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We All Rocked with You: A Goodbye to Jeff Windisch of Emperors and Elephants

We All Rocked with You:
A Goodbye to Jeff Windisch
By: Coren E. McLeod

            As the past few days have been difficult, I sit here with tears in my eyes.  I am trying to gather my thoughts as to what happened this past Saturday, August 13th, 2016 in Savage, MN.  I think about many people.  Many who have been affected by the passing of a humble, funny and very talented man pursuing his dream. 
            Now, I am not trying to make this event about myself.  I want to get the word out about how the music community in the Chicagoland area is reacting to this situation.  It is sad, dishearten and tragic.  Our home town boys made us proud.  They were representing a small piece of Chicago across the United States.  Each member playing their heartfelt yet metal music to new and old fans alike.
We All Rocked with You….

            From the 1st guitar riff to the last powerful vocal being heard across the audience.  By forming a group of loyal fans which followed you to most shows.  By singing along to each word to every song…
We All Rocked with You….

            With watching your passion explode on stage as many stood in aww of your gift.  As many of us wrap our emotions around the loss of you…

We Will Still Rock with You.

            I will put this out there:  Jeff was and still is a significant part of Emperors and Elephants.  As we all mourn his passing, (I know I am going to sound so cliché…) let us remember his beautiful soul and the amazing music he brought to us…
            Jeff and the rest of Emperors and Elephants have all touched our lives.  And I want us all, as fans, to still head bang and throw the goat way up high to that magical place. 
            We know Jeff is still playing his Flying V guitar with such passion we will all be hearing him forever! 

We Will Still Rock with You….
A Tribute to Jeff Windisch of Emperors and Elephants


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