in that song and we are having fun playing it.
Anita:  Let’s talk about “The Flower Song”.  Jim Peterik (Survivor) co-wrote this song. How did you hook up with Jim?

Tom:  I had the chorus idea for the song for quite a few years rolling in my head.  That is how I write – you get the seed or part of a song in your head and it stays with me and it keeps playing in my head.  I was getting together with Jim to write and I put the idea out and he immediately helped out with tune and lyrics. Jim is a great writer and a lot of fun.
Tom Keifer

Anita:  I know you have been promoting your latest album for a few years now, what do you see in the future for you and your band? Are you writing new songs?

Tom: I have been writing. We’ve been on tour now for a few years, part of that is because when the record was released I have never toured or played solo.  So not only have we been promoting the record but we have been building the solo touring band on the tour circuit – from smaller clubs to the large festivals and we have really built this band up. Along the way I am planting seeds for new songs.  Next year we are heading into the studio with the touring band for a new album. Coming out this summer will be a deluxe edition of “The Way Life Goes” album featuring a repackaged album, bonus tracks, and a documentary. This collector’s edition will be distributed world-wide.

Anita: On route to my interview with you I was on social media asking your fans to send in questions to me.  Wow – I got tons of requests.  Here are a few:
Anita: Any plans on touring Europe?
Tom:  Well we were in Europe in 2015 for three weeks. The reception was really beyond our expectations.  The Keifer band is happy to come back!

Anita: Any favorite cities in the US you like best playing at?
Tom Keifer

Tom:  That is tough. I feel so fortunate and grateful for all the loyal fans and even more so now. I see the fans singing every word.  It is hard to pick one city. I hadn’t played Tucson in years and we were there last night and it was just like …wow…they don’t forget these songs and that was an amazing feeling.

Anita:  What do you do to relax?
Tom:  I love movies. Savannah and I are all about going to get a good meal and kickin’ back with our son. Family night at home is key. Our priority is our son. He plays a lot of sports – baseball and soccer games.

Anita:  You shot to fame with your band Cinderella. What are some of the moments you hold true to your heart during that time and also today with your band?
Tom: I love the creative process but my favorite memories which hold true my entire career is playing live. It is a generous, honest moment, no do-overs, it is what it is, you go out there and it is rock and roll and I absolutely love the connection with the audience.

Anita:  Thank you Tom for sharing this time with Unrated Magazine.  Thank you to Danny B. who assisted me on this interview.  Later that night the Count’s Vamp’d club was packed wall to wall with fans of Tom Keifer performing his hits and giving the crowd the best shot of gasoline ever!  See you on the road and keep rockin’!

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