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Former active-duty Marines Form Rock Band Sixlight; Release "Sick Again" Music Video


Former active-duty Marines Form Rock Band Sixlight; Release "Sick Again" Music Video

(January 9, 2017 - Greensboro, NC) Rock quintet Sixlight has released their new music video and single "Sick Again." The new single comes from the group's forthcoming album set to release this spring. Blending catchy radio friendly hooks with standout vocals has these former active duty marines and newly formed band on the right track to the active rock world.Sixlight orginally formed in 2014 after three of the five founding members completed their enlistments in the Marines. While in the Marines, Curtis Martin (guitar), Nick Tekampe (vocals) and Ian Collins (guitar) met and immediately connected with musical tastes and rounding out with Travis Sharp (drums) and Rob Endling (bass).    This later grew into the idea of their next mission, SIxlight.
"The concept behind 'Sick Again' was to put into words the mental struggle of addiction to an abusive relationship or substance. The lyrics describe the feeling of relapsing into the same destructive habits you know are killing you, but enjoying the high and giving in to temptation just to ease the pain. Everyone struggles with right and wrong when finding themselves and we keep making the same crippling choices over and over. 'Sick Again' is the hard hitting dark anthem for anyone who has ever felt like a slave to addiction." - Vocalist, Nick Tekampe
"Sick Again" is available to purchase on iTunes and all other online music retailers.

Song Review by Coren E. McLeod

When a person is a fan of Trapt and Three Days Grace, we get it.  Those bands are known for their tough, in your face aggression and true to life lyrics which can give you all the feels.

That is exactly what you get from the band Sixlight with their newest release "Sick Again..."  I was giving this a hard listen and I get it:  Life can be pretty tough at times especially these days.  The song "Sick Again" grabs those emotions by the horns and brings to the audience a fearless anthem for those who felt weak at times.  We all have something that we run to in a time of need and "Sick Again" addresses those issues in a way that speaks to every metal head out there:  Loud!

I loved hearing the gut wrenching vocals of lead singer Nick Tekampe.  He does remind me of Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt with how gifted and fierce he can belt out the lyrics.  Plus with an equally impressive guitar provided by Ian and Curtis, this song just becomes powerful on every aspect.

Considering I am a fellow drummer, watching Travis in the video for "Sick Again" is aww inspiring.  Ian on bass just draws the whole "project" together ever so nicely that it is tied up in a pretty metal bow delivered to you by Sixlight.


Greensboro, NC
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