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Seeing it Through the Musician's Eyes: A Look through LWT's Aaron Antczak's Eyes Opening for Like a Storm

Seeing it Through the Musician’s Eyes:

A Look through LWT’s Aaron Antczak’s Eyes Opening for Like a Storm

Article By:  Aaron Michael Antczak

Intro and Photos by:  Coren E. McLeod

Left With Tomorrow

Well, here is something very exciting for all our UnRated Readers out there….  If you haven’t noticed, I have become good friends with the amazing band Left With Tomorrow.  These guys have blown me away with their great attitudes, their passion for the music industry and just their overall positive persona. 

I would like to introduce a new guest writer on our team at UnRated Magazine.  Aaron Michael Antczak is the amazing lead singer of Left With Tomorrow.  Aaron has been such a huge supporter of me.  Plus, the guy has some skills when it comes to writing….  Aaron will be taking on some journeys for the Unrated Team.  Since he is a front man of a talented group, I asked Aaron to recall back on September 2nd, 2016 what his experience was like opening for New Zealand's favorite band Like a Storm.

Aaron jumped at the chance and let me just say, he went with it.  So, without further ado….  Here is Mr. Aaron’s account of what happen that crucial night at HOME Bar in Arlington Heights, Illinois preparing for a show like no other: 

Like a Storm

As I ready myself for my "Adult" job this coming week,  I can't help but reflect on my experience September 2nd, 2016. Let's face it, the following events are proof that hard work equals results. These opportunities aren't just handed out like free samples at your local supermarket.  You have to earn them! 

A few months ago, I received an email from Tony at HOME Bar Chicago asking if we would play with Like A Storm. I literally got that butterfly, almost like a nauseous "holy shit" feeling. I replied in my most professional version of a "Hell yeah". All five of us were immediately planed rehearsal, trying to get merchandise in order, calling everyone on our contact lists, sending emails, instant messaging and plastering social media to get prepared for this show.

As the weeks and days grew closer I kept thinking to myself "How in the actual F#$% are we gonna pull this off on Labor day weekend"? 

Like a Storm

The day came and went so quickly I barely had a chance to embrace how truly awesome it was. To see it from my perspective I can only explain it like this: Imagine that dream when you realize everyone is looking at you. You look down and realize you're in your underwear! There's two choices here... 1. Act like nothing is wrong and ignore the fact everyone is staring or 2. Run in terror and embarrassment to the nearest exit like a baby. Well #2 is not an option in my book at this point in my life so I choose to stand out there and put it all on the line. Why? Because I love music, I love performing.  It's my passion and I won't take a seat just because something might go wrong or my vocals aren't 100%....

I met Chris, Matt, Kent and Zach  (from Like a Storm) along with their parents who have been following them along part of the tour. These guys were genuine and more than humble to be there to do what they love. Not gonna lie, I was trying hard not show my excitement as they all reached out to shake my hand.  As soon as the introductions were over I felt at ease!  

Ignescent were first up.  This band gave a solid performance and great stage presence. Jennifer Benson's vocals were fantastic. Nathan James has a way with the crowd and ,as a guitar player, it's not the easiest thing to do while concentrating on solos among effects and queues! They did a very well cover of U2's "Pride (In the Name of Love).”  Wow! I stood watching from our merchandise booth as the crowd kept growing by the minute. All I could do was watch in awe. This was turning out to be one hell of a crowd! As they wrapped up, I started to get anxious. Naturally, this is what happens when you're about to go on. Believe it or not I'd be way more nervous performing in front of my soon to be wife than a crowd like this. 

Left With Tomorrow

The time comes for us to lock and load! There was literally no time for a sound check and it's a good thing we time our rehearsals to be under the limit given. As we began "Failure," I gazed into the crowd hoping in my mind they’re going to like us. Within a few measures, I felt the rush of adrenaline slip its way into my bloodstream, oddly enough it's calming. By the end of "Failure" I knew we were all on the same wave length.  I felt connected and alive. Ready to take it to the next level for "Anchors & Dreams," the songs kept rolling like a barrage of punishing blows to the mid-section. I could feel every little note pumping through me like a drug... It was intoxicating. We wrapped it up with "Faceless", at one point all I could hear was an entire section of the crowd singing with me. What an awesome opportunity! 

Like a Storm have something special for sure.  As Chris comes out for the first song, he picks up the didgeridoo, points it directly at his mic, the sound it produces was infectious and almost put me in a trance. I couldn't wait to hear this! They played for their fans with hearts on their sleeves. Thanking everyone at every turn for all the support. It was obvious to me why they're on top of the rock charts everywhere you look. Chris and Matt couldn't be more spot on.  Their harmonies were dead on! Kent and Zach locked in perfectly like a super synchronized transmission built for a highly tuned engine. From "Break Free" to "Wish you Hell" and all the songs in between these guys had the crowd at every note and every word! 

Like a Storm

Obviously, one could see how truly passionate Aaron is about music as a whole.  That night was simply a work of art from the beginning to the end.  I am always so proud to see the guys of Left With Tomorrow get such opportunities to really display their talents as a whole…. 

Make sure you watch for more articles from Aaron as he takes on another role in his life.  I wanted to take this time to personally thank Aaron for all his support and the rest of the guys at Left With Tomorrow.  We have grown as a group of people and it will just keep getting better!!! 


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