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September Mourning and The Art of Burning Bridges with The Common Crowns Diesel Club Lounge, Pittsburgh PA

September Mourning and The Art of Burning Bridges with The Common Crowns
Diesel Club Lounge, Pittsburgh PA
November 14 ,2016
September Mourning at The Common Crowns
Diesel Club Lounge

Review and Photos by Lisa Sikon

September Mourning is both a musical and theatrical experience, both a pleasure for the ears and eyes. The band was formed in 2010 with the premise of the story of September, a human-reaper hybrid that gives some humans a second chance at life and exchanges souls with them. September then is able to retain a part of the souls' identity.

The other members are Wraith and Riven on guitar, with Stitch on the drums as part of her demon ensemble. The songs that were played were from their recently released album, Volume II. The band started with 'The Eye of the Storm', with an entrance that mesmerized the audience. The band,
dressed in long hooded capes entered the stage with September mid stage. Once the music started it
September Mourning at The Common Crowns
Diesel Club Lounge
just kept on delivering. September has an amazing range to her vocals and it adds so much power to the music. It's definitely hard rock, but with beautifully written lyrics that adds intensity to the driving beat. There is nothing lacking either musically or with the story line, and I found the entire experience enjoyable. The audience was eclectic, some hard core fans sprinkled with fans that were new to the music.

September engaged the audience repeatedly, talking and telling her story and adding to the experience of the show. Being one that is new to the music of September Mourning, I was won over and definitely impressed . 'Live Like Your Alive' and 'Superhuman' are now a couple of my favorites now. September used a few props with the show and had a couple of costume changes, while the band jammed on. They ended with 'Children of Fate', an energetic performance that had the audience totally engaged and wanting more. There was no encore, but that did not lessen the performance. I found the entire show highly fascinating and beautifully performed.

The band is also putting out a graphic comic book series, titled 'A Murder of Reapers' that was available at the merchandise table, along with the album and a clothing line. The comic is a nice touch to round out the music and the experience of the show as a unique souvenir to remember the concert. September was available after the show to sign copies. I found the show extremely interesting on so many levels and I would definitely recommend seeing the performance live. The entire package of music and stage performance was just a thrill to experience. The music, lights, storyline all added so much interesting aspics to the show, it would be a shame to miss the experience live.

The Art of Burning Bridges was second to perform in the evening. The band is a group out of
The Art of Burning Bridges
Pittsburgh and consists of Anthony Rome, on main vocals and guitar, Kassie Rock on bass, Timmy Rock on keyboards and synth, with Justin Time on drums/percussion. I especially liked the deep baritone voice of Anthony Rome, it added so much depth and richness to the music. At times, Timmy Rock seemed possessed on the keyboards, playing with such intensity. 'Run and the Beginning of the Fall' was one song in particular that stood out. The band engaged a bit with the audience but the music mainly won over the crowd. I found them very entertaining with the lights and backdrop adding to the music. I also liked the band mascot-Snoot, a stuffed dinosaur that kept falling off the drum set during the set.

The Common Court started off the evening with a high energy performance. This Pittsburgh band
The Common Court

consists of J. Heyners on vocals, M. Ferrane on drums, S. Craver on bass, and Z. Shepard and D. Mammano on guitars. I loved the vocals, they were strong and unique and added a lot of depth to the music. They had a great stage presence and engaged the audience at times. The band played a variety of songs and the audience was into the performance. They put on a great show and I enjoyed listening to and watching them on stage. I felt there was depth of range to their music. 'Seventeen Lies' is their signature song, be sure to check out the YouTube video or better yet, try to catch a live performance, it's definitely worth it. This is a band that is a must see.

The show was set at Diesel Club Lounge, located on Carson Street in the South Side of Pittsburgh. It's a smaller venue with a great sound system as well as entertaining lighting. There are 2 levels, although the upper level was closed for this performance. They host a wide range of events, from live music and DJ's with plenty of dancing on the main floor.

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