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Interview with Pavement Entertainment Artist Into The Fire By: Coren E. McLeod

Interview with Pavement Entertainment Artist Into The Fire:

By:  Coren E. McLeod

From the Into The Fire's website:

American hard rock band INTO THE FIRE was conceived in 2013 by vocalist Bryan Scott (The Union Underground, Cult To Follow), bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL).

"I was sitting around with Adam one day talking about who would be great to jam with" states bassist Tim King. "I shot Bryan Scott a text message and Into The Fire was born a day later"

The group grabbed onto this opportunity and started putting material together. According to Bryan Scott "As soon as Tim sent me the material I immediately had ideas and started putting vocals down. The music had the perfect vibe for what I wanted to do."

The first 2 released tracks "Spit You Out" and "From The Medicine" were engineered, produced and mixed by Bryan W.Scott and mastered by James Murphy. The result can be best described as a raw and stripped down rock sound with modern elements. Drums for the tracks were performed by ex- Black Label Society drummer Craig Nunenmacher, who was unable to continue with the project due to family obligations. Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence, Black label Society) was brought in to replace Craig on drums.

A video for the first singe "Spit You Out" is scheduled for Feb/2016. Details on video & EP release Coming Soon!

Coren McLeod's Interview

Seriouisly, rock music is on a comeback and I could not be more excited.  The music industry needed a jolt and with the year 2016 coming to an end, it is great to see that the horns are flying and hear that the music is loud.

I was able to sit down with the lead singer of Into The Fire, Bryan Scott, and find out what is happening for the rest of the year and how fans are reacting to the New EP.

Here is what Bryan had to say:

UnRated Coren: WOW!!!  4 guys all from 3 different bands.  How did everyone come together?

Bryan:  I've known Tim & Adam for over 15 years now and we have thrown around the idea of doing a project together for several years and it finally worked out for everyone a couple of years ago. The guys sent me some killer music, I layed some vocals down, we ultimately got Will into the fold & INTO THE FIRE was born!

UnRated Coren:   You just dropped a new EP in September through Pavement.  How are fans responding to it?

Bryan:   It's been amazing. A lot of the feedback I've heard is that INTO THE FIRE (and bands like us) are bringing Rock back. In my opinion it never went anywhere, but we have no problem being a champion for that concept!

UnRated Coren: I love your sound.  How does everyone come together to collaborate on the songs?

Bryan:  So far, with the songs on this EP, we mostly just sent files back & forth until we had arrangements we liked. The guys send me music and I will tweak the arrangements to accomadate my lyrics and turn theinto finished songs. 

UnRated Coren:  Okay.  So, who are some of your influences?

Bryan:  That is a long list, but generally, I'm an 80s kid as far as over the top bombastic live shows and concepts, so I've always loved Motley, GnR, Judas Priest, AC/DC, etc. My writing style however, is more based in the 90s. NIN, AIC, Soundgarden, etc. From 2000 to the current the list goes on and on of course, but those are the fundementals. 

UnRated Coren:  The music video for "Spit You Out" is a little dirty and wicked...  (IMO)  Who came up with the concept?  

 Bryan:  Eric Richter (director) & I did mostly. Since I write the lyrics the guys trusted me  to work the concept from a lyrical standpoint and collaborate with Eric. Tim & Adam did have some great ideas in the editing stage on general flow issues however. I wanted this video to have a gritty, shadowy film look straight from the mid 90s. Capturing the video fx and video in camera as opposed to relying on greenscreen for everything. I think he completely nailed it. 

UnRated Coren:  What was it like being on that set for shooting?

Bryan:  Dark and hot actually, just like the video looks. We used traditional lighting rigs (non LED) in a tiny room in order to capture the look we wanted, so it was toasty. There was a full day of conceptual shooting and then a full 16 hr day of performance shots with the band. Eric and his crew were very prepared and had all the shots we had discussed mapped out really well. 

UnRated Coren:The end of the year drawing near.  What are the plans for the rest of the year?

Bryan:  We're putting together ideas for new songs now and hope to have another EP out in early 2017. Touring plans for summer 2017 are also in the works!

Of course, what you need to do is follow Into The Fire on all of their social media sites and go out to see them live when they hit your town in 2017.

Thank you Bryan for your time and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next year...  #Hornsup

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