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Reveiw Like A Storm at Majestic Theater in Madison WI

June 16, 2016
The Location-MajesticTheater, Madison WI
By Amber Main

Madison WI is a renowned place where many rock bands from all over the U.S gather because of the great hospitality and positive energy of its fans. The bands truly feel its a place that they can call home. The venue-The amazing MajesticTheater, the 110 year old venue where bands from every walk of life come from all over to entertain the ears of the fans in need of their words. The  fans file in by the dozens as doors open and they all have one thing in common, they are here to rock. They patiently wait as the music overhead plays strictly acoustic songs and for good reason. This whole show tonight is acoustic. True rock fans appreciate acoustic shows because it shows extreme diversity and a whole new side to the band, a bit of a more intimate setting if you will. 

This night, that is just what it was, 3 chairs on the stage, a cajon box drum and 3 mics prepared for the harmonies of  3 brothers from New Zealand that have taken the U.S. by storm in the past couple of years, kicking some ass and taking names along the way. Hailing all the way from gorgeous Auckland, New Zealand, brothers Chris, Matt and Kent Brooks along with American drummer Zach, Like A Storm is on their acoustic tour with Hinder and this show is much anticipated, especially by those who have seen the band before. The guys from LAS bring something to the table that was fairly unheard of in rock music in the U.S. until they started taking stages around the country, they have brought us the didgeridoo. For those who are unfamiliar with the instrument, the didge is a 40,000 year old tribal instrument indigenous to Australia, a talent which Chris on lead vocals picked up on a vacation to the continent down under. 

The anticipation rises as the clock ticks closer to 8pm. The cheers roar through the old theater as the guys walk out onto the stage and get situated in their seats. Matty on guitar all the way to stage left, then Kent on bass, Zach on drums and Chris sitting next to a skeleton holding his didge. Then we heard it, before any words are spoken the wicked twangs of the didgeridoo flow from the wind pipes of Chris and off the stage into the ears of the audience and everyone immediately gets louder as if they were on queue. This is what the fans who came out on a work night came for, the haunting and on point voices of the brothers who traveled so far from home to follow their dream. The end of the song brought clapping and whistles from the crowd as the band moved to their newest single on the radio "Break Free" which is a more emotional melody that's been released to radio from their album "Awaken The Fire". 
After many pokes of fun at cheese curds and the Wisconsin brewed beer Spotted Cow, they played a tidbit of "Man of Constant Sorrow" for fun much to the delight of the crowd and then moved to the first radio single off their "Awaken The Fire" album called "Wish You Hell", bringing us some beats from the dirty south, hard rocking guitar and lyrics everyone watching knew. The charisma from the stage poured onto the fans as the guys continued to talk and crack jokes with each other between songs and the show came to a close. Like A Storm closes their set with the song that has over 4.7 million views on YouTube, "Love The Way You Hate Me", a song that must be hard to contain themselves acoustic wise because it's such a hard rocking song but they surely managed with great talent followed by long lasting praise from the fans as they took their traditional bow and exited stage right.

Another amazing night in the books with LAS and the Majestic Theater and many more to come!

Amber Main- Read the full story at UnRatedMagazine.com

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