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An Interview with Northern Illinois Band Greywall By: Coren E. McLeod

An Interview with Northern Illinois Band Greywall
By:  Coren E. McLeod

“Greywall is a compilation of an eclectic mix of genres from David, Charlie and Dave. The member’s influences include but are not limited to Metal, Indie Rock, Alternative, Grunge and other similar genres. They have performed in bands of various backgrounds, and have come together to put their mark on Rock." 

"Greywall is actively searching for opportunities to play live, mainly in the Chicago, Milwaukee area, but are also open to opportunities wherever they become available.”

All I can say is going to KC’s Cabin on August 6th, 2016 was a great opportunity for me and #UnRatedMagazine.  I got to meet some incredible bands and make some really great connections. 
One in particular was the rock/metal band Greywall.  They are the ones that organized the event at KC’s Cabin.  I got to sit down with David Michael, David Baker and Charlie Alder to discuss the current status of Greywall.  Plus, where Greywall is heading in the future.

Check it out:

UnRated Coren: So, how did Greywall come together?

Greywall:  We  began when David Michael and his co-worker, Rob Bell, were playing covers with some friends and decided they would rather create their own songs. It began a little over 3 years ago.

UnRated Coren:  How did you decide on what sound you wanted to make?

Greywall:  The sound was based on the various influences of the band members and its evolution from its original sound.  It is greatly affected by lineup changes. The genre was based on David Michael's love for Hard and Alternative Rock, with an interest in Punk and Metal. 

UnRated Coren:   How do you come together to make music?

Greywall:  The original songs were established.  In those songs each new(er) member often places their own mark on what already existed based on their own musical ideas and abilities. There is no exciting answer to how songs come together now. Someone brings an idea and we hammer it out in the basement until we have something that we like. It is all very guitar driven music obviously, and that is usually where it starts.

UnRated Coren:  I know Greywall is from Antioch, where have you performed?

Greywall:  Greywall began performing mainly in Chicago. Attendance was a mixed bag, and as many bands find, shows closer to home were always a big event and well attended. Greywallhas played the Double Door, Elbo Room, Throne Room, Live Wire Lounge, The Mutiny, HOME Bar, Hattrix, KC's Cabin and several other Chicago and Lake County venues. We also recently traveled to Terminal Bar in Minneapolis and The Cavalier Theatre in Lacrosse, WI to spread a little live Greywall across the Midwest.

UnRated Coren:  What are some of your favorite venues to perform at?

Greywall:  Elbo Room was our first show as a band. The place is historic and will always be a memorable experience. HOME Bar in Arlington Heights has been very good to us and the sound there is amazing. They have allowed us to open for bands like Local H, Filter (tour) and Red Sun Rising. That's been amazing.

UnRated Coren:   With the summer almost coming to an end, what are the plans for the rest of the year?

Greywall:  We have decided to slow our live show schedule from what we had been doing. We have spoken seriously about recording a full length album and we hope to get moving on that this winter. The fall will consist of writing some more material for the album and there may be a show here or there thrown in during that time.

UnRated Coren:  What do you like your fans to experience at your shows?

Greywall:  Well, first and foremost, we hope they have a good time and enjoy the music. We are a very emotion driven band both lyrically and in our performance. We hope that translates in every show we do. We have a lot of highs and lows in our songs and it seems to keep our audience fairly well captivated waiting to see where each song will take them.

UnRated Coren:  What would you like to say to your fans?

Greywall:  Thank you. 
We have awesome fans and seeing new/familiar faces at shows is awesome.  They have all brought us joy and a feeling of accomplishment that is impossible to quantify. 

You know, we have played a lot of shows and spent a lot of time in that basement trying to convey what we hope people will enjoy and relate to.  But, also let themselves go a little. We all have stressors in life and as our music lets us vent.  Hopefully, it lets our fans do that as well.

We would also like to say to our fans that we are working on getting these songs that they have been hearing, as well as new songs, recorded so they can have us in their cars and homes and not just at our shows.




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