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BrokenRail EP Review

- BrokenRail EP
Label: Self Released
PR: High Road Publicity
By: Jenafur Schlangen- Adams
Hailing from all the way down yonder in Birmingham, Alabama, the guys of BrokenRail have without a doubt resurrected the rawk from the early 2000's in a manner that could be considered dauntless if not just plain in your face...and that's a good thing. Yet, while their latest self-titled EP contains only three songs, all three most certainly pack a punch and should not be overlooked by the masses. Hit up the band's website or Facebook (below) for a listen
-for-yourself session that will not disappoint.
Track 1: Memory
Track 2: Walk Again
Track 3: Save Me
Coming together in 2008, it was in 2010, when the band started their journey releasingEPs under the watchful eyes
and ears of producers/engineers from the likes of Shinedown/Crossfade, Dark New Day, Papa Roach, et al. So it was of no surprise that halfway through the first song, "Memory," all of these influences literally bled out like a chunkybass/guitar and vocal mix of audio goodness. Those attributes, particularly on the first track can clearly be credited to Nelson Rezek (guitars) and Dick Black (bass), respectively.
The second song off of the EP is entitled, "Walk Again." Perhaps it is just me, but this song begins eerily similar to that of Trust Company's, "Downfall." Actually, the similarity was a bit of a distraction at first,but eventually progressed into the band's original message of dealing with frustration and eventually gaining the strength of being able to "walk again."In the end, props should definitely be given to vocalist, Blake Clawson, on this one as his vocal creativity is at times mind-bending....which is not always a bad thing.
It was only within the first ten seconds of the third track, "Save Me," before it became extremely apparent that this band is also heavily influenced by the band Disturbed, which is not a bad thing either...a mere point of reference, perhaps. But, that being said, the originality of vocals and percussion (Alex Hilton) all working in near perfect unity, there is such an emotional and desperate plea to literally be " saved" that will almost consume you or at least leave you feeling exhausted with empathy for the plight.
Nelson Rezek -Guitar
Alex Hilton -Drums
Dick Black -Bass
    Blake Clawson- Vocals

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