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An Interview with Peter Klett of Apollo Under Fire

An Interview with Peter Klett of Apollo Under Fire

Interview By:  Coren E. McLeod

“Apollo Under Fire has signed on with Seattle’s Cavigold Records, LLC, who released Apollo’s self-titled LP June 3rd in partnership with EMP LABEL GROUP, (distributed by eOne in North America, SPV GMBH in Europe) the label formed by (Megadeth bassist) David Ellefson.”
“Within Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo is recognized as one of the most complex and important figures, the God of Music, Healing, Sun, Light, Poetry, Truth, Prophecy, and more. For a band like Apollo Under Fire, who root their message in the Spirit and its purpose to the soul, this was a concept that immediately took hold, and has manifested into a musical collaboration worthy of the Gods themselves. In a day and age where the distractions of the World are many, AUF is a band that strives to reach the soul, and with their self-titled debut record, chances are good they will hit their mark.”

Interview with Peter Klett
Coren-First off, thanks for doing this interview with me.  Your band, Apollo Under Fire, is amazing and has a different philosophy on life/music.  So, here are some questions:
1)  First off, it seems like the band has been together for a long time.  Tell me how you all came together as a group?

Peter Klett-Donald and I met at the Johnny Damon foundations “Johnny Jam.

We has a lot in common and spent that show hanging out and talking.

I was busy with Candlebox and he with Eye Empire, so we went on our separate ways. I moved to Florida soon after and we re-connected.

Donald came to me with some songs that he had written over the years that never really fit the bands he was in. I said of course and we connected at a friend’s studio. That day after going over the song we realized we had something special. So, we kept at it and put the record together with a couple of song I wrote as well.

 2)  Please explain the awesome name Apollo Under Fire....  What is the meaning behind it?

PK-In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo is recognized as one of the most complex and important figures, the God of Music, Healing, Sun, Light, Poetry, Truth, Prophecy and more. We thought that was perfect and the name was born.

3) As a band, you have a deep philosophy towards life.  How do you apply that to your music and song writing?

PK-Well I know Donald has a fierce passion for writing from the heart. Honest and pure and it shows on this record. As a band we wanted to present the music as a way to give a positive outlook on life and maybe help others find some healing.

 4)  I have listen to some of your songs.  To me, it’s very spiritual and uplifting.  What inspires you to write these type of songs?

PK-They all come from the journey lived and the hopes for the future in faith.

5)  The new album just dropped in June....   What are some of your favorite songs?

PK-For me it would have to be “Inside You”, ‘Wings”, Gotta Believe” and “Refuse.”

 6)  It looks like you will be playing a couple of shows in August.  Any other plans for the year?

PK-We plan on hitting the road as much as possible this year and next.

Thanks again, Paul.  I am very excited for your journey this year and next.

Make sure you catch Apollo Under Fire on tour in a city near you!!!!  And make sure to pick up their stellar new self titled album as well!   #Cheers

"Gotta Believe" - The 1st single from the self-titled debut record out NOW on iTunes and all other digital outlets!!
Official Lyric Video for “Gotta Believe”
Apollo Under Fire Tour Dates:
8/19/2016 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
8/20/2016 Seattle, WA @ Hempfest
Apollo Under Fire is:
Donald Carpenter- Vocals
Peter Klett- Guitar
Jimmy Kwong- Guitar
Stu Cox- Bass
Tom Costanza- Drums

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