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Highly Suspect's New Album Breaks Some Rules and It is Awesome: A Review of The Boy Who Died Wolf By: Coren E. McLeod

Highly Suspect’s New Album Breaks Some Rules and It is Awesome

A Review of The Boy Who Died Wolf

By:  Coren E. McLeod

I swear, there is just some music out there that truly hits people in the right way.  When I was first introduced to the stunning and powerful band, Highly Suspect, I was literally floored with amazement.  Of course, everyone has heard of the gut wrenching song, “Lydia.”  When I took a good, hard listen to this wonderment of a song, I could not get enough of it.  Who the hell can write lyrics that are so true to life and have a singer that is young yet can belt out the tune like no one’s business? 

That is why Highly Suspect and I will forever be in sync with each other just based on the fact I can relate to what they are saying.  And with that, I have the honor of reviewing their new album, The Boy Who Died Wolf.  Highly Suspect has had a big year with their debut album, Mister Asylum.  Between a few Grammy nominations and nonstop touring, the pressure is surely on for Johnny Stevens (vocals, guitar), Ryan Meyer (Drums, Vocal) and Rich Meyer (Bass, Vocals). 

Well, this fan right here was enthusiastic to have the ability to listen to the extremely anticipated album from this self-proclaim Rock/Progressive/Blues band.  One thing I can say, I have not stop listening to this sophomore album from the boys from Cape Cod.  I feel like I am not doing it justice when I state I am vastly awe-struck with The Boy Who Died Wolf. 

I love the authentic realness that comes out of Highly Suspect and the boys do not let their supporters down.  I mean, just take a listen to the single My Name is Human.  It is somewhat of a departure and makes a statement that Highly Suspect is ready to take on a new sound.  The lyrics are for sure self-analyzing with a dash of “I don’t care about the rest of the world right now.  So, please just leave me the fuck alone…”  With Johnny’s amazing ability to truly grasp the blues and sadness in his voice, this was the perfect lead off song. 

Now, this may shock some.  However, Highly Suspect takes on a 1980’s classic and drives in more sadness into the cover.  Yes, it is possible to make the popular tune “Send Me An Angel” from the band Real Life less poppy and more real in this day and age.  I am wondering:  How do these guys know about this song if they were not even born in the 80’s?  A slower melody along with heartbreaking vocals and a very chill undertone of drums provided by Ryan makes for a brilliant remake.  Bravo boys!

Now, you need to take a listen to track #9.  It is called FWYT and it is a delightful surprise.  I am a kid from the 1990’s and loved the techno sounds of that decade.  I especially loved the movie Trainspotting and the marvelous soundtrack it provided.  That was the automatic thought that came to my head while I was listening to FWYT.  To me, Highly Suspect took a chance with very little singing and more about the instrumentals on this song.  I love the hypnotic theme that I can very easily get lost to.  Give it a try.

One last song that got my ears to rise up is Look Alive, Stay Alive.  Very punk induced with aggressive guitar makes for a “take no shit” attitude that is great.  I love the over indulgent theme yet it is only 2 minutes and 10 seconds long.  I love how these three guys just you keeps guessing on this album.

So, did this not so shy fan enjoy this new compilation from Highly Suspect?  Let me just say HELL TO THE YEAH.  And for those waiting for the November 18th, 2016 for The Boy Who Died Wolf to drop, I suggest preordering this as soon as you can.  #Justsaying

I will be attending their November 18th show that will be in Chicago at The Bottom Lounge.  I will be that chick trying to keep her cool while sipping on a gin and tonic.  I promise, this will be an amazing night and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you Highly Suspect for a job well done!   #Cheers


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