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New Album Review: Trapt "DNA" To Drop August 19th, 2016 By: Coren E. McLeod

 New Album Review: Trapt “DNA…”
To Drop August 19th, 2016
By:  Coren E. McLeod

Often times, there is such anticipation for a certain band to drop an album.  Most musical acts these days have a solid group of devoted fans.  And when it has been years since new music has been released, the wait can become agonizing. 
Trapt will be releasing their follow up to 2012’s “Reborn,” with this year’s “DNA.”  Fans have been looking forward to a new album from Trapt for 4 years and the time is coming near.  To be exact, the drop date is August 19th, 2016. 
So, let’s get honest here:  I have been a fan of Trapt since 2002.  When I was a sophomore down at Illinois State University and I heard the thumping and beginning guitar riffs of the ever popular song, “Headstrong,” I immediately got hooked.  Then, once I got my eyes on the music video and saw the ever gorgeous Chris Taylor Brown….  That was the end of that. 

I have literally been on an expedition with Trapt.  I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  From witnessing a few different guitar players to drummers; you can say I know a lot about this band.  What gets to me about Trapt is how wonderful a songwriter CTB is.  Chris can honestly compose a song about anything and still evoke some sort of feeling whether it is about love or pure hate. 
When I finally got to receive a copy of “DNA,” I made sure to give the album a couple of listens to ensure I was reviewing it as a journalist and a fan…   What really got to me hearing “DNA” was I could tell CTB was having some major life moments and the feels throughout the entire song writing process.  That is typical of Chris.  However, with everything that has changed for him on a personal level and within the band, the songs reflect that for sure. 

When Trapt first came out with their self-titled album, Chris was only 22 years old.  Since then, he has grown up.  “DNA” seems a bit more emotional and a lot more mature.  Let’s start off with the lead single, “Passenger.”  One could totally hear how Chris is pouring his heart out and just wanting for someone to hear his voice.  The lyrics, “I never took my foot off the pedal.  I never took my eyes off the road,” states he was trying to help someone.  Yet, you can only help a person and take them so far. 

The other two lead off singles are so night and day.  “Human like the Rest of Us” is just a statement on how the world is currently at with its state of affairs and I fucking love it.  Now, “It’s Over” is very suggestive of how one person can see a relationship and the other being so blind at the situation.  Again, CTB tugs at the ropes with his ability to capture certain feelings in every song.   

A stand out on “DNA” for me has to be track #9, called “Not So Different.”  This sounds like the old school Trapt that I fell in love with.  It has a very “Headstrong” anthem fierce sound to it.  Trapt, for sure, has a formula that has and still works for them ever since the beginning.  “Not So Different” definitely displays that with the aggressive guitar played by the ever impressive Ty Fury.

Another song that I actually seen a few times performed in concert is “Tangled Up in You.”  This happens to be Trapt’s most poppy song to me on the album. “Tangled Up in You” displays a different direction for the group in way that almost allows CTB to let his guard down to his fans.  It rides along the lines of a mid-tempo tune yet reminds me of my favorite song from the album “Someone in Control” called “Lost Realist.” 

One last song to for sure give a chance is “Unforgiven.”  I love hearing the harmonizing vocals between the guys of Trapt.  Plus, the bellicose drumming from Dylan Thomas Howard is hypnotic.  Pete Charell bass is so smooth it adds a nice touch to the skillful track. 

Overall, I do have to say I did enjoy this album from Trapt.  Considering it has been years in the making it seems, CTB and the rest of Trapt unquestionably has a formula they stick to:  Keep the songwriting real and the music hard.  Fans seem to gobble it all up and appreciate the fact that Trapt is relentless about putting out their music on their terms.  How can you not respect the hell out of that?

“DNA” from Trapt drops on August 19th, 2016.  Plus, The Make America Rock Tour begins on August 4th, 2016 in Colombus, MN.  I will be catching the tour at HOME Bar on the 17th of August.  Get your ass out and support Trapt!!!!  This will be one hell of a tour!


Track List
1. Intro
2.  Human Like the Rest of Us
3.  It's Over
4.  Tangled Up in You
5.  Changing Hands
6.  Unforgiven 
7.  Passenger
8.  Anchor
9.  Not So Different
10.  Castaway
11.  Getting Even
12.  Fallen Angel 

Watch music video for "It's Over" https://youtu.be/zHVYb5RzY0U

Make America Rock Again Tour Dates  www.makeamericarockagain.com 

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