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Bad Suns in Pittsburgh PA

Bad Suns with From Indian Lake
Stage AE Clubhouse, Pittsburgh PA
Thursday, March 9, 2017
Review and Pictures by Lisa Sikon
Stage AE was set up in a club style for an intimate show on Thursday. There was quite a line around the block waiting for the doors to open as I arrived.  The sold out crowd packed the room and the balcony to see the Bad Suns stop by Pittsburgh for their Heartbreaker Tour.  They have a new album out, which was released in October 2016, titled, "Disappear Here".  The new album reflects the bands style, but with a more cohesive tone and maturity.  It has a nice mix of upbeat songs that I found refreshing and fun.  My favorite songs from the album are "Daft Pretty Boys" and" Even In My Dreams I Can't Win".  I definitely will have this Bad Suns on my radar when I need some tunes to get me up and moving.

From Indian Lakes
First up to play was the band "From Indian Lakes".  The band was formed in 2009 by Joey Vannucci, who wrote, performed and produced all the music on his recently released album, "Everything Feels Better Now".  The music was soft, ethereal and refreshing with an electronic sound mixed in with smooth guitar and soothing vocals. The five piece touring band had Joey Vannucci on vocals and guitar, Justin Stanphil on guitar, Enrique Gutierrez on the keyboard, Tohm Ifergan on drums and rounding out on bass was Chris Kellogg.

 I liked the interesting electronic elements added to the songs along with the nice solos. There was not a lot of small talk from the band to the audience but the music was well received, with the crowd enjoying the music.

I ended up picking up the vinyl, a sweet pale pink record with some interesting artwork.  The music is relaxing with more electronic elements added than the live show.  Definitely worth a listen, especially when you need to chill out.  Joey Vannucci's voice perfectly matches the music and I love the lyrics as well.  Watch the official video: Blank Tapes and get a taste of the music. I'm going to be looking for this band to come back to Pittsburgh.

The Bad Suns have a loyal fan base here, the crowd was enthusiastic and engaged as soon as the band stepped up on stage.

This band calls Los Angeles home and has been around since 2012. Christo Bowman played to the crowd with his charismatic stage presence.  He often talked to the crowd, engaging them to sing and dance along.

This band has a distinct sound, modern but with a touch of 80's and 90's tossed into create a unique
Bad Suns
sound.  It's music that prompts you to move and leaves you with a smile on your face.  The crowd was often singing along word for word to most every song.  They started off the show with a title song from their new album, "Disappear Here" and immediately had the crowd involved.  Lots of lights created a high energy show amidst the Bad Suns logo as a backdrop.  The other members of the band are: Miles Morris on drums, Gavin Bennett on bass and Ray Libby on guitar.

The band played a mix of songs from both of their albums, including their break out single, Cardiac Arrest.  I have to admit, this is my favorite song played this evening but I did enjoy the rest of the set. They played the crowd favorites, including "Salt" and "Heartbreaker" .

They played all their own songs, with no covers. The band really put in the effort to please their fans, often playing to the crowd and encouraging them to sing and clap along to the songs. This was a great show and I'm glad I had the opportunity to catch them as they rolled thru Pittsburgh.  I'm sure they picked up more of a fan base here and there's no doubt they will make their way back into town.




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