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One on One with Emperors and Elephants Own Jason Meudt Story and Photos By: Coren E. McLeod

One on One with Emperors and Elephants Own Jason Meudt
Story and Photos 
By:  Coren E. McLeod

I do not know what it is about music that just keeps me excited.  I love to explore the different genera’s of music in every category that is out there.  I tend to not limit myself to just one particular sound of music.  However, when I find something that I truly appreciate, I dive deep and go relish in the beauty of it all.
I have been a fan of Emperors and Elephants for quite some time now.  I seriously do not know what it is about this band that I sincerely love.  Maybe it is the fact they are my hometown boys.  Maybe it is their miraculous songs like “Locust” and “Man of God” that gets me pumped in the morning.  Or maybe it is the element of Jesse, Jason, Ron and Jeff all being sincere guys to all of their fans each time they meet them. 
Over the beautiful Memorial Day holiday, I took a little road trip to Madison, WI.  The world’s largest Brat Festival was happening over the weekend.  I was too excited to attend for multiple reasons:  1) Hello, brats….  Duh 2) Beer.  Especially Capital City Brewery…  Yum.  3)  Emperors and Elephants just so happens to be playing the festival.  So, I had to get my ass up to Wisconsin to see my favorite band kill it on stage in the bright, hot sun. 
And to make a long story short, Emperors and Elephants did just that on the Ho Chunk Casino stage at 1 pm on that fateful Sunday.  All of the Wisconettes got to witness Jesse sing with his powerful vocals some songs from their “Devil in the Lake” debut album.  Plus, a lot of people were delighted to hear some new, hardcore songs from their upcoming 2nd album.  It was a fucking treat to get an earful of what the new songs were like. 
Well, a dream came true of mine and I was able to talk with the astonishing and vigorous drummer for E and E:  Jason Meudt.  Since I have been a fan since day 1, I wanted to ask about Emperors and Elephant’s new album, how it was working with quintessential bad ass producer, Scott Wilson, and what it is like to work with dudes almost every day. 

1)      So, there is a new album Emperors and Elephants have been working on.  What should fans expect from this album?  

We have a lot going on with the new album. Emperors and Elephants as a whole really developed over the past few years. We feel great about every song on this album and have been playing some new songs live.  They are going over amazingly well with audiences. 

2)      What did you want to come across on the new album? When will it drop?

There is no release date as of today.  However, we are close.  We really came out of our shell on this album.  You will know it’s us but I feel the songs are more developed.   

 3)      How is the song writing process done with all of you?

Jesse and Jeff worked on all the melodies.   Jesse would sing ideas in his phone all the time and it was such killer stuff and then he would send it to Jeff.  Jeff would start laying down guitar and that’s how most of the songs on the album were born. I helped some with arrangement and key boards.  A few songs would just go old school and the 4 of us would go down to the jam room and write a song in 5 minutes.  Than it is done. 

 4)      You worked with Scott Wilson.  How was that? (Scott Wilson plays in the band Tantric and is also a record producer.)

Scott is bad ass and not bad to look at.  (Ha ha).  He is a hard worker and a great producer. We recorded our album in Colorado at Sunshine Studios. Scott had Jesse doing some amazing harmonies that we would never have thought of. 

5)      Summer is among us.  What is happening with E and E?

We are waiting to tour when the album drops.  So, this summer we are doing mostly festivals on weekends.   That seems to be the best way to get people to come out and see you over the summer.  All of us in the band have always been fans of playing festivals. 

(The next one Emperors and Elephants will be the Bam Festival in McHenry, Illinois on June 17th, 2016.  Yes.  My ass will be there. Like you thought otherwise.)

 6)      Everyone has influences.  What really influenced this particular album?

We have lots of influences all over this album.  No 2 songs are alike. I really do not want to say what influences we have.  I'm eager to hear what fans have to say. 

 7)      I love seeing E and E play live.  What is your favorite song to perform?

I, for one, as a drummer like the song “Your Will” from our first album.  I always get pumped on beating the shit out of my kit on that song.

Also from the new album we have a tune called "Not Today." That song just hits hard right out of the gate. The new album is for sure a work out on drums.  All the guys in Emperors and Elephants really pushed me on this album.

 8)      What would you like to say to your fans?

We have amazing fans and friends that support us.  We get blown away every show when they come out. They take care of us on the road.  It is just full on support. So, THANK YOU!

 9)      Ok.  One last question.....  Talk some shit about your band mates....  What annoys you about them?  Or what do you love about them????

I love these guys like my brothers. We fight and we hangout.  We are family. I can’t see doing this with any other guys.  (Thank goodness.  These guys are amazing!!!  IMHO…)

            Jason, thank you so much for chatting with me.  As one of your biggest fans (wink, wink) you know I will be out there supporting Emperors and Elphants at most of your performances this summer. 

            And like always, get your ass out and support #localmusic.  Make sure you check out their Facebook page, Twitter and all that other social media crape that is out there.


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