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Randy Baumann's Ramble at the Rex

Randy Baumann's Ramble
Friday ,December 16, 2016
Rex Theatre, Southside Pittsburgh
Randy Baumann's Ramble
by Lisa Sikon

Randy Baumann is the morning show host for local radio station WDVE. For a number of years now
Randy Baumann
 he has hosted the Rambles, which bring together different local musicians to play covers as well as their own music.

I attended the Hartwood Ramble earlier in the year, so I knew what to expect with the Ramble at the Rex, nothing but a fantastic show and I wasn't disappointed. This ramble focused around songs from The Last Waltz, from the Band, being that it is the 40th anniversary. Randy Baumann organizes the event as well as plays the piano/keys and does a bit of vocals too.

The Beagle Brothers started off the evening with their country sound. This band has been around for
Beagle Brothers
 about 10 years and the music is a mix of classic country with a bit of honky-tonk thrown in. They had a great sound and the crowd received them well. The members of the band are: Eric Brockschmidt, Sam Cooper, Kyle Kline, Danny Rectenwald, Jeff Ritter, Ezra Smith, Gabriel Smith, Noah Smith and Read Connelly, who played the pedal steel guitar.

The lineup for the Ramble was heavy on talent: Clinton Clegg and Mike Minda(Common Heart), Paul Luc, Chet Vincent (Chet Vincent and the Big Bend), Molly Alphabet, Morgan Erina, Andre Costello (Andre Costello and the Cool Minors), Josh Verbanetts (Meeting of Important People) Addi Twigg, Nathan Zoob (Wreck Loose) and Max Sommerville (Wreck Loose), Rob James (Clarks) Lauren DeLorenze (Red Western), Jimbo Jackson( Jimbo and the Soup Bones),Jay Wiley (The Hawkeyes) and Danny Rectenwald (Bastard Bearded Irishmen). Nathan Zoob directed the Ramble Band, Chad Sipes was on bass, Mike Minda on guitar, Max Sommerville on the pedal steel guitar , Danny Rectenwald was on the mandolin and Rob James was on guitar as well. Of course, Randy Baumann was playing the piano/keys.

Some of the standout performances of the evening- Clinton Clegg singing Ophelia. Clinton has such
Clinton Clegg
 a powerful voice and puts so much emotion into every song he sings. He just takes over the stage whenever he is performing. Andre Costello doing a cover of Us and Them by Pink Floyd. His voice is perfectly suited for this song and he killed it. Molly Alphabet doing the Dylan song, Things have changed. She made that song her own and it was fantastic. Josh Verbanetts did a great cover of the Kinks, Lola. He had the crowd into the song and just added a lot of fun to his version. Chet Vincent did a wonderful version of Ohio as well. The night ended with the entire group doing The Weight. Everyone was up on stage for an extended version of the song.

The Ramble's are becoming a Pittsburgh favorite both for the artists as well as the audience. I'm sure Randy Baumann will be organizing another one in the spring or summer. The Rex was a perfect venue for the show, but maybe they will be back at Hartwood Acres in the summer. The level of talent and seeing the artists perform with each other should not be missed. It's a great show and I know I'll be attending the next one.


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