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FEA on Tour with Agent Orange in Morgantown, WV 08/29/2016

FEA on Tour with Agent Orange in Morgantown, WV 08/29/2016

By Dan Locke
Who is this new band FEA? If you are fan of Joan Jett of the Runaways you may have heard of them. They are on her label (Blackheart Records), they are an off shoot of a band called Girl in A Coma. Girl in A Coma is still around, they are just taking a break. Two of the sister Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva, joined by lead vocalist Letty Martinez and guitarist Aaron Magana started a new band with a harder edge sound. They are now combining punk and surf.  You can call it surf punk. The band told me that Aaron was a trained blues guitarist.  And they introduced him to punk.  I feel it was a wonderful thing to do.  He has a great sound.  And gives the band a real youthful feel.

They are currently on tour with Agent Orange.  They came to Morgantown, WV last month.  Most of the people in the crowd didn’t know who the band was.  And the whole crowd fell in love with the look and the sound of the band. The band interacted with each other, they have learned how to play
off of each other.  This works out very well for them.  I had seen the band as A Girl in A Coma.  And I feel they are a lot better in this form.  Their sound is fresh and really hit you.  Their sound reminds me of early Go-Go’s with a touch of Latin beat. They call their sound Chicana punk rock

This is a band I think you will start hearing soon.  If not live you may have heard them already.  Joan Jett is using their music for her walk on song in concert.

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