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Trey Songz (photo credit Mel D. Cole)
Trey Songz (credit Mel D. Cole)
For Valentine’s Day TREY SONGZ sat alongside ANGELA YEE at NYC’s YouTube space during an intimate Q&A amongst fans for a special sneak peek of ‘TREMAINE THE PLAYBOY’

“TREMAINE THE PLAYBOY” is a new dating series hosted by Steelo Brim & Draya Michele, which features The Playboy looking to settle down once and for all. The international entertainer and well-known heartthrob has given fans timeless music ranging from love to heartache, party anthems to bedroom classics but like everyone else, he would love someone to share it all with. Throughout the series the man who "invented sex" will mingle with models like Kayla Nicole, Holly Joso, Neeandra Brooks and many more on a conquest to find his perfect match.

Watch the super trailer of “TREMAINE THE PLAYBOY” visit, http://www.vh1.com/video-clips/2wv6fe

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