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Dazzletine/Pet Clinic/Side Eye at Cattivo, Lawrenceville PA

Dazzletine/Pet Clinic/Side Eye
Cattivo, Lawrenceville PA 

December 9, 2016 
by Lisa Sikon

Dazzletine is a glam rock, alternative band with a style and sound that is all their own .  They were
 performing tonight to release their new album, 'Organomy', which took four years to produce. The band also has a previous EP, but this is the first full length album.  Dazzletine is a band that has fun on stage and transfers that energy to the crowd.  I have to admit, I liked watching Dan Koshute perform on stage.  His performance is fun to watch as he is constantly moving on the stage, singing and playing with frenzy that I found entertaining.  Nick Fleury adds more vocals and guitar with Darren Diederich on the bass,  and Nick Charters on drums.  They played a number of songs off of the album, as would be expected at a record release.  They extended the songs with additional riffs sprinkled in at different areas.  Dazzletine isn't a band that you can pigeon hole into any one category, they have something for everyone in the audience.  The lyrics are strong and the music has a captivating beat, many in the crowd were dancing and nodding along with the music.   From start to finish, they put on a high energy performance, with Dan often coming out to the front of the stage to play. Dan Koshute played solo for the last song, captivating the audience with his stellar performance.  This is definitely a band you would want to see play live, visually the bit of glam and the solid guitar playing will reel you in and you will find yourself dancing to the music.  Take a listen to 'Organomy', it's a solid album that will find a home in your collection.

Pet Clinic is a garage, alternative rock band that has been a favorite in Pittsburgh for a number of
Pet Clinic
years. In May, they released their second album, 'No Face' and haven't slowed down since.  They recorded the entire album in their Troy Hill home and I have say, it's a killer album. The band went on a West Coast tour to promote the album shortly after their local record release show.  Local public radio station, WYEP, also named it in the top 5 local albums of the year.  David Bubenheim is the lead guitarist and vocalist; he has a unique vocal range .  He can go from a soft purr to the distinctive scream that he uses in so many of Pet Clinic's songs .  John Henderson plays the keyboard and synth with such intensity, his long hair flowing over his face most of the time.  He is mesmerizing to watch as he adds the synthesized sounds that add so much depth to the music.  Mike Arendt's solid guitar playing infuses a richness into each song.  Ian Edwards plays the bass like no one I have ever seen, adding the driving beat as well as some bass solos.  He is in perfect sync with drummer Kenny Nelson to form the heartbeat of the band. Tonight they played a mix of songs from 'No Face' and their first album, 'The Dust That Made the Fire That Made the Light'. 'Stop Wasting My Precious Time' is a favorite of mine and they played that as well as some new material, which had a frantic pace with a bit of punk added in.  One of the things that I love about Pet Clinic's music is the small surprises in the songs, there always seems to be a shift or added riff that makes the music so enjoyable.  The crowd was obviously into the music, many dancing to the driving beat. They ended the set with 'Fox the Dog', this performance was without question, one of the best that I have seen from this band.  If you get a chance, be sure to see them perform live and also pick up a copy of 'No Face', you will no doubt be listening to it a lot as it is a great album.

Side Eye

Side Eye is a surf/garage girl band that is relatively new to the Pittsburgh area. This trio has Chelsey Rumbaugh on the guitar and vocals, Marie Mashyna on bass and vocals and Carrie Battle on drums and vocals. They opened the evening with their mix of slow surf and gritty garage band sound.  They have two songs out on and EP, 'Bittersweet' and 'It's Not Easy'.  This evening they played an interesting cover of the Pixies, 'Here Comes Your Man'.  This band had an easy going stage presence and the crowd was definitely enjoying the sound.  I'll be on the lookout for some future material by this girl group.

Cattivo has been around for 20 years and is located in the Lawrenceville section of the city.  It hosts a number of bands and has stages both upstairs and downstairs, sometimes having bands both at the same time.  It's a friendly atmosphere and they support the local band scene in Pittsburgh.  It's important that local bands have a community that comes out to listen.  All bands start out as a local band somewhere, support your local bands, go out and see them, buy their merchandise and albums, give them a voice for they are the backbone of the music industry. 





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